Magmafilm’s Der Pornopraktikant (PAL)

1890Magma’s Der Pornopraktikant (The Porn Intern) is a good, but not great movie. Wanita Tan is an excellent performer and she does a great job in her scenes. Plus, the acting and plot was definitely entertaining and funny. One pleasant surprise is the sexy blonde Shirly! It definitely is worth watching.

Running Length: ~1 hour and 41 minutes

Starring: Wanita Tan, Shirly, Sabrina Rose, Sandy Solay, Black Lady, and Sophie Logan

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in the standard Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Regarding the visual quality, the composition and lighting is what you should expect from a Nils Molitor production. In terms of audio, sometimes the dialogue is on the low side, but the sex sounds come in clear and crisp.

The extras include two trailers and a good widescreen photogallery.

The porn-trainee watches Wanita Tan masturbating, but as soon as she realizes he’s watching her she moves onto something more interactive. She teases by undressing and placing her buttcheeks in his lap. Once she’s in her birthday suit, she works her way down to his cock and sucks away. He returns the favor and sucks on her bald Eurasian pussy. The scene progresses to the intercourse when he fucks her hard in the missionary position. The hard fucking continues with the doggie position where she holds the table tightly with every cockthrust into her. This happens to be the same position when the fast and furious anal spelunkering begins and ends. Finally, he creams her face and open mouth before she gives a few post-coital sucks!

The same guy has a discussion with the mullet-haired sleazy porn producer. After exchanging small talk, he hands the trainee a box of female sex toys, which he subsequently gives to two blonde ladies, Shirly and Sabrina Rose. Out of the two, Shirly is the better-looking of the two and it’s sexy that she has pierced and perky tits! The ladies get more acquainted with each other and the friendly kissing becomes much more thanks to the toys. Shirly starts aggressive and has her go with Sabrina until Sabrina returns the favor. The ladies have fun until they are totally spent from the sapphic love session.

The protagonist is having a conversation with one of her costars Sandy Solay, but it’s interrupted by her lovers who just dropped in. Soon, Sandy Solay has her lips locked on his fuck stick. Sandy has orals skills as the deepthroat proves. After the inspired oral, she takes it in the pussy from behind. It looks as if the porn-trainee won’t get any, but they wave him into the scene. In no time, he’s enjoying great head from her while her partners fucks her hard. The threesome continues including some anal. In the end, she takes only one creamy facial since the other guy has a malfunction, so to speak.

The porn-trainee does the unglamorous duties like disinfecting sex toys in between the action. When he appears on set again, the porn producer/director is angry at him. It looks as if the sex scene is totally ruined, but the directors steps in front of the camera and soon has Sandy and Black Lady jockeying for cocksucking position. This leads to the intercourse where Wanita Tan joins the dogpile making it a foursome. Although he fucks all the ladies, he particularly spends ample time with the Eurasian. In the end, he spooges his load on her belly!

Wanita Tan dressed in 1980s braless attire calms the intern’s nerves while doing his makeup. In the meantime, the porn producer/director is having a private casting session with Sophia Logan, a dirty blonde in braids. After the small talk, she literally gets down to business and sucks his schlong for awhile until she gets hammered in the pussy. In the end, he jizzes on her stomach! It’s a decent scene, but I don’t find her particularly attractive.

The pornstars are enjoying some downtime with the nerdy cameraman, but he walks back to the set. The five ladies less Wanita Tan gather around the intern and get their groove on. The orgy begins in full swing with the hot-looking Shirly giving him great head. Meanwhile, the ladies grope each other to get their juices flowing. The ladies wait their turn to ride him and Shirly looks particularly sexy while getting fucked in the reverse cowgirl position. Meanwhile, the director cannot concentrate managing the scene while Wanita performs head on him. It doesn’t take too long before Wanita jerks him off onto her pretty Eurasian face! The director doesn’t miss a beat after he’s cummed because he’s directing his talent to spray his load over the five ladies. Unfortunately, only two ladies, Sabrina Rose and Sandy, bear the brunt of the jizzload.

The director is impressed with the intern’s performance on handling the last scene. He offers him an exclusive contract, but the intern refuses even after the sleazy director tries to convince him. In a surprise twist, the trainee walks away with Wanita Tan! Not bad . . . not bad at all!

In summary, the Moli-directed video, Der Pornopraktikant is an entertaining video with several lovely ladies including Wanita Tan and Shirly. I thought they could do better with the casting of the other ladies, but that’s just too bad. Despite that, this DVD has enough to receive a RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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