Sky Angel Blue Volume 2: Serina Hayakawa (Blu-ray)

Sky_Angel_Blue_02_Serina_Hayakawa_HUFR-MSky Angel Blue Volume 2: Serina Hayakawa has a couple of exceptional scenes, but overall it just doesn’t cut the mustard. Despite that, this Blu-ray is definitely worth watching, especially for the first two scenes. If you want well-captured JAV (Japanese Adult Video) without the mosaic, then this Blu-ray is the right ticket for you!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 37 minutes

Starring: Serina Hayakawa and Sakura Hirota

The video is presented in widescreen 1080i and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 20-22 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition and the lighting is good, although at times like in the last scene where the fleshtones are on the yellow-overexposed side. As far as the audio is concerned, the sex sounds and dialogue came in clear without distortion. Like the prior volume, the English subtitles are entertaining to say the least!

There are no extras on this Blu-ray!

Serina is an above average-looking Japanese lady but, with a nice ass. One thing that doesn’t help her is the puffy lower eyebags that can still be seen with the makeup. Serina is scene sucking on a lollipop, which is a foreshadowing of what’s to come. It doesn’t take long before a headless meat puppet drops his undies so Serina can blow his flaccid cock. After a few minutes, she brings out the best of him and he’s flaccid no more. Don’t expect the throatfucking that is seen in American or European productions though. Unfortunately for he, she takes a wake cumshot for all her efforts. She’s not done yet as two other cocks wait to be blown by her. Her blowjob skills get better as the short scene progresses. One guy gives her a massive cumshot to her mouth and even on her mouth. This doesn’t stop her from blowing the other guy to climax as the jizz drips down her chin. She gags a couple of times during the no-hands blowjob until he cums on her tongue. She eyes the camera as she briefly plays with the jizz until the scene ends.

The next scene starts with a harmless interview where she answers the typical interview scenes. But, the interviewer makes it X-rated ever so-slightly first with the upskirt pictures that progresses to actual foreplay when he uses a magic vibrator wand. He presses the vibrator to her clitoris and watches her squirm with delight. At first, she pushes the vibrator away because she’s too embarrassed to show her orgasm face. It doesn’t take long before her pussy is dripping with her own juices. She even proves it for the camera when she spreads herself wide open. Things aren’t even done as the guy uses a two prong vibrating dildo on her and the juices begin to flow. By scene’s end, she’s all spent! Although, I usually don’t like these types of scenes, it was entertaining since it looked liked she was actually having orgasms.

Serina is surrounded by two guys that are waiting for their chance to fuck her. In the meantime, one of the guys fingerfucks her to get her juices flowing. This leads to her sucking on both their cocks before the threesome is in full-gear with a cock in her pussy and the other in her sexy mouth. She gets plugged in the standard positions like doggie, but she looks best in the reverse cowgirl position. In the end, she takes two creampies in succession.

Serina takes a breather for the time being so Sakura Hirota is on. She’s cute, but her teeth are jumbled up. Anyway, she’s asked to suck on a banana. Something funny happens when the banana drops to the ground within only several minutes of her demonstrating her fellatio abilities. It’s okay for her because she has a black dildo to suck on and it looks as if she has good cocksucking skills as she squeezes the fake jizz out of the dildo. Sakura is a firm believer of practice makes perfect so she has a real cock to suck on. Unfortunately, she doesn’t show the same skill as she did with the real thing. In the end, she takes an average facial. Sakura’s scene looked promising, but it was just average at best.

Ms. Hayakawa is back to her antics with her playing with herself with a vibrator. It looks as if it will be a standard solo masturbation scene, but soon, guys dump loads on her body starting with her tits, then legs, and then face. This may be a little strange to American viewers, but this is pretty much standard in Japanese porn.

The penultimate scene has Serina donned in a traditional Kimono. She gets worked up by her partner until she returns the favor with good head. Soon, he’s plunging his cock into her wet pussy in several different position. Serina proves to be an active rider, especially in the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. During the doggie style positions, her hot body is obscured by her kimono. In the end, her partner cannot take it any longer and cums inside her.

Last up is a brief handjob-blowjob scene. Serina does a good work getting her partner ready for the quickie, but she strokes him off more than actually sucking him. Anyway, the subpar scene ends with a subpar cumshot. This looked to be a promising scene, but it looks like Serina was not giving her very best, but oh well.

In summary, Sky Angel Blue Volume 2: Serina Hayakawa is a good release, but definitely has its shortcomings. There were a couple of scenes that held this Blu-ray from receiving a higher rating such as the last scene as well as Sakura Hirota’s tease/blowjob scene. However, there were two great scenes, which happened to be the first two! In the end, this Blu-ray gets a SOLID RECOMMEND!

RATING: Recommended

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