Private Specials: EuroAnal Chicks

DSPE023_pAll I can say if Private can churn out gonzos like EuroAnal Chicks on a regular basis, then that would be great. This DVD has it all from the hot and sweaty anal sex to the gorgeous looking women both new and old like Cassey and Simony Diamond, respectively. There’s no doubt that this DVD is worthy spending your coinage on!

Running Length: ~3 hours and 18 minutes

Starring: Cassey, Liz, Jessica Moore, Debbie White, Mirella Black, Simony Diamond, and Britney

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in the standard Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition and lighting is on the spot. Furthermore, there were no issues regarding inaccurate fleshtones or overcontrast issues. In terms of audio quality, the sex sounds and dialogue come in clear and crisp without distortion.

The extras include five trailers and a very good ~20 minute threesome starring Simony Diamond. Needless to say, it’s another great performance by Simony!

The extremely lucky black dude talks to the camera how he cannot wait to fuck the new starlet, Cassey is a brunette hottie with chin-lengthed hair to go along with her smokin’ body. The matching red and black lingerie definitely look good on her. When she pushes her thong to the side, she shows off her very meaty pussy lips before she fingers herself. This leads to the cameraman uses his thumb to fuck her ass before she starts fingering her own ass. Her black partner gives her a red dildo so she can fuck her own ass while she lets him fuck her sexy mouth of hers. Although she cannot deepthroat him, she does her best. Once her ass is primed, he skips her pussy and jackhammers his cock into her poopchute! Cassey is really feeling it now as he goes ball deep on her tight ass. Things get interesting when she sticks the red dildo up her ass while her pussy gets a workout resulting in a simulated double penetration. There’s plenty of gaping to keep all you gaping enthusiasts happy. Anyway, Cassey even does ass-to-mouth in between the anal. After the thorough anal, he pulls out of her from the missionary position and dumps a hot load on her face and mouth before she swallows! She’s not done yet because the nasty Cassey gives scorching post-coital head!

Next up is Liz, a long-haired brunette, who wears matching two piece lingerie as well as white stockings. She looks classy with the hat, but the slutty stilettos provide the counterpoint. Anyway, she’s cute, but definitely not as hot as Cassey. After posing for the camera and shaking her white booty, she moves her thong to the side and shows off her naughty bits. After using her fingers on both holes, she brings in a large dildo to warm up her mouth and ass. After her orifices are limber from all the preparation, the two lucky cocks have their way with her starting with her mouth. She has a voracious oral appetite as her fellatio skills prove. Soon, the threeway is in full-swing when one guy fucks her ass in the doggie position while she sucks on cock. The hard anal progresses to an equally hard double penetration, but she takes it like a champ. However, in the end, the scene resorts to extended anal, especially in the missionary position where he gets all his weight into every thrust. Like the prior scene, there’s a lot of anal gapes making this resemble an Anabolic Assman release. Finally, she receives a thick anal creampie and a cumshot to her open-mouth! This is yet another great scene!

Jessica Moore is no stranger to Private productions, but this times she shows off her gonzo talents. The busty blonde is wearing a white see-through top and matching undies. She poses for the camera in compromising positions like when she’s on all fours and shaking her ass. Like the other scenes, the cameraman is very active during the ass-play and it looks like he borrowed this from Raul Cristian. Soon, she’s moaning with ecstasy when she uses a dildo on both her asshole. Once she’s primed and ready to go, her partner shoves his cock up her mouth. After the aggressive throatfucking, he takes her from behind and fucks her ass hard making her natural rack move with every thrust. Jessica looks like she’s enjoying getting rammed hard, especially in the reverse cowgirl position. In this very same position, she uses a dildo on her pussy resulting in a simulated dp. After the extended anal, he gets off a monster load on ass before he shoves it back into her for several more hard thrusts. In the end, the camera closes in on her dilated asshole as she farts the jizz out onto the lens and licks away!

Debbie White, the star of the hottest scene from 3, shares the spotlight with Mirella Black. I would have to say that Debbie White trumps Mirella both in the looks and skills department. Although both ladies give a mean blowjob and take it up the ass, Debbie White just does it better. In the threeway, there’s ass-to-other-girl’s mouth. There’s not a whole lot of daisy chaining in the begining, but as the scene progresses the ladies are in the 69 position while he fucks Debbie in the ass. Soon, he jerks off a load near Debbie’s poopchute. Meanwhile, Mirella tongues her pussy and then licks some of the jizz!

The penultimate scene has Simony Diamond who’s best known for her awful tattoo of the American flag and bald eagle on her arm. Anyway, if you can get past this minor flaw, then you’ll be treated by this consummate professional. This scene begins like all the scenes with sexy poses, then fingering, and the use of sex toys. It doesn’t take too long before she’s displaying her world class fellatio skills including deepthroat. After the brief, but good oral, he fucks her from behind and gets his weight into every assfuck thrust. She tries to numb the sensation by diddling herself. She proves to be a very active rider, especially in the reverse cowgirl position. In between the fucking, she even performs ass-to-mouth. Finally, her partner gets off a monster load on her pretty face that leaves a thick streak on her nose and cheeks! She’s not done yet because she gives some great suction afterwards!

Last up is Britney who wastes no time playing with herself. She’s an above-average blonde wearing black lingerie complete with garter belts and stocking. She has a nice attitude about her, especially when she starts fucking her mouth and ass with a monster dildo. Once she’s primed and ready, she gets throatfucked by the lucky guy. She takes the aggressive oral without too much of a problem. At first, it looks like it will be a one-on-one session, but it progresses to a threesome with guy fucking her ass and other fucking her mouth. The guys never let up on her! After the extended anal, she gets a monster jizz shot on her crapper and two cumshots! Apparently, there was another meat puppet waiting in the wings to mess up her face!

In summary Private Specials: EuroAnal Chicks is an impressive gonzo title in its own right. There have been prior Private gonzo release that just don’t cut. However, Private did get it right this time! Don’t miss out on newcomer Cassey’s scene, which is scorching hot. There really wasn’t a scene that was bad. For all these reasons, this DVD comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly Recommended

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