Vivid’s Hanna’s House (Blu-ray)

328509Vivid Blu-ray’s Hanna’s House is a good, but not great release. Although Hanna stars in two scenes, Meggan Mallone steals the show with her one and only scene putting this Blu-ray over the threshold from just being a so-so release.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 45 minutes

Starring: Hanna Hilton, Meggan Mallone, Rayveness, and Allyssa Hall

The video is presented in widescreen 1080i and is encoded in VC-1 at around 14 Mbps while the audio is encoded in the standard Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition is slightly better here than in Undress Me. However, this Blu-ray release also suffers from oversaturation caused by the flooding of natural light into the scene. In terms of audio quality, the dialogue and sex sounds came in clear and crisp.

The HD extras include two bonus scenes (~10 minute scene starring Meggan Mallone and Lorena Sanchez from Strictly Conversation and a ~10 minute scene starring Hanna from Sugar), an average ~5 minute BTS, a nice photo gallery, and several trailers. Both truncated bonus scenes are worth it to watch, but I give an edge towards Meggan’s scene. The short BTS isn’t worth watching since it’s just run-of-the-mill.

First up is the the blonde hottie with sexy blue eyes to go along with her natural k-nockers! I must say that gravity has been nice to her rack and I hope that lasts for several years. Anyway, she’s taking a siesta until her lucky partner surprises her cunnilingus. She returns the favor with an inspired blowjob, which is probably the best to date what I’ve seen from her. The tease progresses to the vaginal intercourse, which gets better thanks to Hanna getting more active throughout. However, Hanna proves that she’s not one for facials as she takes yet another cumshot to her breasts!

Next up is Rayveness, a MILF, who isn’t afraid to show her nasty side as she has done in the past for other companies like Red Light District and Jules Jordan Video. She’s wearing a nice black dress, but underneath she’s wearing some nice lingerie including flesh-colored stockings. The busty MILF knows how to tease her partner by letting him watch her play with herself. Her partner cannot take it any longer and decides to get more active by eating her out. She returns the favor with great fellatio, which shouldn’t be a surprise since she’s been in the business for over a decade. This leads to vaginal intercourse where she makes it a little interesting by fingering her taint. It looks as if he wants a piece of her rare ass, but instead shoots his jizz on her face! She’s definitely perfected the art of tease!

The third scene features a somewhat fresh face, Allyssa Hall. She’s been in a number of high profile scenes for top-tier companies, but I don’t think she has the wherewithal to have staying power. Anyway, she teases her meat puppet with some nasty talk before she quiets her mouth with cock. After the decent oral, her meat puppet does an inadequate job at moistening her clam-shell. This leads to the vaginal intercourse and she makes do with the meat puppet. In the end, she does all the work by jerking him off into her open mouth! This could have been a better scene for a number of reasons, but it ends up being slightly better than average.

The penultimate scene has the curvacious Hilton enjoying the outside splendor while in her exercise gear. It’s to be expected that her tits would have trouble staying covered because sometimes gravity has to intervene, so to speak. Anyway, she’s being watched by the lucky gardener. Then, the scene changes gears since Hanna Hilton is seen now with green bikini bottom. She teases him quite nicely and the foreplay continues all around. This leads to the decent vaginal sex, but the chemistry just wasn’t there. In the end, she takes yet another jizz shot to her breasts.

Last up is Meggan Mallone in a surprisingly rough scene. Anyway, although she’s one of the top 3 new Vivid stars, she just hasn’t had the same hype or publicity as Nikki Jayne or Hanna Hilton. Hopefully, that will change in the next few months. Meggan’s lucky partner gets to dip his tongue into her sweet honey hole as well as performing other ass-worship duties. She returns the favor with great head, but not as good as her breakout release Suck It! This leads to the intercourse where she tries to unleash the beast out of him by starting up some rough play. By now, he gets the drift and decides to play the game with some light choking involved. After the hard vaginal sex, she takes the money with an open-mouth!

In summary, B. Skow’s Hanna’s House builds upon his well-known gonzo style complete with hot babes like Hanna Hilton and Meggan Mallone. Although this release isn’t up to the high standards set in Suck It, it’s a decent effort. Furthermore, the lack of visual polish due to the flooding of light doesn’t help the rating. Thankfully, Meggan’s scene saves this from just being a rental. With that said, this Blu-ray has enough juice to receive a RECOMMENDED.

RATING: Recommended

  1. yes its a very cool movie.
    i thinkl it will be in the top 10 most saled movies in about 1 month.

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