Vivid’s Suck It (Blu-ray)

328040B. Skow’s Suck It is the most appealing Vivid Blu-ray for 2009, so far! Vivid brings their starlets Meggan Mallone and Hanna Hilton. However, don’t be fooled that this is a shared venture since Meggan performs in four scenes with Hanna providing only one. There is no doubt that this is Meggan Mallone’s breakout video! This is definitely worth the extra coin on Blu-ray!

Running Length: ~3 hours and 4 minutes

Starring: Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton, Sophie Dee, Jaelyn Fox, and Poppy Morgan

The video is presented in widescreen 1080 HD and is encoded in VC-1 at 10-11 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. In terms of visual quality, B. Skow has top notch lighting and composition in most of the scenes. He’s adept at controlling contrast issues that become a concern with excessive natural light. The best portion regarding the composition and the lighting has to be the sports car scene with Meggan. That’s definitely hot! Furthermore, there are no noticeable audio distortions observed since the sounds come in clear and crisp.

The extras include 2 HD bonus scenes [Hanna Hilton with Trent Tesoro in Bounce (~10 minutes) and Meggan Mallone with James Deen in Strip Tease (~10 minutes)], ~7 minute HD BTS, widescreen photo gallery presented with Ken Burns style effects, and 4 HD trailers. Of the two bonus scenes, Meggan’s scene outshines Hanna’s by far and is definitely worth watching. The brief BTS is not worth watching since it doesn’t show much in terms of anything important.

Meggan Mallone wastes no time since it doesn’t take that long before she has her vampy red lipstick-colored lips locked onto a very lucky fuck stick. There’s something slutty, but oh so sexy with her in this scene especially with her matching pink top and heels while she does her best at sucking cock. In fact, she gets a little teary eyed from all the effort. By scene’s end, her lip stick is smothered on her face, but it’s all good. The sticky load that gets on her face and mouth doesn’t stop her from giving a few post-coital sucks! This was a good scene with great eye contact, but definitely not in the league of a Jayna Oso.

Next up is Sophie Dee sporting dark hair to go along with her piercing big eyes. The scene starts with a heavily-edited striptease adjusted for all you ADHD’ers. The scene progresses into solo masturbation before Sophie demonstrates her exceptional no hands fellatio skill in between the standard cocksucking. Her partner gets a couple of titfucks before he fucks her first in the cowgirl position. Sophie is still attractive, but the years have gotten to her face and body. After several minutes of hard fucking, he pulls out and unleashes a torrent of jizz loads that land on her shoulder, face, mouth, and floor. What an explosive end to this scene!

Meggan Mallone returns for her second scene and she looks extremely delicious wearing her red two piece bikini sitting in the passenger seat of a high octane sports car. The tease sequence is done well although I could have gone without the edgy editing in favor of a good old-fashioned tease. This leads to the main segment where she plays herself before she’s joined by her lucky mate. Soon, she helps him out his jeans so she can do a little of close-quarter cocksucking! After the exceptional fellatio, the scene moves to the bedroom where he fucks her thoroughly in several different positions. Finally, he jerks off onto her lovely face with some of the jizz getting on her shoulder. She’s not finished yet because she gives some exceptional post-coital head. It seems as if she’s drunk from the cum!

She follows this up with a blowbang scene, which starts off as if it were just a POV solo masturbation sequence. But, soon she has some cocks to suck first in sequential order moving from couch to couch giving them some one-on-one attention. This leads to the blowbang circle jerk where she gets more teary-eyed than usual from all the flute-playing. It’s unfortunate that she doesn’t get a facial plastering from her performance, but that’s alright because it’s still a very good scene.

The blonde Jaelyn Fox and brunette Poppy Morgan get messy in the kitchen playing with the batter by placing it on each other’s naughty bits. There’s a lot of lesbian licking, sucking, and even simulated fellatio using the spatula end. It looks as if it will be just a lesbian scene, but the simulated fellatio gives a hint of what’s to come. Soon, there’s a lucky meat puppet who has these sexy ladies to work him over in more ways than one. After the nice tag-team blowjo, the ladies get royally fucked before he pulls out of Jaelyn’s pussy to cum! This is a great scene with good chemistry among the talent.

If you weren’t impressed with the Hanna Hilton-Meggan Mallone pairing from Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel, you’ll be in for a very pleasant treat in this last scene on the DVD. The ladies get a little messy and devious with sucking on melted popsicles. Soon, their bodies are covered with the sticky sugar. This leads to the well-captured sapphic session before they have some cock to suck and fuck. This has got to be one of the better tagteam blowjob pairings I’ve seen for some time. Both these ladies have smoldering eyes, which become more apparent when they look into the camera giving head. After the extended head, both ladies get royally fucked and finally he goes back to fucking their mouths before he dumps a sizable protein load on Hanna! This is an excellent way to end this Blu-ray.

In summary, Vivid’s Suck It should appeal to the general audience unlike Vivid’s other recent release, Throat: A Cautionary Tale, which had a darker edge to it. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have Meggan Mallone looking at her very best performing at her naughtiest! Who would have thought that she would have done a blowbang! Let’s hope that she doesn’t progress to fast to anal and gangbangs because she’s sexy just the way she is as the car sex scene proves! With a good supporting cast, it’s a no-brainer that this Blu-ray deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly Recommended

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