Elegant Angel’s Girl Play

1013_elegantangel_girlplayPatrick Collins is in the director’s seat with this new release, Girl Play. With a stunning cast that includes Jana Jordan, Taylor Vixen, Sophia Santi, Samantha Ryan, Ryan Keely, and others it’s no wonder that this was an exceptional release. But in all seriousness, what makes this all-girl release special is the acting and the setup leading up to the full-blown lesbian action. This DVD has definitely a lot of replay value, especially for an all-girl release!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 28 minutes

Starring: Sophia Santi, Alyssa Reece, Jana Jordan, April O’Neill, Franziska Facella, Taylor Vixen, Karlie Montana, Isobel Wren, Samantha Ryan, and Ryan Keely

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in standard Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition and lighting are top notch with no oversaturation or overexposure issues whether filming inside or out. There was only one point worth noting and that is I would have liked to have seen more of Taylor Vixen’s face while she’s eating out Franziska and vice versa. Anyway, in terms of audio, the dialogue and the sex sounds are clear and crisp without distortion noted.

The extras include a decent ~7 minute BTS, a good ~23 minute bonus lesbian scene, an average photo gallery, and six trailers. The bonus scene is definitely worth watching since it takes place in an office, but it’s too bad that there is no cast id for the scene.

Sophia Santi enjoys sunbathing poolside while sipping on a healthy beverage. The former Digital Playground star decides to heat things up by flirting with her hired help, Alyssa Reece, who’s currently cleaning the windows. Before that happens, Sophia plays the courteous host and offer her helper something to drink. This leads Sophia to ask the small-titted Alyssa if she would mind applying suntan oil on her back. It doesn’t take too much to convince Alyssa that it would be best for her to take off her top so it doesn’t get stained by the oil. The pace of the scene is genuine and not hurried as you can literally feel and see the heat generated between the two as Alyssa applies the oil on Sophia’s luscious body. Alyssa plays right into Sophia’s game and soon she takes off her resulting in her in her birthday suit. Things get more heated as the now nude Alyssa gets turned on by the situation and decides that massaging isn’t enough, so they begin to each other passionately. They take the lesbian session indoors where Alyssa services Sophia’s love box. Then, Sophia returns the favor with some heated fingering and cunnilingus. Soon, the sex toys appear and they help each other to get off. The best segment of the sex toy sequence is when Sophia ever so meticulously without being rough penetrates her partner with a vibrating dildo. In the end, they sit next while diddling themselves to climax and at moments engage in more passionate kisses! It’s safe to say that they are spent from all the action! Needless to say, this is an exceptional scene.

The next scene is racy since Jana Jordan retells her account to her attorney what actually went down regarding the accusation of an inappropriate relationship with said mental patient April O’Neill. It began like any other day for Jana, but on that day one of her patients was showing all signs of a histrionic or sexual provacative demeanor after having a violent fit the the prior night. Jana Jordan tries to politiely turn down April’s advances for several minutes, but she cannot resist April’s looks. The acting is exceptionally done and it really looks authentic. Anyway, April does an excellent job making the former NinnWorx girl squeal with delight without the use of sex toys! April just has that devious look while she’s all up in Jana’s love box. Jana starts singing soprano when April fingers her rhythmically making her orgasm a couple of times. Since they have no sex toys around, they engage in the ever popular muff-rubbing in the scissors position! The narrative ends and it looks Jana finds herself in another pickle when her attorney has an indecent proposal to make all the litigation fees all go away!

Franziska Facella plays a call-girl visiting her upscale client, Taylor Vixen. Taylor Vixen is a pretty and busty woman who gets right down to the finances and gives Franziska’s service fee up front. After spending several minutes getting to know each other’s preferences, the ladies get down to the business of pleasure and engage in passionate kissing before they whip out the sex toys. Thankfully, there are good old-fashioned segments where they use their tongues on each other’s honey boxes. I would have liked a better angle to capture the cunning linguist performing cunnilingus. In the end, the barbie-doll looking Franziska uses her nimble fingers to make her client cum. This is followed up by some pretty good passionate kissing! It’s a good scene, but somewhat shorter and less varied than the other two.

Isobel Wren looks all geeked up with her glasses while she awaits to have a sponge bath by her sexy caregiver played by Karlie Montana. Probably, having a so-called occupational injury was the best turn of events for Isobel. Anyway, the sponge bath isn’t enough for her so her caregiver takes it up a notch this time in the bathroom. After soaping up her client’s pussy on the bidet, Karlie Montana dresses into her birthday suit and gives her client a sensual massage. By this time, Isobel’s juices are all worked up and ready for the vibrator. Karlie show’s who’s boss when she squeezes on Isobel’s tits. Then, Isobel finishes herself off by watching Karlie finger herself. I don’t think Isobel will forget that day!

It’s only fitting that this DVD that started with a bang also ends with a bang thanks to the efforts of glamor girls the blonde Samantha Ryan and the sultry curvacious brunette Ryan Keely. At one point, Samantha Ryan did was not exclusively vegetarian, so to speak as compared to Ryan Keely who has always been vegetarian on-screen if you get my drift. The two share a toast before Ryan’s nimble fingers work their way to Samantha’s nether regions. It doesn’t take too long before they are in a full-blown sapphic session. Both ladies share some time being the dominant alpha female in the scene, but I have to give the performance advantage toward the sexy pixie-haired Ryan Keely. One of the best segments is when Ryan squirms and moves her thighs while Samantha fingers her. Another nice sequence comes near the end when Ryan uses a vibrator on her pussy while Samantha twiddles Ryan’s lips causing her to squirm with orgasmic pleasure. In the end, the ladies are tired from all the tom-foolery, but it was well worth it.

In summary, the Patrick Collins-directed-video, Girl Play 1, is just a scene or two short from being a masterpiece. Specifically, scene four was a disappointment while scene three was almost up to par with the other scenes. However, technically speaking, the image quality on this DVD is exceptional and I only wish that Patrick Collins and company will release this on Blu-ray! There’s no question that this deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly recommended

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