Private Classics: Dangerous Things

DCLA005_pAntonio Adamo’s Dangerous Things gets the Private Classics treatment. Even after nine years, this movie still has a couple scenes that can compare with today’s glamour porn. Although this may not be in my top 3 Private videos of all time, it does have a number of good scenes such as the two double penetration scenes on the Extras disc. I’m not sure what the intention was to label these scenes as deleted scenes since they were part of the two-part series when it was originally released. Anyway, if you are into glamour porn, then this is just the right ticket for you!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 29 minutes

Starring: Silvia Saint, Carmen Santana,Katja Love, Lea de Mae, Christina Bella, Isabella, Sandra Kay, Maria Bellucci, Sonja Smith, Melody Kord, and Suzie Sweet

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Since this video is almost 9 years old, the image quality cannot compare with recent releases. Moreover, the image quality is a bit on the soft side thanks to the way it was captured. In terms of the audio, the dialogue is difficult to follow while the sex sounds come in clear and crisp.

The extras include two deleted scenes, which aren’t actual deleted scenes per se because they were part of the movie when this movie was released in two-part volumes. I’m not sure why they were advertised as deleted scenes and it’s just too bad that they are labeled as that because these two scenes were definitely the hottest ones on the originally released DVDs. Anyway, the first scene lasts ~9 minutes and stars a sexy Katja Love giving her bottom holes at the same time resulting in her face and chest covered with population pudding. The other scene lasts for ~8 minutes and it stars Maria Bellucci engaging in a torrid threesome complete with anal and double penetration and ending with two creamy facials.

Silvia’s partner interrupts her writing session with a good old fashioned sex romp. The blonde and busty Czech goes directly for his cock and starts sucking away. The foreplay leads to the actual intercourse that starts with traditional vaginal fucking in favor of some sensual anal in several different positions including doggie. In Antonio Adamo slow-motion style, Silvia takes a cumshot to her face.

After the book signing, Silvia Saint is back churning the midnight oil on the laptop. She starts playing with herself until the phone rings.

Silvia blows off some steam with her male friend by driving out to a beachside resort. She checks into her room and has fantasies of her Spaniard friend and fingers herself to climax.

The resort becomes the backdrop for some midnight debauchery with the black Brazilian Carmen Santana and Silvia Saint as the centers of the attention for the three lucky guys. The Brazilian has her hands and mouth full when blowing and jerking two cocks. Despite that, Silvia Saint is the real star in this scene as she lets them fuck her ass while she sucks on cock. In contrast, Carmen Santana only lets them fuck her in the pussy. In the end, Carmen takes a facial while Silvia takes two facials!

Next up is the gorgeous brunette Christina Bella engaging in kinky interracial romance. The sex occurs in a dark cave where she gets hammered in the missionary position before she sucks his cock during the intercourse intermission. The scene progresses to the hard anal until she receives a creamy load on her sexy face and tongue! This was a nice scene, but it should have a little bit longer.

Silvia Saint and the late Lea de Mae enjoy sunbathing on the ship’s deck. The ladies pair up with their respective partners where they begin to suck and fuck. There’s no anal since it’s purely a vaginal-only scene. Silvia’s partner cannot take it any longer and cums on her face. Then, Lea’s partner messes up her face with a creamy jizz shot! In Private fashion, the ladies make eye contact with the camera as they perform post-coital suck before engaging in a very brief french kissing session with each other.

The trio of ladies led by Lea de Mae, Isabel, and Sandra engage in fellatio with their respective partners at a local nightclub. Unlike the prior scene, Lea de Mae also takes it up the butt. Despite that, she and Isabel’s anal scenes are overshadowed by Sandra’s double penetration. After the vaginal and anal sex, the three guys dump their loads on Isabel’s face resulting in a biohazard!

Silvia continues with the tropical setting, but this time she’s on the beach spending some quality time with her Spaniard partner. He eats her out before she sucks his cock. While giving head, she maintains eye contact with the camera. For those expecting anal from Silvia, you’ll be sadly disappointed. Despite that, this is a decent that ends with a weak facial!

Another sexy brunette Maria Bellucci delivers a scorching one-on-one performance including anal. At the start, she teases her partner by showing off her tight body. Her partner knows that he’s going to have a good time with her and shows his appreciation by licking her pussy. She returns the favor with great head, which leads to the intercourse. After fucking her pussy, he gets the opportunity to pound her ass. In the end, she takes a weak facial, which is quite disappointing.

The blonde Silvia Saint is in another scene, but this time with the black Brazilian. She continues the holiday/tropical theme with this scene that takes place in a pool. It doesn’t take too long before she helps him out of his bathing trunks and starts giving head. This leads to the vaginal fucking that occurs on the poolside before he dumps a monster facial on her lovely face and natural tits. For good measure, she gives good eye contact during the post-coital act!

Silvia Saint’s partner in crime, Lea de Mae, is back for more and this time she spends alone time with a Spaniard. After the sunsets, she takes a stroll with her partner. Before he knows it, he’s enjoying some great no-hands head while he’s next to a tree. This leads to the sex, which occurs in several positions including reverse cowgirl. After taking a weak cumshot, she gives great no-hands post-coital head while she eyes the camera.

Lea de Mae’s not done yet since she takes on two guys while on a sailing boat. It doesn’t take too long before she’s the center of their attention when she sucks on the Spaniard’s cock while she gets eaten out by the black Brazilian. After servicing both their knobs with her mouth, she gets fucked hard by both guys. The Brazilian has first dibs at fucking her ass, which leads to the brief, yet good double penetration. The great scene ends with her taking cum salvos on her pretty face and chest. She’s not done yet as she performs exceptional post-coital head.

The penultimate scene stars Silvia Saint sharing the limelight with Sonja Smith. At first, Sonia has all the attention as she gets fucked in the pussy while sucking on cock. But, then Silvia officially enters the scene and they pair up with their respective partners. After the fucking, Silvia takes a nice facial while Sonja continues to blow her partner to climax. It finally ends with the ladies kissing each other.

The last scene stars two lovely looking Hungarians Dora and the curly-haired Melody Kord. The ladies show off their fine cocksucking abilities to the camera as they maintain eye contact. After the foreplay, the ladies get fucked hard by their partners. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of chemistry because the ladies spend more time posing and eyeing the camera. Anyway, in the scene ends with average cumshots.

In summary, Antonio Adamo’s two-part movie Dangerous Things still has some relevance in the porn world. Don’t miss out on the late Lea de Mae’s double penetration scene while on the boat. There are two other scorching threesomes mislabeled as deleted scenes although they were part of the original releases, but they are definitely worth watching again and again. This DVD deserves a SOLID RECOMMEND.

RATING: Recommended

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