Tom Byron’s Asseaters Unanimous 19

Asseaters19FRTDon’t let the tossing the salad theme turn you off since this is a solid DVD release because it has the hottest talent like Sasha Grey and Rebeca Linares along with veterans like Aurora Snow and newbies like Chastity Lynn. Tom Byron’s Asseaters Unanimous 19 has just enough rimming not to turn off the average porn viewer. This is definitely worth the time and effort to watch!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 21 minutes

Starring: Sasha Grey, Aurora Snow, Rebeca Linares, Kaci Starr, and Chastity Lynn

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 5-6 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the image quality as well as the lighting and compositon are on par with other Tom Byron releases. In terms of the audio, the sex sounds as well as the dialogue come in clear without distortion.

The extras include an average photo gallery, four trailers, and a good ~34 minute BTS. There’s some good moments with Sasha Grey discussing her 2008 accomplishments like starring in a couple of mainstream roles in addition to making her own experimental/techno music. The other BTS segment worth watching is Rebeca Linares. Although she speaks in broken English, that doesn’t matter when she looks as sexy as she does, especially when she poses for the BTS cameraman!

The scene starts with Sasha Grey wearing a plaid bra and sexy and tight denims. Tom Byron admires her ass from behind as Sasha pushes her denims down ane exposes her translucent panties. After the tease, Tom Byron doesn’t waste time and digs his face and tongue all up her pussy and ass. She returns the favor with fellatio as well as tossing some salad for good measure. This leads to the vaginal-only intercourse. It’s interrupted by tossing the salad performed on each other. In the end, he shoots a creamy load on her pretty face!

Next up is porn veteran Aurora Snow. Although she doesn’t have the youthful look that made her a fixture in Anabolic productions, she definitely still is fuckable. She poses for the camera during the outdoor tease before she gets ready for the indoor fuck session. Soon, she gets down on her knees and tosses his salad while giving him a handjob. This leads to her classic handjob-blowjob technique. For good measure, the two perform rimming on each other throughout the scene. Aurora looks the best when she takes him in the reverse cowgirl position. In the end, she finishes him off with a blowjob and handjob until he jizzes all over her pretty face.

Rebeca Linares has a tough act to follow, but she manages to surpass the prior two scenes. After the brief tease, she gives him an intense blowjob captured in POV fashion with brief moments of tossing his salad. Rebeca mixes it up with some footjob action during the foreplay. Then, the intercourse begins at full pace and it shows on her face. In between the hot and sweaty action, she gets up the courage to toss more of his salad than he does with her. In the end, he pulls out of her pussy from the missionary position and gets off a nice load that lands on her sexy face and hair!

The penultimate scene stars the average looking Kaci Starr. The scene stars like any other scene on the DVD with the tease. Then, she performs exceptional wet fellatio, which is definitely a plus. Things get a little kinky when they rim each other in the 69 position. Moreover, there’s a whole lot of salad tossing performed by the two in between the actual sex. Things get overly heated when he sticks his finger in her poopchute while fucking her pussy resulting in a simulated double penetration. Finally, he delivers another sizable load that messes up her face and hair.

Finally, Chastity Lynn ends this exceptional DVD on a good note. The fresh-looking blonde admits that she hasn’t tossed salad before although she herself has been rimmed in the past by her lucky exes. Anyway, it doesn’t take too long before she has her lips locked on his fuck stick. In between the good hoovering action, she tosses the salad for the very first time. Although she says that this is her first time, she’s more enthusiastic with the rimjob than the others. This leads to the actual sex and in between the action, they toss each other’s salad. Then, Tom cannot hold it any longer and pulls out of her pussy and delivers another good facial!

In summary, Tom Byron’s Asseaters Unamimous 19 is a surprisingly great video . . . that is if you can get past the rimming action. Furthermore, with a cast list like this, the DVD can do no wrong. I especially enjoyed the performances from Rebeca Linares. It’s no surprise that this DVD deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly recommended

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