Vivid’s Brand New Faces 18: Asian Edition

324723-1B. Skow reaches a new level with the Brand New Faces series with this ALL-ASIAN extravaganza! This DVD is packed with attractive ladies of the Asian persuasion like Miako, Yuki Mori, Jackie Lin, and Heather Havoc. Unfortunately, Heather Havoc is a little too talkative for my tastes and she’s raw talent that needs to toughen up. Despite two averages performed by Heather and Lisa, this is a solid DVD, especially if you like ’em Asian!

Running Length: ~3 hours and 49 minutes

Starring: Miako, Heather Havoc, Yuki Mori, Lisa, and Jackie Lin

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 5-6 Mbps while the audio is encoded in standard Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. In terms of visual quality, the lighting and composition was much better than prior BNF volumes. In the audio department, the sounds come in clear without distortion.

The extras are slim pickins’ with twelve trailers. I would have at least expected a BTS for this DVD, but oh well.

Things start off without a hitch with Miako, an attractive Pinay. Although she claims to have been with only three men in her personal life, her sexual skills prove otherwise, especially when she gives some great head. Although she can read English, her speaking skills are below par. After the main interview, she shows off her sexy petite body including her inverted tits! This leads to the solo masturbation scene before she places her sexy lips around the lucky meat puppet! Her fellatio skills are top notch complete with a generous amount of saliva! The intercourse continues briefly in the 69 position before her pussy gets plowed hard! It’s apparent that she’s at the pain/pleasure threshold with every thrust into her tight pussy, especially in the reverse cowgirl and doggie positions. In the end, she takes a creamy facial and still continues to give great post-coital head. I definitely looking forward to more scenes from her.

Heather Havoc is a 20 yo stripper/nursing student studying in West Virginia on a working holiday in SoCal. The spunky Korean is a little too talkative for my tastes and she brags of having a GPA of 3.89. B. Skow brings her lofty head to the ground and insinuates she earned her grades with sex! After the entertaining interview, the 5′ 3”, she shows off her lithe body. After the solo portion, her male partner enters the scene to have his cock sucked by her. After the average blowjob, the intercourse starts. She takes it like a champ, but seems to chicken out during the reverse cowgirl position because she says that in her personal life this position hurt her. It doesn’t take too long before he coaxes her into doing it and surprisingly it doesn’t hurt her and she actually enjoys it. The scene ends with him jizzing mostly on her chest and some on her face. Although the scene is at best average, I do see that this future nurse definitely has potential for a porn career!

Next up is Yuki Mori, a Japanese woman fresh off the plane, so to speak. She claims that she’s been with less than 10 guys in her personal life, but that’s unbelievable since Japanese women are known to be sexual fiends. After the interesting interview, she shows off her great tits and average ass. This leads to the solo segment before she displays her oral skills very briefly. The foreplay moves to the 69 before he eat her raw sushi! This leads to the very energetic intercourse and this Japanese lady can take it every which way. Finally, he pulls out of her and delivers a monster jizzshot that lands directly in her mouth and on her face! So, if you are tired of those pixelated Japanese AV videos, then this scene is just the right ticket!

The penultimate scene stars a pock-faced Vietnamese/Chinese/White Hybrid named Lisa who happens to be a real-life MILF, which is an oddity in the BNF series. After the interview, she shows off her not so fantastic body and her pendulous breasts are not really a sight to see. Afterwards, her partner gives the hot sausage meat injection in several positions until he jerks his load on her chest and face. I’d say this is the weakest scene on the DVD.

Last up is a 32 yo Jackie a transplanted Virginian who recently located to California. The cute Asian holds down a day job in the legal business, but on top of that and she’s a better looking genuine MILF than Lisa. She masturbates with the use of a vibrator before the director gets to finger her a few times. For a MILF, she still has a banging body! This leads to the energetic intercourse, which she looks to enjoy every position thrown to her. Unlike the other scenes, this ends with a creampie! This was yet another good scene on this DVD!

In summary, Brand New Faces 18 starts a new chapter in this series for being the first edition to star exclusively all-Asian talent! On top of that, two of the Asian ladies are real-life MILFS with Jackie Lin outperforming fellow MILF Lisa. Anyway, there are great scenes from the Pinay Miako as well as from the Japanese Yuki Mori! Heather Havoc has potential if you can get past her talkative nature! This DVD deserves a SOLID RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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