Jules Jordan’s Feeding Frenzy 10

feeding_frenzy_10-dvd-thumbJules Jordan’s Feeding Frenzy 10 has a little bit of everything, which should satisfy viewers who are looking for the girl-next-door-look as in Sunny Lane, the sexy Latina as in Nadia Styles, or the crazy Asian as in Nautica Thorn. These ladies back it up with exceptional performances for the most part. This is definitely worth watching over and over, especially if you are looking for rare footage of Nautica Thorn since she isn’t as active as she was several years back.

Running Length: D1 ~1 hour and 55 minutes; D2 ~1 hour and 35 minutes

Starring: Sunny Lane, Madison Ivy, Andi Anderson, Nadia Styles, Allyssa Hall, Nautica Thorn, Jamie Brooks, and Britney Skye

The video is presented in widescreen (except for the last three older scenes that are in fullscreen) and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. In terms of visual quality, the composition and lighting is what you would expect from a Jules Jordan Video Production. Simply put . . . it works. In terms of the audio, the dialogue and sex sounds come in clearly without distortion.

The extras include a standard cumshot recap, ~30 minutes of BTS, photo gallery, Jules Jordan Biography, Cast List, and nine trailers. The BTS is worth watching since there is additional blowbang footage from all the scenes. The most interesting of the BTS footage is Nautica Thorn acting silly once again!


First up is Sunny Lane who as of late been upping her game lately by giving up her ass for the camera in Elegant Angel’s Big Wet Asses 13. However, for Jules Jordan, she’s ready for her first blowbang. The petite strawberry blonde has a big ass to go along with her curvy breasts. She teases the camera as she prances around the mansion with her blue one-piece lingerie along with her white stockings. After the tease, five guys come in and she helps them out of their jeans. Soon, she has her lips locked onto their fuck sticks. Although, she’s no Bobbi Starr when it comes to deepthroat, she does her best. As in all her scenes, Sunny Lanes keeps the enthusiasm and energy throughout. When she’s surrounded with cock in the circle jerk, she performs exceptional blowjob including no hands fellatio complete with guttural sounds. Then, when the circle jerk disperses, one-by-one she gives personalized blowjobs. In the end, she receives her just desserts with several loads of jizz in her open mouth before she swallows! She’s not done yet because she provides some post-coital cleanup.

Next up is the stunningly attractive brunette Madison Ivy. The sexy chameleon looks good either as a brunette or blonde. In this scene, she’s wearing a naughty pink and black uniform. After the brief interview, she hikes her skirt up to reveal her tight ass and pussy. It doesn’t take too long before she’s surrounded by four extremely lucky meat puppets. Madison brings more energy and it’s probably because this is not her first blowbang. She strokes two cocks in ski-pole fashion while delivering some sloppy no hands fellatio! The close quarters circle jerk disperses in favor of one-on-one fellatio. The blowbang progresses when she’s on her back receiving cunnilingus while she sucks on two cocks alternately! Finally, she’s back on her knees and takes each of their monster loads with an open-mouth and swallows like a true professional! Fortunately, for her none of the jizz gets in her eyes. The scene isn’t done yet because she performs post-coital head!

The blonde Andi Anderson in this plot-driven scene gets suckered into being the substitute for the blowbang. Apparently, the lady flaked, but luckily for the cameraman and his motley crew of meat puppets, Andi Anderson is there to save the day. The cameraman decides to approach the nude sunbather to see if she’s okay with the blowbang. When he mentions that he’s filming a blowbang, Andi is all ears. Soon, she’s the center of the six-man blowbang when she squats down and blows them. The blonde with DSLs is no stranger to giving exceptional head as displayed in her gang bang scene in Young Harlots; Gang Bang. After the lengthy circle jerk, the scene pulls out the novel gimmicks like jizzing in a champagne glass. Once the glass is 1/3 full, she doesn’t hesitate to swallow it in one sitting!

Last up on Disc 1 is Nadia Styles. Ms. Styles has been in the business for quite a long time and apparently she caved in to the breast implants. Anyway, Jules Jordan introduces this sultry Latina as being a Grade A messy cocksucker who has a special ability of swallowing cock. Before the blowbang begins she displays her deep throat talents on a dildo suctioned to a mirror. Once she’s surrounded by real cocks, she shows off her special ability. She’s a pro at handling two cocks in ski-pole fashion while she gives some wet deep throat. When she’s on her back, she gets titfucked and throatfucked in succession. Finally, she begs for their cum and they do not disappoint her and who wouldn’t considering the quality of fellatio that she gives! There’s no post-coital sucking after the swallowing, but that’s okay.


Allyssa Hall is a bubbly and spunky bleach blonde who exposes her breast to Jules Jordan. He has to have a closer view of her naughty bits. Jules Jordan’s shows her some DVD front covers of his Feeding Frenzy series and asks her what she thinks of them. It doesn’t take too much effort to convince her to be in a blowbang. He calls up his crew and the four guys surround Allyssa. Before she knows it, she is the center of the circle jerk. Her fellatio skills are not up to par with a Nadia Styles, but that’s okay because she gets away with giving a mediocre head with her personality. Anyway, although the majority of the spunk lands in her mouth, her face gets messed up in the process with several cum streaks on her sexy face! Before she swallows the spunk, she gargles the population pudding like a seasoned pro!

Next up is the sexy Asian Nautica Thorn wearing a two piece fishnet body stockings overlaying/underlaying a white bra top and matching hotpants, respectively. The naughty Asian crawls up the stairs before she stands up and opens the mystery door. The five guys cannot resist groping her body, especially her tits while she gets more acquainted with their cocks. Soon, she’s squatting on her legs and gives great head while being the center of the circle jerk. Her mouth is not enough for the guys and so they fuck her pussy. She moans with delight as she takes it hard in her tight pussy while she sucks cock. Then, the scene returns to the blowbang and we get nice views of her pussy while she sucks cock on a couch. In the end, she definitely deserves the voluminous population pudding that lands in her mouth for a job well done! What set this scene apart from the rest is the excellent chemistry thanks to her bubbly personality!

Jamie Brooks is a blonde from across the Atlantic. The Brit talks nasty to Jules Jordan as he captures her sexy ass from different angles. After the tease, Jules has hired five guys to stretch her mouth. It doesn’t take to long before she’s on her knees and displaying her fluteplaying abilities. The Brit spends alot of time on her knees as the center of attention in the circle jerk before she’s on her back giving head. At this point, she gets titfucked while she takes another cock in her mouth. Finally, she begs for them to cum in her mouth and swallows. She’s not done yet as she takes another cumshot and swallows.

Last up is Britney Skye, who is a longtime veteran of smut going on strong. As with the last two scenes, which are filmed in fullscreen, it’s safe to point out that this must be an old scene. Anyway, she’s dressed up in white lingerie with matching stockings while she’s blindfolded and her hands cuffed. Although she cannot see and her hands are tied up, she’s more than willing to suck the cocks of the four lucky guys. After the energetic blindfolded fellatio, the guys help her out of the blindfolds and out of the restraints. Then, her mouth continues to get a workout. Britney’s fellatio skills are on top form, which results in her taking four voluminous jizzshots to her mouth. Summarily, she manages to swallow the population pudding in one sitting.

In summary, Jules Jordan’s Feeding Frenzy 10 restores this long-running blowbang series to its former glory since the prior volume wasn’t up to par. With top flight veteran talent like Nautica Thorn from older footage and newer talents like Madison Ivy, this DVD has it all. This DVD deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly recommended

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