Magmafilms Der Tagtraeumer (PAL)

1849Moli’s Der Tagtraeumer (The Daydreamer) has an adequate plot to go along with exceptional sex scenes. Specifically, Wanita’s first double penetration scene and Jessy Key’s sex scene were the highlights for me. This is definitely one of Moli’s better releases. I look forward to reviewing this title on Blu-ray.

Running Length: ~1 hour and 55 minutes

Starring: Lea Lexis, Laura M., Wanita Tan, Luna, Maja, and Jessy Key

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded at MPEG-2 at around 5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition and lighting is what to expected from the seasoned director Nils Molitor or Moli for short. He’s one of a handful European directors that are technically sound with the lighting aspect. In terms of audio, the sex sounds and dialogue came in clear without distortion.

The extras include a good slideshow and several trailers. It would have been nice to have a BTS, but hopefully they add that in the Blu-ray version.

The scene starts with the bleach blonde Lea Lexis and strawberry blonde Laura M. sucking on the lucky guy’s knob. The ladies take turns slobbering over his cock before Lea decides to sit on his face. Before the actual sex, the ladies lick each other in preparation for the pussy pounding. Soon, he plunges his cock deep inside Laura M while she licks Lea’s pussy. It looks as if he’ll stick his rod into Lea’s ass, but it’s not to be. After fucking them thoroughly, he jizzes on their faces. The scene ends with the ladies swapping cum with each other through passionate kisses! It turns out that he was having a wet-dream.

Next up is Luna, an average blonde that fits the stripper mold. She has rough features to go along with her pendulous breasts and half-dollar sized areolas. Anyway, her partner gets the very best out of her pounding her pussy like there’s tomorrow. Finally, she jerks him off onto her breasts.

Wanita Tan is busy making her money doing a solo session for her webcam site when her day-dreamer roommate interrupts. Instead of stopping, she doesn’t let the minor interruption stop her from finishing her web session. Anyway, the camera captures the solo scene perfectly with closeup shots of her playing with her pussy. Wanita reaches her climax and the scene ends. It turns out that this scene was just a fantasy in the day-dreamer’s mind.

The day-dreamer is confused and decides to enlist the services of a health professional. He confesses his dreams with the sexy therapist played by Jessy Key. The blonde is one hot number, especially with those eyeglasses. Even at the psychotherapy session, he’s having trouble differentiating reality from fantasy as Jessy. The sexy blonde gets all up in his business and by the time he knows it, she has her lips locked onto his fuck stick. The scene progresses with hard vaginal sex that progresses to steamy anal. It’s obvious that there is chemistry between the two. She gets rewarded with a creamy facial that even hits her sexy eyeglasses! By scene’s end, the daydreamer thinks it was all a dream, but he takes a second look at the therapist’s cum-covered eyeglasses. He runs frantically out because it looks like he really cannot differentiate fantasy from reality.

Meanwhile, his Asian roommate gets busy with two guys. After some small talk, the two very lucky men get to have some quality Asian coochie. Wanita Tan obliges the guys by letting them fuck her mouth and pussy. The threesome gets more heated when she takes a hard and fast anal while sucking on schlong. The already hot scene gets even hotter when she takes her first double penetration for Magmafilm. In the end, she gets her just desserts with the guys cumming all over her pretty Eurasian face!

The day-dreamer tries to forget his problems at the local bar. After drinking a couple of pints, he notices that Lea Lexis is getting hot and heavy with a guy. Soon, Lea and her new found pal skip the romance and go directly to the sex. Meanwhile, Laura M. puts on a solo show for the day-dreamer before sucking on his cock. Things get acrobatic with Lea Lexis doing a split while taking dick up all insider her. Furthermore, she even lets him give her the anal hot sausage injection. In the end, he cums on her face. Now, the day-dreamer thanks Laura M. for the blowjob by cumming on her face!

By now, the daydreamer checks himself into a clinic where Nurse Maja works him up, so to speak. It doesn’t take too long before she’s sucking his cock like there’s no tomorrow. Maja’s dressed in nurse fetish gear, but it shouldn’t turn off the casual porn viewer. The foreplay leads to the vaginal-only sex. He fucks her hard and fast in several different positions before pulling out of her and delivering jizz on her chest.

By the end of the DVD, the daydreamer thinks that all these experiences were just a dream. But, to his surprise Lea Lexis and Laura M. jump into the bed with him!

In summary, Nils Molitor brings his A game to this production. Although the plot is not as strong as in Elegance X or Cabaret Berlin, it serves its purpose. Despite that, the sex scenes on the whole are exceptional, especially Wanita’s first double penetration for Magmafilm. I definitely looking forward to seeing her in more releases. This DVD deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly recommended

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