Teen Philippine 6

MRXDVD076_pMr X’s Teen Philippine 6 is not worth your time and energy. In fact, this DVD is probably one of his worst releases I have reviewed. There are better Asian-themed DVDs out there and this whoremongering video isn’t worth your money!

Running Length: ~1 hour and 47 minutes

Starring: Apple, Ashley, Maui, Janica, Rain, and Joy Villa

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in standard Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition is at best average while the lighting could be a lot better. This is especially the case during the low-light scene starring Janica where there was noticeable grain. In terms of audio, the dialogue and sex sounds were on the low side.

There are no extras.

Apple is a 19 yo from Makati City wearing a turquoise dress. She doesn’t have that typical Pinay look to her because she looks more Japanese or Chinese except for her nose. After the small talk, she sucks the cameraman’s cock while there’s crappy techno music playing. The scene progresses from the subpar cocksucking to her getting boned in the cowgirl position. Apple is always smiling or at least trying to smile even through the hard fucking. It would have been nice if she moaned, but I guess they didn’t want to cause any noise disturbances at the hotel! In the end, he pulls out of her in the doggie position and launches a monster load that covers her back!

Ashley is a subpar Asian wearing a fishnet top and formfitting pants. After doing her striptease on the bed, she sucks on cock. Again, there’s some very bad music accompanying the scene. Unlike Apple, Ashley has marginally better fluteplaying skills. However, like Apple, Ashley is not a moaner even when she takes it hard in the cowgirl position. There’s not much chemistry in this scene. Anyway, he plasters her pussy with jizz.

Next up is Maui from Davao City. Her looks aren’t anything special, but she has nice tight body and a perfect ass, which the cameraman hones on during the tease session. The scene progresses to the foreplay where she gives decent head. She’s a little bit of a moaner as compared to the two non-moaners. He really bones her hard and thoroughly, but she takes it without any hint of displeasure. In the end, he pulls out of her from the missionary and spooges a load on her chest! So far, this is the best scene, but that’s not saying much.

Janica is a subpar Pinay stripping for the camera. I hate to say it, but the beautiful sunset in the background was more appealing than the scene itself. The actual sex occurs in the shower where she gives thorough head. The actual sex isn’t interesting since it was poorly captured, probably due to the low-light conditions and the heavy editing. Anyway, he jizzes on her chest.

The penultimate scene stars Rain, who’s dressed in a matching plaid skirt and trashy top. Needless to say, she’s not attractive at all unless if you like D grade Asian strippers. Anyway, the stripper knows how to grind her hips while there’s cock in her pussy. The cameraman has his way with her from fucking her on the couch as well as the coffee table. In the end, he jizzes on her pussy.

Last up is Joy Villa who doesn’t look at appealing. Unlike the other scenes, this is strickly a solo masturbation sequence. She uses an average sized vibrating dildo on herself after wading in the pool. This is another scene that is not worth watching.

In summary Teen Philippine 6 is one of the worst Asia Bootleg videos I have seen ever. The only scene worth watching even thought it was at best average was Maui’s scene. For these reasons, this is an unmemorable release warranting this as a SKIP IT!

RATING: Skip it

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