Sky Angel Blue Volume 3: Natsumi (Blu-ray)

Sky_Angel_Blue_03-HUFR-MSky Angel Blue Volume 3: Natsumi is so far the best in this fledgling series. Although Natsumi isn’t a Maria Ozawa, she is an exceptional performer as can be seen in the first scene. Furthermore, the Rica Kurachi scene is an excellent blowjob scene, especially if you are into sloppy fellatio. This Blu-ray has something for every kind of porn viewer whether from the raincoaters to the romantic types. Furthermore, if you are into JAV without the annoying mosaics, this would be your number 1 choice.

Running Length: ~3 hours and 32 minutes

Starring: Natsumi and Rica Kurachi

The Blu-ray is presented in widescreen 1080i and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 26 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition and lighting is of the same quality as prior releases. Similarly, there are instances when there is overexposure, especially during bright light scenes, but they may be due to stylistic reasons. In terms of the audio, the sex sounds and dialogue come in clear and crisp. Like the prior two volumes, the subtitles are entertaining!

The extras include a decent photo gallery and several previews of other volumes. It would have been nice to have some decent special features like a BTS, but hopefully Sky Angel will improve in future releases.

Things get a little kinky from the start with Natsumi blindfolded and with her hands tied up in light-fetish fashion. She’s wearing a purple nightgown, black undies, and matching fishnet stockings. The two guys take advantage of the situation and feel her up, especially her tits. Judging by the English subtitles, they are masters of dirty talk. This turns her on and it’s more apparent when she shows off her perky tits. They take off her blindfold, but they still keep her bound. Things get heated during the foreplay as the guys finger both her pussy and ass! In fact, one of the guys even tosses her salad while he has his face and tongue all up in her pussy. She returns the favor by blowing them. The quality of her fellatio skills are on par with her western counterparts. In fact, she takes the harder throatfucking like a professional. This leads to the full-blown threesome where she gets fucked hard while getting throatfucked at the same time. She never lets up and neither do the two very lucky guys. In the end, she takes two creampies in succession. In the end, one of the guys stretches her vagina and instructs her to bear down so the rest of the ejaculate drips out of her cum-drenched vagina. This is a surprising, yet explosive scene and I was definitely impressed with the sexual intensity from beginning to end.

The next scene borrows from the POV-videomaking style. Natsumi is dressed in a sexy top and thigh highs while the camera follows her to a secluded covered balcony somewhere in a Tokyo prefecture. She drops and crouches so she can give him a handjob quickie. She’s very turned on by the situation at hand, no pun intended! It doesn’t take too long before he cums on her shirt and hands. Her reaction is classic as she acts as she doesn’t know what jizz is or what it smells like. Before she can clean up, she hears someone approaching them and so the two break for it!

More POV continues, but this time Natsumi looks especially sexy with her purple and black secretary look. She talks dirty to the camera and soon she’s sucking and stroking him off. It looks as if she’s holding back a little bit because the skill that she showed in the first scene isn’t quite to the same level. Anyway, he cums on her face, but mostly on her hands. Natsumi provides good post-coital clean-up. It looks like the end of the scene, but another guy waits for his knob to be sucked. Soon, Natsumi’s fellatio skills are up to snuff as in scene one. In fact, she takes off her secretary clothes to get more comfortable giving sloppy head. Things get kinky with the introduction of sex toys, especially when she sits on a bobbing mechanical dildo while sucking on real cock resulting in a simulated threesome. In the end, he pastes her face with population pudding as she rides the scene out literally with the mechanical dildo fucking her to orgasm!

Rica Kurachi walks into a photo studio expecting to do a Gravure photo shoot, but the two guys put a blindfold on her and start to grope her. She’s wearing sexy fashionable nightwear along with fencenet stockings. Soon, they help her undress and even spread her vagina lips for the camera. Anyway, if you can get pass the questionable scenario, then you’ll be treated to some Grade A quality throatfucking and fellatio. One of the guy cums alot on her and insider her mouth, but she keeps sucking away like an Energizer rabbit. Without stopping to clean up, the other guy throatfucks her hard resulting in thick wads of cum/saliva dangling from her chin. Finally, he cannot take it any longer and gets off a high volume cumshot! By scene’s end, it’s safe to officially declare that her cum/saliva smeared face is a biohazard!

Natsumi is back for more, but this time it’s solo masturbation action set in a classy black and red satin background. She uses a large mechanical on herself while posing in different positions until she cums for the camera.

Now, it’s time for the interview session. At first, the interview touches on common topics, but it soon gets personal regarding her sex life. As the interview progresses, one of the guys enters the scene with literally a platter of different sex toys. She’s somewhat embarrassed, yet interested in the sex toys because she looks at several ones closely. It shouldn’t be any surprise that this will be another sex toy scene, but without a surprise twist. Anyway, she starts off small with a small sex toy before progressing to what looks a Hitachi Magic Wand with a big dildo attachment. While the Magic Wand penetration is going on, she becomes the center of a flash mini-bukkake as one by one they dump their protein loads on her face!

The penultimate scene has a change of mood since this one is more romantic. Her shaved-head partner knows how to treat her right by giving her pussy a tongue-lashings. The foreplay continues with them pleasuring each other at the same time during the 69. This leads to the good old fashioned fucking. It doesn’t have the rough and fast rhythm as the first scene, but that doesn’t mean that the intensity isn’t up there. Rather, she gets railed in several different positions like missionary until he gets off a decent load on her face!

Finally, the Blu-ray ends with Natsumi dressed in a two-piece tiny gold bikini. She gets frisky and kinky with her partner by giving him a footjob. Soon, she takes off her bikini starting with her top before she performs a combination handjob-blowjob. Her fellatio skills in this scene is lukewarm because she spends a majority of the time just using her hands. Anyway, the decent scene ends with him getting off a meager load on her face.

In summary, Sky Angel Blue Volume 3: Natsumi is so far the best in this fledgling Blu-ray series from Sky Angel. Although there is some fetish sex scenes involved, it’s not enough to alienate the general porn audience. There are some really great scenes on this Blu-ray like Natsumi’s first scene as well Rica’s only scene. This Blu-ray definitely deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly recommended

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