Pink Visual’s Pure Cherry Girls 2

pchg02_frontPink Visual’s Pure Cherry Girls 2 is a good DVD, especially if you are looking for more scenes from Lexi Belle and Missy Stone. Although it’s far from perfect, there’s enough good things on this DVD to make it worth watching.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 14 minutes

Starring: Missy Stone, Kitty, Scarlett Fay, Mia Lina, and Lexi Belle

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in the standard Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition is adequate, but the image suffers from contrast issues resulting in inaccurate fleshtones and flooding of light except for Lexi Belle’s scene. In terms of audio quality, the dialogue is slightly on the low end while the sex sounds come in clear and crisp.

The extras include an average ~15 minute bonus scene from Couple Seduce Girls 12 starring Jessica Dalton, a very watchable ~6 minute BTS capturing Lexi Belle posing for the photo shoot, a nice ~4 minute strip tease by the sultry Missy Stone, and twelve trailers.

Missy Stone plays an overzealous fan who’s willing to do whatever it takes to meet her idol. So, the so-called manager lets her in and introduces her to his boss/musician. The boss likes what he sees in Missy, his number one fan. After playing some chords for her, she strips down to her birthday suit and gets down on her knees on the manager’s wiener. Missy is a grade A sword-swallower and it’s too bad that she’s been eclipsed by other talent. Perhaps, it’s because of her snaggletooth. Anyway, the musician shoves his cock into her sexy mouth. After the back-and-forth head, the actual sex starts with Missy Stone in a sex harness. They take turns thrusting their manhood deef and fast into her snatch. The threesome changes settings and now they are on the couch with her getting fucked in the spoon position while she busies her mouth with cock. In the end, they lay dump their loads on her open mouth and face. You gotta’ love those eyes of hers!

Next up is Kitty, a Korean-looking chick that looks marginally better than an Amai Liu. The petite and small-titted Asian does some small talk with her black co-star. They soon take the conversation inside where the small talk leads to the black dude showing his wang to her. It’s apparent that his cock is bigger than her face and you know what that means? He’s going to literally split this petite Asian in half with the hard fucking. But, before that happens she gives head giving her best at trying to get even a quarter of him insider her small mouth. By scene’s end, it’s safe to say that her pussy gets a massive stretching! In the end, he pulls out of her and delivers a delayed cumshot that plasters her face and even gets in her eye!

Scarlett Fay is an average-looking redhead who’s having a bad day at work. Meanwhile, she’s surprised by a stripper-gram. At first, she’s stand-offish, but she needs to blow off some steam. She shows the stripper who’s boss and gives him a strip tease. It doesn’t take long before she has her lips locked onto his fuck stick. After the decent fellatio, she hops onto his cock and rides him actively in the cowgirl position. After several other positions, he pulls out and jizzes on her breasts.

The penultimate scene stars Mia Lina getting picked up by two guys. They take her home and she just plains says straight out that she wants to just fuck! Then, they waste no time helping the Chicago Latina out of her clothes. Soon, she’s on her knees sucking on both their cocks. The petite Latina does a decent job with the foreplay. Soon, the scene becomes a full-on threeway with her pussy getting plowed while busying her mouth with cock. The nice scene ends with a rather anticlimactic money shot to her tiny titties.

Last up is the gorgeous petite lady named Lexi Belle. The all-American girl with an international fanbase plays some pool with her partner. The two flirt with another, which leads to Lexi exposing her breasts from her top. Soon, he’s groping her breasts before she takes command and helps him out of his pants. Lexi squats down and shows off her great fluteplaying skills complete with eye contact. After the extended fellatio, her partner returns the favor with brief cunnilingus. Things get kinky in the spirit of Marilyn Chambers pool table sex scene from Insatiable. She takes every fast and furious thrust like a pro! The sex moves out of the pool room and into the living room where he fucks her in the missionary position while she holds onto the furniture for dear life. After several other positions including cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, he pulls out and jizzes on her face. It’s odd that she closes her mouth during the pop shot, but gives him a couple of post-coital sucks.

In summary, Pink Visual’s Pure Cherry Girls 2 is a good release from this fledgling series. Although far from perfect, there is definitely more good than bad on this DVD thanks to Missy and Lexi Belle. Their scenes were far from perfect, but they performed well and it never looked like they were playing too much to the camera. This DVD has just enough juice to become a RECOMMENDED title!

RATING: Recommended

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