Paste My Face 14

325354Paste My Face 14 is an improvement from the prior volume. There are great performances by Luciana, Stephanie Sage, and others. Unfortunately, there were a couple duds as well as Jeanie Marie’s questionable scenario that lessened the video’s score.

Running Length: ~1 hour and 29 minutes

Starring: Hannah West, Brandy Talore, Julia Bond, Stephanie Sage, Luciana, Alexa Jordan, Jeanie Marie, Kaity Holmes, Mindy Main, and Summer Bailey

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition and lighting could be better. The angles could have been more varied instead of having about two to three angles. Furthermore, some of the scenes had inaccurate fleshtones due to overexposure like in Mindy Main’s scene. In terms of audio, the dialogue and sex sounds came in clear and crisp.

The extras only include a photogallery.

First up is a sexy brunette firecracker, the Brazilian Hannah West. She poses for the camera while he helps her out of her undies. Once out of her clothes and into her birthday suit, she goes down on her knees and sucks away. The Brazilian hottie does a good job giving head complete with sexy eye contact! Unfortunately, at the end she strokes him off onto her hands. The scene is a little out of place since this is supposed to be facial-centered video.

Brandy Talore is an average-looking extremely busty bleach blonde. A purple bra supports her airbags until she unhooks them and shows off her nice rack. It shouldn’t be a surprise that her tits as well as her mouth get fucked. Brandy has decent skills, but this is just a so-so scene. In the end, he jizzes on her breasts, which isn’t really compatible with the name of this video series.

Next up is Julia Bond who seemed to be the next big thing, but fizzled out quickly. She’s a decent-looking dirty blonde with several tramp stamps on her body including paw tattoos on her tits. The veteran has decent technique, but doesn’t really push her throat to the limit. In between the head, she allows him to titfuck her. Unlike the two prior scenes, she takes a sticky load to her chin!

Stephanie Sage is a cute 19 yo brunette who has a similar body like Ashli Orion, but with a better-looking face. She poses for the camera and shows off her naughty bits including her nice butt. After the tease, she gets down on her knees and gives great head with eye contact. This is definitely not the first time for this french-manicured brunette sucking cock! She gets a good number of attempts at deepthroat throughout the scene. For her great performance, she takes a high-velocity jizz shot that hits her left eye!

The setting in this scene starring Luciana is different than the others. The cameraman/headless meat puppet rings the doorbell of a mansion and is pleased to see the sexy Luciana in sexy plaids. There’s not really much tease for the camera, but that’s okay because this sexy lady can hoover like there’s no tomorrow. Things get a little kinky when he puts a rope to tug on her neck as she blows him. Thankfully, the rope is taken out of the scene later on. The excellent head leads to a very sticky and thick cum streak that hits her in between her eyes! She’s not done yet as she gives great extended post-coital head!

Alexa Jordan is typical stripper-turned-pornstar fodder. She’s not really attractive, but she can suck a mean dick complete good eye contact. Although she cannot go all the way down on him, she exudes intensity throughout the scene. In the end, he jerks off onto her open mouth and face.

Jeanie Marie is a cute blonde, but she has long fake eyelashes to go along with the turquoise eyeshadow making her eyes look like peacocks. Anyway, this lady wastes no times at sucking cock. It doesn’t take too long for her to show off her deepthroating skills. So far, the scene is going well, but it takes a questionable and somewhat inappropriate turn when she has a lollipop while she begs for his jizz. Finally, he gets off his cumshot, which lands on her open mouth, face, and lollipop. It was a good scene, but the lollipop addition should have never been introduced.

The next scene stars Kaity Holmes. She’s an attractive strawberry blonde wearing a two piece polka dotted suit complete with matching hair accessories. Anyway, her innocent outfit belies the sexual beast inside of her. She’s yet another lady that has probably had her fair share of cocks judging by the way delivers no-hands fellatio with ease. In the end, he gets off several monster loads with the majority just missing her face. But despite the semi-blown facial, she has a decent load of population pudding on her cute face of hers!

The penultimate scene has the lovely Mindy Main. She’s looking as sexy as ever and the style of the way this scene is shot imitates the many scenes she’s done for Digital Playground. Although, this may not be her best blowjob performance, she always brings a high level of enthusiasm in all her scenes. Even after all the great fellatio, he barely thanks her with a meager cumshot to the mouth. It’s just too bad that she didn’t get what deserved at the end. Despite that, she does a good job with the post-coital cleanup.

Lastly, the video ends with the ebony-colored Summer Bailey. Although she’s black, she’s on the lighter-skinned making her look like a Latina. Anyway, she undresses for the camera before locking her lips on his fuck stick. She definitely has skills with the deep throat no-hands fellatio, but she’s lacking on the enthusiasm. In the end, the decent scene ends with a decent open-mouthed facial. It’s not over yet since she cleans him up well with post-coital head!

In summary Paste My Face 14 is an improvement from the prior volume since the ladies are either established or very hot or both. There were only a couple of scenes that were dull, but I deducted the rating from RECOMMENDED to RENT ITdue to the questionable Jeannie Marie scenario. Even if it were only role-playing, it was inappropriate. Anyway, there are great scenes performed by Luciana, Stephanie Sage, and others. For these reasons, this gets a SOLID RENTAL.

RATING: Rent it

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