Pink’O’s The Order (Blu-ray)

The_Order_BluRay_FR-MPink’O’s The Order, distributed by Pulse Distribution, is a good release complete with a simple plot and several hot and sweaty hardcore scenes. Specifically, the orgy scene is well-captured and well-paced. There aren’t too many issues with this Blu-ray other than the lack of a cast id per scene and the lack of meaningful extras. This European Blu-ray is well worth it if you like releases that have the same caliber as Private features.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 7 minutes

Starring: Roberta, Marscha Lord, Black Diamond, Lora Craft, Sabrina Sweet, Amarise Faet, Megane Cole, Julia Bright, Sunny Green, and Clarissa

The video is presented in widescreen HD 1080p and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC at around 22-24 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition is optimal in most occasios except during the second scene where the angles were more akin to softcore features. Furthermore, the fleshtones were accurate and there were no noticable pixelation or visual noise. The image quality is much better than most US-based Blu-ray pornos and is only second to fellow European company, Magma Films. The dubbed audio, which comes in either English, German, French, or Italian comes in clear without distortion.

The extras just comprise of an average photo gallery. It would have been nice to have relevant extras to help in this Blu-ray’s overall rating.

While Roberta and her husband take a stroll around Rome, they encounter a street urchin who gives her a mysterious box. Anyway, Roberta is a busty brunette with curves in all the right places. When the couple returns home, they decide to have some R and R by the poolside. Things start out romantic between the two with romantic kisses, but her partner works exposes her breasts before his hand wanders down to her nether regions. Soon, he eats her out for a good number of minutes before she returns the favor with some good head. This leads to the sexual intercourse where Roberta holds onto dear life as he rams his cock into her doggie style! She looks the best while she’s getting fucked in the reverse cowgirl position. Finally, she jerks him off onto her face and chest! For good measure, she gives him several post-coital sucks.

They open up the mysterious box to find a mysterious medallion. Instead of inquiring where it came from, Roberta lets her beau put it on her neck. They head to the countryside to spend a romantic getaway from the city. There’s no better way to blow off the stresses of the city than with a romantic night. There’s plenty of sexual connotation during the dinner with cherries.

Meanwhile, the antagonist gathers his evil female minions to get Roberta. But, before that happens, Roberta and her beau are having nighttime sex.There’s just enough light to see what’s going on and it’s just like reall ife. She helps him out of his underwear and gives him a great blowjob. This progresses to the actual intercourse where the camera angles could have been better employed, but oh well There’s plenty of R-rated camera angles that make parts of this scene safe enough for Cinemax. In the end, it appears that they climaxed together, but there’s no sign of a popshit.

After the sex, the couples rest in bed. But, for some reason Roberta is awakened and finds herself bitten by a temptress. She doesn’t know if it’s real or not! The next morning she confides to her beau that she’s not feeling well. She tells her beau to enjoy the horseback riding while she stays at the villa.

Roberta wanders around the villa and watches the butcher cut up the pig. But, then she heads back to her room so she can relax and sleep. But, for some reasons she’s having dreams about the other night and the vagabond who gave her mysterious medallion.

Anyway, the butcher takes a break so he can enjoy fucking his lady friend. She’s an average European with blonde highlights. After the decent fellatio, he takes her from behind and fucks her pussy mercilessly. The scene ends with her jerking him off onto her open-mouth.

Roberta’s sleep is interrupted by bad news that her husband had a horseback riding accident. She hops into the car and is on her way to the hospital, but apparently she never made it. Now, her husband is desperately trying to find her.

In the mean time, her husband asks the help of a mysterious stranger, Franco, who coincidentally knows the area. Roberta’s husband confides to him about the past few days, especially about the mysterious pendant inside a box. When he hands it to him, he gets a Dead Zone like episode. Upon examining the box, he finds a couple of old vintage photos. The stranger explores the countryside scouring for clues to the vanishing.

In the meantime, Roberta arrives at a mysterious mansion escorted by half-naked women. Once inside, she sees an orgy happening in front of the antagonist.However, she’s carted out by a naked temptress while another girl/girl couple goes off somewhere else. Instead of going straight to the orgy, the camera follows the two girl/girl duos in their sapphic lovefest session. Roberta’s temptress is going down on her first, but she returns the favor. Meanwhile, the other sapphic sessions inside the carriage. After these scenes, the camera carefully captures the orgy where the antagonist has his cock sucked by the pretty brunette. In the mean time, the redhead is doing her part with the other two guys. However, the brunette steals the scene by taking the hard douple penetration and for being airtight. In the end, the redhead’s face is covered with spooge while the sexy brunette takes a heavy dose of protein on her face from the antagonist.The orgy scene was nicely paced and there was good energy throughout.

Franco is busy researching the symbols from the box and finally comes up with a clue. So, the two drive to the mysterious villa where Roberta was escorted into. The stranger has a couple more Dead Zone moments where he touches an object like a door and can see the hidden dangers. But, as he touches another door, he’s ko’ed by one of the evil spirits. By the time he awakens, the evil spirit played by another sexy brunette is sucking his cock. She literally sucks the life force out of him. After the foreplay, he gets to fuck both her bottom holes. She has no problem taking it hard and fast in either holes. In the end, he pastes her pussy like frosting on a danish strudel before reinserting his schlong back into her for a thrust or two. By scene’s end, he’s killed by the sexy brunette temptress.

Soon, Roberta’s husband finds Franco in his final seconds of life. Before he passes, Franco gives hands over a secret potion over to Roberta’s husband. He tells him that he should administer the potion to his wife once she’s out of harm’s way.

Roberta’s husband finds Roberta next to the evil antagonist. After a struggle with the creepy guy, he finally has an idea to open up the curtains. Amazingly, this makes the evil dude disappear. Soon, he carries Roberta out of the mansion and into the fields where he administers the potion. What better way to celebrate, but then to have some hot and heavy sex. The couple go down on each other before he slams his cock into her pussy. The vaginal intercourse leads to the anal where her poop chute gets royally fucked in the reverse cowgirl position. Then, she holds onto a tree as her husbands plows her from behind before pulling out and creaming her buttcheeks!

Finally, they spend their last romantic night with a meal. It looks as if everything is fine, but it looks like the potion didn’t work because she’s still possessed!

In summary, Pink’O’s The Order heavily borrows from different movies/shows like the Dead Zone. Surprisingly, the plot doesn’t get too confusing, which usually happens in a porno movie. There’s plenty of hardcore scenes in the movie, which should please the raincoaters who want a break from gonzo videos. Anyway, it would have been nice to have included a cast id for each scene, but oh well. Despite that, this Blu-ray is a SOLID RECOMMENDED. 

RATING: Recommended

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