Pink’O’s Claudia’s Holiday (Blu-ray)

Claudia's_Holiday_BluRay_FR-MPink’O’s Claudia’s Holiday (Vacanze Indimenticabili), distributed by Pulse Distribution, is another good release. In fact, it’s almost as good as The Order. For those who are waiting for Private to release on Blu-ray, then this is the next best thing as this release has a lot of past Private stars like Julia Taylor and Rita Faltoyano.

Running Length: 1 hour and 49 minutes

Starring: Claudia Antonellli, Julia Taylor, Rita Faltoyano, Gilda Roberts, Sandra Parker, and Tarra White

The video is presented in widescreen HD 1080p and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC at around 23 Mbps with a lower/upper limit of 19/39 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition is top notch. I’d say the opening sequence is shot pretty well showing the clarity of the water droplets as Claudia gyrates for the camera. In terms of the audio quality, the dubbed audio (English, French, Italian, or German) comes in clear without distortion.

The extras include an average photo gallery and a ~3 minute HD BTS. I didn’t find the BTS worth watching since the star Claudia gets interviewed in Italian and I don’t understand a lick of it. Besides the interview, there are snippets of Tarra White posing during her photo shoot.

Claudia reminisces about her Ibiza trip through the use of photographs that are brought to life. Anyway, Claudia is a famous pornstar in Italy. I wouldn’t say that this brunette is hot, but she is cute. Unfortunately for her, she’s traveling with her controlling older brother and his fiancee played by Julia Taylor.

Once they get settled in their Ibiza villa, the fun starts for Julia Taylor and her beau while Claudia has to listen to the sounds of sex from the privacy of her room. Anyway, Julia is a Euro pornstar vet in the same likeness as a Maria Bellucci. After the passionate kisses, she goes downtown on him and sucks him off as if she were cock starved for months. Then, she mounts his face and receives oral from him. This leads to the steamy vaginal sex, which progresses to anal. In the end, he jizzes all over her belly and pussy. She’s not done yet since she gets in several post-coital sucks.

The three of them go out to sea on a chartered ship along with Rita Faltoyano and company. While Claudia and the gang return to the beach, Rita has her hands full with two guys. The flirting leads to a full-blown threesome. Rita is no stranger at threesomes on the high seas as her scenes with Private suggests. Anyway, she lets them get at all her holes leading to the double penetration. In the end, she takes their population pudding on her face. It’s a good scene, but I’m not really into her.

While Julia is suntanning, Claudia walks to a nearby open-air boutique where she runs into a felllow Italian lady who mentions that there’s this hot party and that she’s welcome to join in on the fun. She realizes that she’s going to have a tough task to convince her older brother. Claudia approaches him and wages that she can arch better than he can. A deal is a deal and so her brother lets her go out to the bar. She’s full of hope that she’s going to have a good time, but when she gets to the bar, her new friends blows her off. Despite that, she has a good time with a new  male friend. But, before anything can get hot and heavy, Claudia’s bro intervenes.

The next day while her brother and his fiancee are enjoying the sights and sounds, she phones the guy to ask if he can invite another male friend. When the guys reach Claudia’s villa, it doesn’t take too long until the guys stuff her mouth and pussy with cock. Claudia definitely has some great oral skills that she displays on the two very lucky guys. By scene’s end, she takes a cumshot to her buttcheeks and the other on her face!

Claudia cannot wait to call her friend back at home, Gilda Roberts, about her threeway. Gilda’s not to be outdone since she has her own threesome going on. However, instead of being b/b/g, it’s a b/g/g. She shares the scene with Tarra White. There’s plenty of abbreviations going on like ass-to-other-girl’s mouth (A2OGM) and pussy-to-mouth (PTM). Oddly enough, Tarra takes an anal-free holiday while Gilda steals the show by taking it up the poopchute. In the end, he fucks Tarra in the pussy until he pulls out and jizzes in Gilda’s mouth. Consequently, she lets it run down her chin and onto Tarra’s pussy. Surprisingly, this is a good scene despite not having an exceptional cast.

Claudia takes an innocent run with another guy that she’s met. After the brief run, they make out in a secluded area. But, soon the romance ends when he literally shoves his cock in her mouth for the aggressive throatfucking. Claudia never flinches throughout the oral ordeal. After the foreplay, he fucks her pussy in several different positions until he creams her pussy with manchowda’!

On the last night, Claudia’s brother meets an old friend and instead of spending the night with Julia, he spends the night with his old buddy reminiscing about the good ole’ times. Meanwhile Claudia and Julia have some alone time with each other. It’s a romantic lesbian scene, but the pacing is a little slow and a little off. Soon, Claudia’s tongue is all up Julia’s pussy, When the silver dildo appears, it looks like both are going to take it up their love boxes. Instead, they lick the dildo as it were a real cock until the scene ends.

In summary, Claudia’s Holiday directed by Francesco Fanelli is a good Blu-ray release, especially if you want a clear alternative to Private productions considering that company probably won’t be releasing Blu-rays anytime soon. It doesn’t matter because there’s plenty of familiar Private faces in this Pink’O’ release like Julia Taylor, Rita Faltoyano, and Tarra White. For these reasons, this Blu-ray deserves a RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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