Harmony’s Slam It!: Even Harder

325356Gazzman’s Slam It!: Even Harder is a good addition to the series, but it’s definitely not in the top three. The looks of the cast are too inconsistent with extremes like the pretty Missy Stone to the average corn fed pornstar like Charlotte Vale. However, the intensity of the DVD for the most part is up there thanks in due part to Missy, Olga, and Mina Leigh.

Running Length: ~3 hours and 5 minutes

Starring: Mina Leigh, Charlotte Vale, Missy Stone, Olga Cabaeva, Faith, Brandi, and Sophie Dee

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. In terms of visual quality, the lighting and composition is adequate, but it doesn’t compete with the production values of more recent Gazzman releases. In terms of audio quality, the sex sounds came in clear and crisp.

The extras include only a cumshot recap, a photo gallery, and six trailers. The extras format is definitely from the old layout of Harmony DVDs, which is really barebones. It’s too bad that there’s isn’t a BTS or additional extras.

Mina Leigh plays the role of the classic exhibitionist walking around her house wearing skimpy black lingerie. When she notices that she’s being watched by two peeping toms, she ups the ante by fingering both her bottom holes at the same time. She turns up the heat with a textured sex toy that stretches her asshole for the imminent threesome. Once she’s primed and ready to go, she signals them to come in. It doesn’t take too long before she services their cocks with her mouth. After the good head, the threesome picks up steam with a dick up her pussy and one in her mouth. Then, her pussy gets quite a stretching with the double vaginal. The threesome scorches when she takes the double penetration! While she gets plowed hard in the ass, she takes a facial from the other guy. This is followed by a monster jizz shot on her asshole and pussy when he pulls out just in time! He’s not finished yet because he puts his cum-covered cock back into her ass for a couple of go-arounds. She shows off how nasty she can be by giving post-coital head as the camera fades.

It looks like it’s an average day at the junkyard for the junkyard worker until he hears sex sounds coming from one of the pick-up trucks. He investigates and soon finds an average-looking Charlotte sucking on his buddy’s cock. Charlotte feels that he wants a piece of her and she starts sucking on both their cocks. The three move from the cramped quarters of a truck to the larger spaces of a chop-shop. Things get a little strange when they lube up her ass using something that resembles a mini oil container with a tethered spout. Soon, she gives up her holes even at the same time as in double penetration. Finally, she takes an open-mouthed cumshot and another jizzshot to her pubes. Although the scene had it all including acrobatic anal sex, it was just okay.

Missy Stone is a sexy brunette who resembles a cross between Mila Kunis and Michelle Trachtenberg from Eurotrip. Anyway, her lucky sex mate calls her up and checks on her before arriving there. Once there, he sees her in some sexy white lingerie with beads stuck up her ass. After the lengthy bead play, she takes the throatfucking like a champ. The exceptional oral leads directly to the scorching anal. In between the anal, then vaginal fucking, she displays more of her expert cocksucking skills. In the end, he fucks her pussy hard and fast until he splooges all over her pretty face and lips. She’s not done yet as she plays to the camera with her pretty eyes as she gives a suck or two.

Next up is Olga Cabaeva, who looks like the average-run-of-the-mill Russka. She’s wearing trashy lingerie while she gives a private dance to her client. After he shows her the money, things get XXX-rated real fast when he fingerfucks her ass before he plows hard into her nether-hole. In fact, he spends four times as much time fucking her ass than her pussy. Things take a demeaning turn when he shoves some money in her face and when he gives her ass a four-finger discount, literally. But, things pick up for the better when she finishes him off with a wet and sloppy blowjob before he blows his load in her mouth and face! I don’t think Olga is particularly attractive and the anal would be a little too much for the average viewer, but at least she finishes strong with the devastating post-coital suck!

The penultimate scene stars the brunette Faith with the blonde Brandi. The ladies spend quality sapphic time with each other, especially when Faith licks her partner’s pussy while she pulls the large anal beads out one-by-one. The sapphic session gets interrupted when the ladies have a cock to suck on. There’s good chemistry between the three, but it’s apparent that this will be dominated by Brandi’s imminent anal. Despite that, Faith gets first dibs on cock and gets fucked first before Brandi takes over with the anal. At one point, it becomes a daisy chain when Faith facesits the guy while Brandi takes it up the poop-chute once again. However, in the end, he goes back fucking Faith’s pussy until he pulls out and cums on her chest as well as Brandi’s face! The ladies swap cum with each other before the scene fades.

Finally, the last scene stars the brunette Sophie Dee who wanders into a repair shop. She grabs the opportunity to facesit on one of the mechanics working on a VW bug. It looks as if she’s in control of the situation when she forces him to lick her pussy. The full-figured Sophie Dee looks like she let herself go because she looks chunkier than usual, but that hasn’t stopped her insatiable attitude for cock. When she gets at his cock with her mouth, it seems as if she were cock-starved for months. This leads to the sex, which include a healthy dose of anal as well as vaginal sex. In the end, he cums all over her tits.

In summary, Gazzman’s Slam It! Even Harder as several scenes where it shines through like Missy Stone’s and Mina Leigh’s but other lackluster moments like Charlotte’s scene. Because of this, this DVD is at best a RECOMMENDED.

RATING: Recommended

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