Elegant Angel’s Big Wet Asses 15 (Blu-ray)

328400-1Elegant Angel’s Big Wet Asses 15 is the first volume to be released on Blu-ray and it’s a major coup! With Gianna Michaels being a hot commodity, it was a no-brainer that her porn trajectory would lead to losing her on-screen anal cherry for Elegant Angel! If that doesn’t impress you, they were also able to get Ava Rose on board with her first on-screen anal! Along with these two exclusives, the cast list was rounded out by a couple of surprises like MILF Julia Ann, Kimberly Kane, and Mia Rose. Although it isn’t my A-team, so to speak, they really do get the job done! This is definitely worth owning on Blu-ray!

Main Feature Running Length: ~3 hours and 1 minute

Starring: Gianna Michaels, Julia Ann, Ava Rose, Kimberly Kane, and Mia Rose

The video is presented in widescreen 1080P HD and is encoded in VC-1 at around 11-13 Mbps while the audio is encoded in the standard Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition result in clear and crisp images without any pixelation or noise. Specifically, the camera angles captured the ladies in the most flattering of angles, especially during the tease sequences. For the most part, the fleshtones were adequately controlled, but there were few times where there were contrast issues.In terms of audio, the sex sounds and dialogue came in clear and crisp without distortion.

The extras on the main disc include a good ~33 minute SD Brianna Love BWA scene in its entirety, cumshot recap that’s not in order, and five SD trailers from prior BWA volumes. The main meat of the extras are on disc two, which include the following: five featurettes [~45 minute of The Story of Big Wet Asses (SD), ~40 minutes of Performer Interviews (HD), ~8 minute BTS (HD), ~24 minutes of The Top 10 Scenes from BWA (SD), and ~9 minute William H. Interview (SD)], Star Bonus Scenes (SD) [~33 minutes of Ava Rose, ~35 minutes of Gianna Michaels, and ~16 minutes of Naomi from BWA 7], a ~2 minute William H. directed music video (HD), ~16 minutes of cumshot recaps from last six BWAs (SD), photo gallery (HD), and six trailers (HD). There’s a lot of value on this Blu-ray release. Out of all the extras, I thought the HD interviews with the stars and director were executed very well. It’s definitely not the run of the mill interviews, which is a good thing! Also, I appreciate that they included the legendary BWA Naomi scene as well as the cumshot recap from past volumes! There’s plenty of replay value for a good portion of the extras!

With all the attention that Gianna Michaels has received from her breadth ofperformances, there was only one way that she could step up her game and that was to give up her anal cherry on-screen. It shouldn’t be any surprise that she would give it up for Elegant Angel. Their flagline series Big Wet Asses is often imitated by other companies and so it’s fitting that she did her first anal scene for them. Before the actual scene, we are treated with an erection-inducing tease segment with Gianna in a tiny two-piece performing her best moves for the camera while her ass is doused with oil. Even if you aren’t a Gianna Fan, you’ll be aroused by the way she moves. If you aren’t, then there’s something wrong with you!The actual scene starts with Gianna now wearing a very skimpy purple two-piece. It doesn’t take too long until she pulls down her bikini top and bottom while she gets down on her knees and gives great head as if she were starved for cock for weeks! Before he plunges his dick into juicy pussy, he fucks her butt cheeks as if titfucking her. Gianna prepares for the anal by sticking her finger up her ass while he jams his cock in the doggie position.In between the penetration, she has the opportunity to showcase her wet fellatio yet again. Now, it’s what her fans have been waiting for! Her partner worships her ass before he sticks into her ass while her thighs are close to each other making her tight asshole even tighter. He eases his cock slowly into until he gets a good rhythm. Each and every thrust gets deeper in her broken in ass! She even does exceptional ass-to-mouth in between the different anal positions. The best part is when she gets plowed in the ass while he pours oil on her buttcheeks! Finally, he cannot hold his excitement any longer and so he creams her cheeks with a healthy dose of population pudding!

Veteran Julia Ann who is no stranger to anal sex is back to her anal antics. Before then, we get a nice tease sequence with Julia Ann showing off her feature dancer moves in a black two-piece bikini. This MILF still has a great body as this segment illustrates. When the actual scene starts, it’s apparent that there’s no romance involved, especially when she has her hands down his jeans while he helps her out of her bikini top. He has his lips, tongue, and fingers on her experienced honey pot! Once her love box is wet enough, he plunges his cock into her pussy doggie style. He fucks her hard and deep as if he were Erik Everhard. Anyway, Julia Ann makes the reverse cowgirl interesting because she knows how to gyrate her hips! In between position, she gives up her mouth and tits to his cock. Things get kinky when they have a slap-happy episode! Her partner prepares her for the anal fucking by sticking his fingers in her ass. For her part, she makes sure his knob is hard and covered with nature’s lubricant saliva before plowing her ass in the spoon position. There are¬†glimmers of romance while the two lock heads as he varies the speed of the ass-fucking. Things get really kinky when she gives some spirited salad tossing. By now, it’s time for him to oil her ass before he plows her in the doggie position. For her efforts, she receives a monster facial, which she definitely deserves. By scene’s end, her left eye is covered with jizz, but she’s not about to leave her eye close for the post-coital head!

At first, Kimberly Kane seems to be a puzzling BWA choice, but as in her scene from Harmony’s Jenna Haze: Nymphomaniac, she gives an exceptional performance. Kimberly Kane foregoes her blonde alt.sex identity in favor of jet black shoulder-length hair. Anyway, after the nice tease sequence, her partner wastes no time in position his face up in her ass for some worship. Things get a little strange when Kimberly goes nuts when he puts his undies in her mouth and then lets her wear his briefs while they exchange kisses. Soon, he has his fingers in her sticky jar making it nice and wet for the imminent intercourse. After throatfucking her wet mouth, he plunges his cock in her honey pot in several different positions before plowing her ass. She’s really feeling every inch of him in the reverse cowgirl anal and it shows in her expression. Now, it’s oil time just in time for the final anal push in the doggie position until he pastes her buttcheeks with jizz!

Next up is the bigger and bustier Rose sister, Ava. The former Adam & Eve contract star looks much different as she did when she first started. In fact, she probably had the same body structure as her sister, Mia. Although she’s within reach from BBW status, she still looks quite hot. The scene starts like the others with a very hot tease segment with her bustin’ moves for the camera in her classy, yet sexy two-piece! At one moment, she’s on all fours and she jiggles her booty in memorable fasion! When her partner shows up, they exchange kisses before he gets hypnotized by her ass-cheeks. He delivers some dirty talk while he service her with ass worship. The lucky guy is very thorough licking and fingering her nether regions. Soon, he plunges his cock in her wet pussy. In between the fucking, she takes the aggressive throatfucking like the professional that she is. There’s some slapping involved, especially when he fucks her hard in the doggie position. After the lengthy vaginal sex, he finally waits long enough to fuck her ass in the cowgirl position. By now, she’s moaning with every deep thrust into her anal love canal. Then, the oil comes into play signalling that the scene is about to end. For her efforts, he thanks her by coating her ass with jizz!

Just when you thought Mia Rose would never return to her formal glory, she surprises with this rare anal scene! Anyway, she looks just as firm as when she first started. She performs a spiritied strip tease in her black and red two-piece bikini. Although Ava was blessed with better looks, Mia’s sexual performance definitely rocks. Her lucky partner doesn’t take too long before he sticks his face on her pussy. There’s definitely good chemistry between the two and it really looks like she’s getting off in a major way during the ass-worship. This leads to the vaginal intercourse where her enthusiasm doesn’t ever let up. The scene progresses to the anal where at first he’s gentle, but then picks up the pace quickly. She tries to numb the sensation by diddling herself, but she’s really feeling it now judging by her aural reaction. He fucks her newly oil-covered ass in the doggie position until he demolishes her face with a facial!

In summary, William H’s Big Wet Asses 15 is definitely one of the best in this gold standard of anal releases! The ladies definitely give their all and that’s especially the case for Gianna. Although I’m not a fan of hers, I can appreciate that she’s one of the best performers out there and her BWA scenes proves that without a doubt! The other scenes were top notch as well so there were no major issues. The only minor issue is the kinky Kimberly Kane sequence with the underwear. BWA 15 lives up to the hype! Therefore, this Blu-ray deserves my HIGHEST RATING!

RATING: What are you waiting for? Go out and purchase this Blu-ray masterpiece!

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