Throated 17

321983Throated 17 is definitely one of the best volumes I have seen. It works on so many levels since for the most part the ladies are attractive and because most of the ladies deepthroat well. Specifically, London Keyes is definitely deserving of a front boxcover considering her performance. If you are a fan of blowjob videos and want to explore titles from other studios like Evil Angel, then this title is the first place to start.

Running Length: ~1 hour and 25 minutes

Starring: Angelina Valentine, Mia Moore, Amy Applebottom, Jessica Valentino, Layla Rivera, London Keyes, Osa Lovely, Victoria Valentino, and Zeina Heart

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at the standard 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition and lighting needs some work. In terms of the audio, there are no distortions since both the dialogue and sex sounds come in clear.

The extras include only a photo gallery using the Ken Burns effect.

First up is the tramp-stamed brunette Angelina Valentine. Some may consider her tattoos a work of art and a celebration of the individual, but I’d say she’d look much better without. Anyway, she teases the camera by first showing off her nice enhanced tits. After the tease, the lucky guy comes into the scene and Angelina sucks away. She definitely brings her A-level fellatio and deepthroating skills to the scene complete with eye contact. The great opening scene ends with lots of jizz in her open mouth. She finishes the scene right by swallowing the population pudding before cleaning his knob off.

Mia Moore is an average bleach blonde who has that stripper look to her. She talks like she’s a little spaced out. Anyway, there’s no tease as she goes straight to the cocksucking. She does have deepthroating skills, which she decides to use at times, but the scene has more of the handjob/blowjob combination. The lucky guy will have no more of that and so she shows off her no-hands deepthroating skills. In the end, she strokes him off onto her open mouth. Unfortunately, the good scene is spoiled by a weak money shot.

Next up is Amy Applebottom. The scene starts without any small talk or tease as she’s in the middle of sucking dick. Amy pays more attention to his cock than giving some much needed eye contact with the camera. After ignoring the camera for several minutes, she finally pays attention to the camera while she performs no-hands fellatio. The decent scene ends with not too much jizz on her cute face. Oh well, at least she gives a few post-coital sucks.

Jessica Valentino is another brunette cutie. Unlike the past two scenes, this one starts with tease action. She shows off her tight body to the camera before the cocksucking festivities start. For fans of wet head, you’ll be delighted with this scene. Although she uses the handjob/blowjob technique often, she also displays her deepthroating skills. Jessica gets close at putting the entire shaft in her mouth, but comes up a little bit short. It’s all good though because she just looks hot doing that, especially when she looks into the camera. In the end, she receives a decent facial with a cum streak getting oh so close to her right eye!

Layla Rivera is an above-average Latina wearing some stripper-type gear and regular stockings. She strikes a pose for the camera before she has cock shoved into her accommodating mouth. The camera captures the throatfucking from the top to the bottom as she eyes the camera. There’s plenty of no hands deepthroating complete with guttural sounds. Layla’s particulary nasty since she tosses his salad as part of her duties. Finally, he strokes off onto her open mouth, face, and tits. She’s not finished as she performs post-coital head. This is another great scene on the DVD.

London Keyes is a Korean-American with a huge natural rack, which she displays within seconds of the start of the scene. After a couple of more seconds, she’s deepthroating like she’s been in the business for years. She definitely heats this scene up not just because of her skills but because of her enthusiasm. After the great no-hands wet fellatio, he jizzes on her awaiting mouth, hair, and tits. London plays with the jizz after she gives his cock a couple more sucks for good measure! This blowjob scene is definitely one of the betters ones I have seen starring the Korean.

Osa Lovely is a dark chocolate lady wearing pink lingerie. She crawls to the headless meat puppet and sucks away. Osa has decent wet fellatio skills, but I don’t find her particularly attractive. Anyway, the scene ends authentically with her sucking him until he cums internally in her mouth. She shows the camera the proof of her cum-soaked mouth before giving post-coital head.

Naomi Cruise is a bleach blonde with shoulder length hair. She definitely has that Southwestern stripper look to her. Anyway, she has decent breasts, but her ass isn’t as firm, but it is full. She teases the camera by getting out of her clothes and into her birthday suit. Soon, she has her lips locked onto his fuck stick. Ms. Cruise has decent no-hand fellatio skills as well as deepthroating ability. Things gets a little more intense as he briefly throatfucks her. In the end, he pastes her face resulting in a partial cum mustache!

The penultimate scene has a busty Victoria Valentino. The long-haired brunette has a harsh and weathered face to go along with her breast implants. She has a decent stripper body, but nothing to go gaga over. After showing off her naughty bits, she kneels down and suck his knob. In between the okay fellatio, she lets him fuck her tits. It’s apparent that as the scene progresses she doesn’t have great deepthroating skills. In the end, he dumps his load in her mouth and she tries her best not to look irritated by staging it for the camera until the scene ends.

Last up is the Canadian Zeina Heart. She’s a cute brunette wearing a two piece bikini enjoying the sun. However, it doesn’t take too long before she’s on her knees and sucking cock. He feeds his cock to her and she has no problem to accommodate him. She maintains great eye contact throughout the scene. When he’s not throatfucking her hard, she slows the cocksucking to a manageable pace. Finally, he jizzes on her mouth and also leaves some jizz on her chest. Like the professional that she is, she scoops up the jizz from her chest and licks it before continuing excellent post-coital head on the lucky guy.

In summary, Throated 17 is the best volume I have seen in this long-running series. There are numerous scenes that are worth watching over and over like Angelina’s, London’s, and Layla’s. It’s nice to see A-list pornstars like London performing well for a non-top tier production company. Although it may not have  high production values as the blowjob videos from top-tier companies like Evil Angel, it still holds its own. This DVD barely has enough gas in the tank to receive a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

RATING: Highly recommended

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