Vivid’s Flashback: What Was I Thinking? (Blu-ray)

326797Vivid Blu-ray’s Flashback: What Was I Thinking? could have been much better than it was. It would have helped if the technical details were improved, especially regarding controlling the lighting. But, the thing that was lacking is that Briana just looks way different from when she was called Mirage. Perhaps it’s just better to remember her when she was all natural as she was in Anabolic’s Initiations 2.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 55 minutes

Starring: Briana Banks, Nikki Jayne, Meggan Mallone, and Alanah Rae

The video is presented in widescreen 1080i and is encoded in VC-1 at around 11 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition was on target, but the lighting was suspect with contrast issues due to light flooding the camera lens. In terms of the audio, the spoken word and sex sounds came in clear without distortion.

The HD extras include bonus scenes (~10 minute scene starring Nikki Jayne from Catch Me and a ~10 minute scene starring Briana from Touch Me), a decent ~24 minute BTS, a good photo gallery, and several trailers. Both bonus scenes were good, but Nikki Jayne’s threesome is just hot. Although I’m not liking the current Briana Banks, she stills knows how to get her partner off as proven in her bonus scene.

First up is Briana Banks, a porn veteran, whose career was launched by Anabolic’s Initiations 2. Back then, she was a hot blonde named Mirage with the best fuck me stare around and even at that early age, she did all the imaginable sex acts from A to DP. But, now she looks worn out and her tan isn’t helping her cause at all. Despite the well-captured tease sequence, I could not get into the scene. But, one thing’s for sure, she hasn’t lost her knack with flute-playing, so to speak. After the foreplay, she gets drilled first in the pussy and in the ass. For her efforts, her partner gets off a jizz shot to her nether-region.

Next up is Alanah Rae, an average blonde who despite having that corn-fed look is actually from the East Coast. The 20 yo doesn’t have anything unique and is forgettable. Despite her lack of appearance, she does put on a nice scene! After all the sucking and fucking, she takes a nice load on her face before she performs post-coital head.

While the next scene would have been a killer lesbian scene if Briana still looked the same as she did in early 2000. For me, Nikki Jayne’s performance stole the spotlight. I especially liked when they were teasing each other in the kitchen. After the manual play, some sex toy action occurs. By scene’s end, the ladies are spent from fucking each other.

The penultimate scene has contract Vivid cutie Meggan Mallone giving some much need brunette representation! After the striptease, she begins to play with herself manually and then uses a pocket vibrator. At this point, she needs something more than just fingers and a toy to get her off and so she starts giving the lucky guy fellatio. This leads to the tepid intercourse with oral in between different positions. At one point, he looks like he’s preparing to plow her ass, but it’s not to be as the closest he is to doing so rubbing his finger on her taint. In the end, she takes a nice facial. From the several Meggan Mallone scenes I have watched, this is definitely not in the top 3!

Finally, Briana Banks performs her swan song as a Vivid Girl and does it with style and vigor with the double penetration. Before any of that happens, Briana re-enacts her prom night with two guys. After the spirited tease, she goes down south on them showcasing her exceptional cocksucking skills. The sex is a little rougher than usual, but Briana takes the change of pace and styling with stride. The threesome progresses to the anal and then the spirited double penetration. For her efforts, they thank her by jizzing all over her weathered face.

In summary, B. Skow’s Flashback: What Was I Thinking? doesn’t hit a home run, especially considering this is the last or if not one of the last videos of Briana performing for Vivid. I must admit that I was a fan of the old Briana Banks when she was known as Mirage. Even with all her body enhancements, she’s still not the same and is a shadow of her previous self. For this reason, this Blu-ray is at best a RENTAL!

RATING: Rent it.

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