3, 4, & More (aka SexSense’s Full House)

329542Digital Sin/New Sensations has tasked itself to bring European porn to the US by distributing select Sex Sense DVDs. This title was originally called Full House in Europe, but for obvious reasons, it was changed to 3,4, & More. The quality of the scenes are in line of rival competitor 21st Sextury, but with slightly sloppy camerawork. If you are a fan of Lucy Belle or Eva Karera, then despite its shortcomings, this DVD may be worth it.

Running Length: ~1 hour and 59 minutes

Starring: Leanna Sweet, Sabrina Rose, Stella Delcroix, Eva Karera, Simony Diamond, Lulu Martinez, and Lucy Belle

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition is in need for improvement since there is too much camera movement. This was definitely a major turn-off and the shaky movement really affected some of the scenes. In terms of lighting, it’s decent, but it could be better. In contrast, there were no audio issues as the sex sounds came in clear without distortion.

The extras include a pick your pleasure menu and photo gallery.

First off is brunette Leanna Sweet sharing the scene with the platinum blonde Konrad Adenauer-esque Sabrina Rose. The fuck party gets started with Leanna getting fingered by her partner while the sluttier of the two Sabrina Rose has her hands full with two guys. While Leanna services her partner with her mouth, Sabrina is already getting hammered in the pussy and mouth. Her pussy takes a breather when she sucks and strokes them off. It seems as if Sabrina takes all the threeway action, but Leanna gets some threeway lovin’ as well. The sex progresses to the anal where both ladies get hammered hard! Sabrina Rose reigns supreme in the slut department by taking a hard double penetration. In the end, Sabrina takes two cumshots while Leanna takes a creamy jizzshot to her face after her partner takes an absurd amount time just to get it off.

Stella Delcroix is a cute blonde with the similar sultry look at Teagan Presley complete. The lucky guys undress her and play with her naughty bits. Soon, they whip out their willies so she can stroke and suck on. This leads to the actual sex where she gets pumped hard in the reverse cowgirl position while trying to suck cock. Things get harder with the anal and then the imminent double penetration where she looks like she’s in apparent pain, but that doesn’t get any sympathy from them. It doesn’t take long before she takes a load on her tits and another on her face.

Next up is the Hungarian busty brunette Eva Karera. This big-titted brunette never really quite made it big here in the US and that’s too bad. Anyway, she takes on three guys like the professional that she is. First, she gives them great head with ample saliva. They jockey for position to fuck her throat before they fuck her pussy raw. One of the guys pump her pussy in the reverse cowgirl position while the other two wait to be serviced by her sexy mouth. The foursome progresses to her being airtight where she keeps on going like the energizer bunny. After the extended airtight session, they dump their loads on her pretty face. In the end, she gives one lucky guy some great post-coiatal head, which is seldomly seen.

Simony Diamond is a veteran European pornstar known for her unsightly American flag and Eagle tattoo on her arm, which is just too bad. If you can get past the horrible tramp stamp and just focus on her abilities, then you’ll be treated to a good scene. Although she gets analized and even double penetrated, it’s not one of her top 3 scenes, but it is still watchable. Finally, she lets them cum on her face and tits.

The penultimate scene stars Lulu Martinez, an average-looking brunette with an above-average body. The guys don’t waste time worshipping her naughty bits before they offer their cockmeat to her. Soon, she drops down and sucks away. After the decent fellatio, they fuck her hard. Although there’s no double penetration, she gets thorough railed in the ass in the reverse cowgirl position while the other guy face-fucks her hard! For her efforts, she takes two extra creamy loads to her face. This is probably the only scene where the money shot matched the scene’s intensity!

The DVD ends on a positive note with Lucy Belle dressed in cop fetish gear. It looks like the tables are turned when she’s in a compromising position with her hands cuffed while they take turns stuffing her mouth with cock. Soon, the kinky handcuffs fade away in favor of traditional hot and sweaty sex. Just like the prior scene, Lucy Belle looks best in the reverse cowgirl anal position while her mouth gets fucked. This leads to her being sandwiched by them in the double penetration. In the end, she takes two nicely placed jizzshots on her Romanian face!

In summary, 3, 4, & More (Full House) has a couple of great scenes. Specifically, the last two scenes were definitely the best in this release. However, there were some subpar scenes that prevented it from receiving a higher rating. For this reason, this DVD is a SOLID RENTAL.

RATING: Rent it

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