Naughty America’s In the Butt 1

NAMDVD211_pNaughty America’s In the Butt 1 sure does have its moments, but in the end it is a forgettable DVD except for the scenes starring Eva Karera and Chayse Evans. There are better DVD releases in the Pureplay Media world.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 19 minutes

Starring: Claudia-Marie, Eva Karera, Nadia Styles, Dia Zerva, and Chayse Evans

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 3-4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in 224 Kbps. In terms of visual quality, the colors are dull and there is noticeable pixelation in some parts. Furthermore, at times the spoken dialogue cannot be understood unless if the volume is turned up load. Other than that, the sex sounds come in clear and crisp.

The extras are very sparse comprising only of a photo gallery.

Claudia-Marie is a plus-sized busty Southern blonde. She asks for her partner’s help to attach her garter strap back to her stockings. He’s hypnotized by her chunky ass. This leads to the inevitable blowjob followed by the standard vaginal fucking and finally to the anal. It ends with a below average facial. This is pretty much a forgettable scene.

Next up is Eva Karera, a cute European brunette wearing a sexy purple top and jeans. She’s at her friend’s house with her friend’s husband. Things get a little tense when he hits on her although both of them are married. But, that doesn’t stop them from engaging in a fuck session. Soon, he has his hands on her perfectly shaped airbags. She doesn’t mind the groping and in fact offers her mouth and tits to him. After the foreplay, she gets thoroughly railed on top of the kitchen top. Then, he fucks her ass raw in several different positions including doggie and reverse cowgirl. Finally, the good scene ends with a decent facial.

Nadia Styles plays a front desk clerk at a seedy Los Angeles motel. She decides to get her jollies off by visiting one of her occupants. The Latina interrupts his fap session. It doesn’t take too long before she has her lips locked onto his fuck stick. The foreplay continues in the 69 position before she gives up her pussy and ass for the thorough fuck session. Nadia loves to get railed in the ass with several more minutes of assfucking as compared to the vaginal action. In the end, he dumps his load on her chest!

The penultimate scene stars the blonde Dia Zerva who looks like your standard receptionist with a naughty streak. Anyway, in this scene she’s an art student getting some pointers from her instructor. Things get X-rated really fast when she sucks on his schlong. Although her oral performance is not as good as in Praise the Load 3, it’s adequate. This leads to the decent vaginal intercourse continuing to the anal. In the end, he dumps his spunk on her face and eyeglasses. I guess it’s safe to say that her instructor taught her more than just art today!

Last up is Chayse Evans, a sultry tattooed brunette. She’s awakened by several knocks to the front door. Her friend’s beau is there to pick up his lover’s purse, but instead he has Chayse hitting on him. It doesn’t take too long before he succumbs to her feminine wiles. After the good fellatio, he returns the favor. This leads to the hard vaginal fucking before he fucks her ass raw. The best scene on the DVD ends with a dispersed cumshot on her pretty face!

In summary, Naughty America’s In the Butt 1 has its moments like Chayse and Eva’s scenes, but even these scenes cannot propel this DVD to greater heights. As a result, this DVD is a RENTAL!

RATING: Rent it

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