Harmony’s Hell Is Where The Party Is

HIWTPILouis Xypher’s Hell Is Where The Party Is is a big breath of fresh air in the adult film industry. The video manages to blend high production values, the best of European starlets, high energy beats, and hot and sweaty sex resulting in an instant classic. This was a risky venture to undertake as I’ve seen some highly-stylized so-called artcore productions fail miserably. But, I’m happy to say that this DVD fires on all cylinders! I imagine seeing this playing on an endless loop in an Ibiza club because it’s visually that good! What are you waiting for? Go out and buy this scorching DVD! I wish that Harmony release this on Blu-ray in the near future.

Running Length: ~1 hour and 42 minutes

Starring: Silvia Saint, Viva Style, Angel Dark, Julia Taylor, Natalli Di Angelo, Jennifer Stone, Loona Luxx, Lucie T, Donna, and Valeria

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 7-8 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition results in ultra-sexy eye candy and it definitely reminds me of those ultra-glossy music videos. All I can say is that the production quality overall is outstanding! Unlike most if not all adult videos, this production has no sex sounds and instead all scenes are accompanied with great music, which definitely enhances the mood of each and every scene!

The extras include a standard cumshot recap, two average photo galleries, six trailers, and a ~3 minute “You want my booty?” R-rated music video, which is definitely the crown jewels of the extras. Needless to say, the music video is definitely worth watching since it’s refreshing and innovative just like the main feature is.

Things get started right with the porn veteran Silvia Saint who looks sexier now than when she first started many years ago. The music video type editing really gets the mood going as it does with all the scenes on the DVD. Furthermore, the sexy club music adds another dimension to the scene. Soon, Valeria and Viva Style join Silvia Saint. It doesn’t take too long before the ladies get more acquainted with each other in XXX-rated fashion. The camera gives us the choicest angles as the ladies explore each other’s nether regions with their tongues and fingers. Then, the manual manipulations give way to toys like a strap-on cock. At one instant, two of them are in the 69 position while the other lady with the strap-on fucks her in doggie style and in between pussy-to-other-girl’s mouth is performed. This progresses into a simulated double penetration with the addition of another strap-on. Needless to say, all the ladies are spent from the sapphic session!

The next scene starts with several fetish shots of a brunette dressed in a devil’s costume while other shots show off Natalli Di Angelo and Loona Luxx dressed in nurse gear and slutty gear, respectively. This continues with some great music blaring in the background. After the tease sequence, the blonde Natalli goes down to work literally and gives her lucky partner some grade A cocksucking! Soon, Loona Luxx joins in the fuck session when she gets boned by another guy. The ladies kiss each other while they are getting fucked side-by-side of one another. This is just the beginning since both the ladies get a thorough anal plowing leading to the double penetration. Things get nastier with ass-to-other-girl’s-mouth. In the end, Natalli takes a nice facial while Loona Luxx takes a monster load inside her open-mouth before he shoves his cock back into her mouth. This is another excellent scene.

This scene stars a very sexy brunette, Lucie T, who wears a silver top and sexy white skirt. It doesn’t take too long before she undresses from her silver top to show her perfect tits for the camera. After the sexy tease, she gets frisky with an Asian guy. She gets down on her knees and uses her teeth to untie his pants. Soon, she sucks on his flute in a slow and methodical way. After the foreplay, the lucky Asian has his way with her in all imaginable positions starting with doggie. After the thorough railing, he gets off a good load on her face and open mouth. In fact, he gets a cum streak near her eye, but she’s not bothered by it one bit since she opens her eyes! It’s a great scene accompanied with appropriate club-thumping beats.

Silvia Saint does an encore lesbian scene and this time her object of affection is Jennifer Stone. But, before that happens the camera captures the extremely nice Silvia Saint tease showing off her best assets! Then, Jennifer Stone shows off her best assets before the lesbian session is in full swing. The ladies take it slow with each other with light groping and spooning before they eat each other out. It’s only fitting for Silvia Saint to fire off the first tongue salvo with exceptional cunnilingus. The manual labor stops in favor of strap-on action. This is isn’t enough to quell their sexual thirst so they use a dual edge dildo on each other before they come in unison. The excellent scene is further enhanced by the trip-hop acid jazz music playing in the background.

It looks like just a normal weekend with Viva Style filing her nails while one of the Lucifer ladies is vacuuming. Things get sexier when the ladies show a lot of skin. It looks as if it will be a lesbian duo scene, but the brunette drops out to the background and then two guys enter the scene. Viva Style becomes their sex magnet with one of them feeding his cock to her while the other licks her pussy. The threesome is accompanied with great techno music, which just makes the scene more enjoyable. The hot blonde even takes a standing double penetration and other acrobatic sex acts like giving head while she’s upside down. The two very lucky guys really have their way with her throughout the scene. In the end, they launch monster cum salvos in succession inside her open mouth, face, and chest. At one point, it looks like she may just swallow the cum during the post-coital suck, but sadly she lets it drip down her face. Despite that, this is an excellent scene!

The penultimate scene stars the veteran strawberry blonde Julia Taylor with another blonde, Donna. The ladies get to know each other intimately first with their hands and then with their tongues. While this is going on their male costar watches from the background until Julia Taylor motions him to join the festivities. Julia Taylor’s understudy looks like she doesn’t need any extra lessons in fellatio. After the ladies perform the tag-team blowjob, they both get their love-holes plowed in a major way. Although there isn’t daisy-chain action during the threesome, both ladies take it up the bum. Finally, he jerks off an adequate load on their faces to end the scene. For good measure, Julia Taylor performs most of the post-coital head before the ladies frenchkiss each other.

Finally, Angel Dark stars in this black and white scene. The music in this scene is more of industrial techno in the form of KMFDM. She’s wearing a sleek black catsuit that exposes her perfect and natural rack. After the brief tease, her male partner shows up and it doesn’t take too long before she locks her lips on his cock and goes to work. Like a seasoned professional, she knows how to make the foreplay interesting by even giving his nutsack a suck or two. After the extended oral, she gets fucked hard in the doggie position, which makes her tits bounce with every thrust. Before he continues fucking, he pays her pussy some lip service. The scene progresses to anal and a simulated double penetration when one of the Lucifer girls intervenes and sticks the dildo in Angel’s pussy. The great scene ends with Angel Dark taking the creamy population in her open mouth before spitting it out and performing world-class post-coital head! If you are an Angel Dark fan, then this is a great scene, especially if you want to see her in productions other than Private and Evil Angel.

In summary, Luis Cypher’s Hell Is Where The Party Is a visual and aural masterpiece. What makes this special and unique is that the DVD has it all . . . from elite European pornstars like Angel Dark, high production values, and heart-thumping music, and steamy sex! It’s no doubt that this DVD deserves the highest of honors!

RATING: What are you waiting for . . . Go out and buy it!

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