Harmony’s Foxy Tarts

324377At first glance, Foxy Tarts may turn off the average porn viewer who may think that this video is limited to a specific porn niche. But, the mainstream porn viewer should give this one a try because there’s surprisingly strong hardcore scenes despite the unusual setups.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 29 minutes

Starring: Ree Petra, Loona Luxxx, Katie Kay, Lolly, Melvina Maquel, and Renee Richards

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4-5 Mbps while the audio is in the standard Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition and lighting fit the atmosphere of the video. The only beef I have with these elements are in Melvina’s scene. In terms of audio, some may claim that the electropop music drowns out the sex sounds in the beginning, but I say its for affect and it works quite well.

The extras are sparse with only a cumshot recap, six trailers, and a photo gallery.

Ree Petra wanders down a darkened corridor until she enters a room with three masked men dressed as circus clowns. The blonde Ree Petra gropes the handcuffed clowns through their pants. When she reaches the last guy, she pulls his cock out of his trousers and strokes away for an extended before she returns to the first guy. Things escalate with her giving a wet blowjob complete with no hands deep throat. She continues sucking cock in assembly line fashion before the freed clowns surround her in circle jerk fashion. The video splits into two small squares so we get to see different views of the action. This continues with the exclusively vaginal intercourse. Things take a turn for the opposite when the clowns restrain her on a spinning device before they fuck her hard in several positions. Finally, they coat her ass, tits, and face with lots of jizz!

The scene starts with Loona Luxxx playing a 1950s stylized street walker who gets picked up by two guys. It doesn’t take too long before she takes off her undies and throws it on the face of one of the Johns. When she spreads her thighs, the two guys in the car grope her pussy and tits. The foreplay continues with Loona teasing one of the John’s cock through his undies resulting in red lipstick stains. She teases him no more and locks her lips on his cock and sucks away. The camera takes a nice picture of her ass with an interesting pussy piercing that looks like a zipper. She continues to suck cock while the other man worships her ass. They move to stabler ground where she’s on her knees sucking cock! The scene progresses to the intercourse and it doesn’t take too long before he pulls out of her in reverse cowgirl position. But, soon she’s back on the saddle so to speak and even takes it in the ass! Although there’s no double penetration, there’s plenty of hard anal and good extended cocksucking. In the end, she takes a cumshot to her ass and another on her face!

The next scene has two British tarts Lolly and Katie plus a couple of sex toys. There’s a hospital ob/gyn clinic theme going with things getting kinkier by the minute from the double edged dildo, which one of the ladies uses to simulate a double penetration all the way to the run-of-the-mill harnessed strap-ons to the ones that fasten to the face. For a lesbian scene, this is pretty hardcore with rough and tumble action. I thought it was sexy when the ladies deliver the dirty talk, especially at the latter stage of the scene.

The penultimate scene has the ebony colored Melvina Macquel getting fucked by a mechanical dildo while a caged male sex slave watches. Soon, he gets out of his cage and rims her ass while she plays with her pussy. Then, another meat puppet enters the scene and it doesn’t take too long before she’s sucking on their cockmeat. She’s a little too aggressive with stroking them off and it looks like she’s going to break their cocks. Anyway, this leads to the threesome where they fuck in limited positions before they coat her ass cheeks with cum. I really didn’t like this scene because there were too many visual affects like the stop motion or the reduction of frames-per-second during the tease. This was definitely the worst scene on the video.

Last up is Renee Richards who plays a sex-addicted businesswoman who takes a break from all the paperwork with good old-fashioned internet porn. Soon, she hikes up her mini skirt and goes at her pussy. The camera gives an ultra-voyeuristic view from under the table. Soon, she rubs her pussy, but this isn’t enough for her. Soon, she walks past a maintenance man and into one of the toilet stalls. From out of nowhere she pulls out a Magic Wand Massager with a red beaded attachment and starts using it on her moist pussy. This leads to her attaching another attachment onto the Magic Wand enabling her to penetrate herself deeper. She doesn’t mind that the man is watching her and even after cumming from the toys, she still has enough energy to suck and fuck him. Renee is all business with the sloppy and wet blowjob. He returns the favor by fingering her pussy and rimming her ass. This leads to the hard vaginal fucking that occurs in several acrobatic positions before he pulls out and soaks her bald pussy with jizz!

In summary, Strangelove’s Foxy Tarts has visually experimental artsy elements accompanied by 80s electropop that enhance the hardcore scenes. All these elements usually work together except for the disastrous Melvina Maquel. Although this video could be classified as fetish, I think it has enough action to satisfy mainstream porn viewers. Don’t miss Ree’s, Loona’s or for that matter Renee’s scenes!

RATING: Highly recommended

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