Harmony’s Satan’s Whore

327603Gazzman pushes the limit of what would be considered taboo combining satanism with porn in Satan’s Whore. Somehow, he manages to tread the line of making it accessible to the average viewer. If you can get past the plot and evaluate the scenes by the breadth of work, especially Dana DeArmond’s, Bobbi Starr’s, and Alexandra Cat’s scenes, then DVD is a keeper!

Running Length: ~3 hours and 10 minutes

Starring: Bobbi Starr, Adrianna Nicole, Dana DeArmond, Claudia Rossi, Ree Petra, Stracy Stone, and Alexandra Cat

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. In terms of visual quality, the lighting is adequate, but the fleshtones aren’t as controlled as in Young Harlots: Finishing School. Despite that, the composition of the sex scenes are outstanding giving the viewer the naughtiest angles! In terms of audio, there are no distortions noted.

The extras include a standard cumshot recap. a photo gallery that doesn’t take advantage of the widescreen real estate, and six trailers. It’s too bad that there isn’t any BTS, but that’s okay considering the main feature is exceptional.

The Satanic priestess played by Adrianna Nicole is inundating the cloth that’s covering Claudia Rossi with petals and fake blood. Things get a little strange as the camera pans from the ladies to the guy stroking off in the background. Then, the blonde priestess gets more hands on and kisses her with lust in her mind. Soon, the guy that’s jacking off in the background gets serviced by the blonde priestess with some great no-hands fellatio. This leads to the explosive threesome with Adrianna Nicole getting plowed while she’s in the 69 position with the brunette. Adrianna takes it up the notch by taking it in the ass, especially in the reverse cowgirl position with her brunette partner providing more than moral support. He doesn’t stop there since he fucks the brunette in the ass equally as hard as he did with Adrianna! After the very hardcore scene, he pulls out of Adrianna’s pussy and unloads a monster load in the brunette awaiting mouth and face! The ladies end the scene with some post-coital head!

The next scene stars the big-titted brunette, Ree Petra, who plays the never-been-touched virgin. The scene starts rather innocently with her taking a bath until the camera pans out to reveal a monster dual edged dildo waiting to be used! It doesn’t take too long before she uses her big mouth of hers with the dildo until she fucks her pussy with it. After the steamy solo bath session, she dresses into some very slutty white gear and enters the bedroom where her partner is tied up impatiently waiting to get at her. Ree Petra revels in the control as she strokes his cock while he sucks on her airbags! The tease progresses until she lets him fuck her in several positions. The sex is decent and she gives an enthusiastic handjob until he jizzes a pathetlic load of jizz on her chest.

Next up is Dana DeArmond playing a seductress looking mighty fine with her cropped coiffed hair to go along with her red and white lingerie. She watches as her male sex slave cowers from her power. However, it doesn’t take too long before he’s eating her out. After the thorough cunnilingus, she lets him throatfuck her hard and fast. This leads to the equally exceptional sex, which starts off vaginally, but picks up speed with the anal. In fact, the anal spelunkering is so hard and fast that he has to put more lube directly into her ass! In between the sex, she showcases her Grade A fellatio skills. Finally, he plows her ass hard until he pulls and unleashes a good amount of population pudding on her ass cheeks. For good measure, he plunges his cum-soaked cock back into her nether-hole. Finally, she shows how nasty she can be by giving post-coital no hands fellatio!

The next scene seems as if it were going to be a threesome with the sexy blonde, Alexandra Cat, wearing sexy black lingerie. It doesn’t take too long before they fill her mouth full of cock. After the exceptional foreplay, the two men take turns fucking her pussy. The action is too intense for the sex gimp lurking in the background and he decides to join the threesome making it a foursome. The sex becomes acrobatic with the brief double vaginal until they fill all her holes at the same time making her airtight. Alexandra even performs ass-to-mouth throughout the steamy foursome. The acrobatic sex continues with a reverse wheel barrow double penetration. For her performance, she gets her just desserts with three jizzshots on her lovely face.

The penultimate scene stars a sexy brunette, Stracy Stone, wearing a classy purple bra and matching black lingerie. Gazzman captures her at her best giving us the choicest angles showing off her curves. She teases her lucky partner before she goes downtown on him. It’s apparent that she’s no Dana DeArmond or Bobbi Starr in the cocksucking department. After the decent fellatio, Stracy gets fucked thoroughly. He cannot contain himself any longer and pulls out of her pussy and coats her pubes and stomach with jizz!

Bobbi Starr embodies all the elements of the prior ladies that include the bitch, the virgin, the seductress, the slut, and the beauty. But, before the cultists can certify her as the perfect whore, three lucky guys test her out for quality assurance! She takes the throatfucking like a champ before the threesome fires on all cyclinders with the double penetration leading to her being airtight. By scene’s end, her face including her forehead is covered with cum. She’s not done yet because she shows just how wide her mouth is by taking them all at once!

In summary, Gazzman’s Satan’s Whore has an exceptional cast delivering exceptional scenes. This is especially the case for Dana DeArmond’s, Bobbi Starr’s, and Alexanra Cat’s scenes. From the strength of the scenes, this receives a SOLID HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly recommended

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