Tom Byron’s POV Cocksuckers 10

PovCocksuckers10FRTTom Byron’s POV Cocksuckers 10 is a decent blowjob-only release. It’s just too bad that Rebeca Linares didn’t have an excellent supporting cast except for the likes of Ally Ann and Rachel Roxxx. Despite this, this DVD is a no-brainer, especially for fans of Rebeca Linares!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 1 minute

Starring: Savannah Stern, Rachel Roxxx, Haley Sweet, Jada Fire, Ally Ann, Luscious Lopez, Leenuh Rae, Holly Fox, Angel Cummings, and Rebeca Linares

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 6 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. In terms of visual quality, the lighting and composition are optimum for this genre.  Furthermore, the sex sounds came in clear and crisp without any distortion.

The extras include a decent ~14 minute of BTS (starring Savannah Stern, Rachel Roxxx, Haley Sweet, Ally Ann, and Angel Cummings), a decent photo gallery, and four trailers. Most of the BTS just shows the ladies dressing up or engaging in small talk while in the process of signing their release forms.

First up is Savannah Stern who is no stranger to the skin flick business. The booty-licious brunette shows off her assets for the camera during the brief tease. As a result, she’s in her birthday suit and gets down on her knees to deliver some powerful suction. She mixes her technique up quite well using the handjob-blowjob combination progressing to some several deep sucks. The decent blowjob ends ends with him jerking off into her open-mouthed. Summarily, she lets it dribble out of her mouth onto her chest.

Next up is another brunette Rachel Roxxx wearing a slinky two-piece with a top that’s barely wide enough to keep her boobs from popping up. Needless to say, she looks very sexy. It doesn’t take too long before she’s down on her knees sucking cock. Her technique is much better than Savannah and she makes a conscious effort on deepthroating. We get nice choice shots of her ass while she’s hoovering him. In the end, she gets what she deserves, which is a dispersed cumshot on her face including her forehead, eyes, and hair. She’s not done yet because she gives several post-coital sucks for good measure as she eyes the camera.

Haley Sweet is a an average shoulder-length brunette wearing a tubetop. After some small talk, she gets down to business literally by getting down on her knees. Haley is a sucking machine, but it would have been nice if she mixed it up a bit. Anyway, she jerks him off onto her face resulting in several milliliters of spunk on her face, hair, and chest. It’s a surprisingly good end for an average blowjob.

Jada Fire is a veteran black pornstar with bodacious curves. She has a good technique, but like many others she uses her hands an awful lot. Anyway, after the decent blowjob sesssion, she lets him cum right inside her mouth and shows it to the camera.

Next up is a pasty white short-haired lady named Ally Ann. She’s wearing a leopard print bra and thongs, which don’t really go with her. Anyway, she gives a suck or two before changing it up and giving up her breasts. Soon, she goes back to her great hoovering style. Although she does a great job literally, for some reason I thought she was holding back just a little bit. Anyway, for her efforts she’s awarded with lots of cum on her cute face of hers!

Luscious Lopez is a Latina chick wearing a sexy purple two-piece bikini. She has a rockin’ body, but I just cannot get over her nose. Anyway, she teases his cock by letting her fuck her ass curves before she goes down to the cocksucking business. Luscious does her best at deepthroat, but only is able to get half of him inside her mouth. So, she reverts to the handjob-blowjob combination with lots of spit! The decent scene ends with a decent facial resulting in a cum mustache and some jizz on her chest.

Leenuh Rae is one of the younger looking ladies on this DVD, especially with the braces. The curly haired lady is wearing a matching pink bra and undies. Don’t let her looks fool you because Leenuh is a sucking machine. She mixes her technique up well even performing no hands fellatio. Finally, the scene ends with him blowing his population all over her chest and face!

The next scene stars Holly Fox who definitely fits the pornstar mold of a bleach blonde stripper turned pornstar. Needless to say, Holly isn’t all that attractive, but at least she has some skills at sucking cock. In between the fellatio, she shows off her ass to the camera before resuming giving head. It’s too bad that he only gives her a meager cumshot for her effort. Despite that, Holly is a good sport and cleans his knob.

The penultimate scene stars an average-looking ebony lady named Angel Cummings. After introducing herself, she gets down on her knees and performs no-hands blowjob! After the extended no-hands session, she resorts to the handjob-blowjob combination before he unloads and messes up her face with cum!

Finally, Tom Byron saves the best for last with the Rebeca Linares scene. She’s wearing a matching two-piece leopard print lingerie. She teases the camera showing off her perfectly sized tits and scumptious ass. Rebeca knows how to tease by crawling on her knees and ever so slowly licking his scrotum and teasing his head before sucking away! Soon, the blowjob session is in top gear complete with sexy eye contact from the Spanish chica. In between the fellatio, Rebeca shakes her ass for the camera and also gives up her tits for some tit-fucking action. He cannot take it any longer and dumps his load all over her pretty face and hair! She’s not done yet because she still has the nerve to open her eyes and perform post-coital head!

In summary, Tom Byron’s POV Cocksuckers 10 definitely has its scenes like Rebeca’s and Rache’s as well as a surprisingly good performance from Ally Ann. However, the other scenes just didn’t have the same caliber as these scenes. As a result, this DVD barely deserves a RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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