Japan Invasion

327690Pink Lotus definitely is on to something great with uncensored Japanese sex with a Westernized edge to it. The major problem is that the scenes are way too formulaic even for porn standards. Also, it didn’t help with the addition of sub-standard Japanese women like Yoko. Despite that, I do see a lot of potential if Pink Lotus decides to make this a series.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 36 minutes

Starring: Momoka, Kei, Shion, Yoko, and Miku

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. In terms of visual quality, the lighting is adequate and the composition of the scenes could have used more variety in terms of camera angles. On the audio side, the sounds come in clear and crisp. Probably, the only thing I didn’t like about the audio is the horrible background music. Also, it would have been nice to add in English subtitles.

The extras include an average photo gallery, six trailers, and a cum shot recap. There’s not much to talk about in this segment.

First up is Momoka who gets accosted by the Pink Lotus crew before she has the chance to hop on her bike. She’s an attractive Japanese lady who follows the trendy Tokyo fashions by wearing some 80s inspired clothing. At first, she’s not interested in having sex, but when money is offered, she is more than happy to follow the camera crew. Soon, she gets out of her clothes to reveal her nice breasts. She has some meat on her body, but that’s okay because all the more cushion for the pushin’! Her Japanese partner fondles her before giving her pussy a bit of a warm up with the aggressive finger-fucking. This leads to more foreplay including the 69 position. After this, they fuck like bunnies, especially in the missionary position. Finally, he cums on her face while the still cameras click away!

Next up is Kei who the crew spots buying some products at the local convenience store. Finally, the Pink Lotus crew stop her outside of the store and pitches the proposal. It doesn’t take too long before she agrees to come to the flat with them. Like Momoka, she is a little bit on the chunky side. It’s the very same guy who shows off his fingerfucking skills until her pussy is soaked. After the foreplay, they go at it with each other, especially when she’s on top in the reverse cowgirl position. In the end, he dumps an adequate on her face.

Shion is approached at the Japanese temple. The cute Japanese woman has dyed brown-red hair, but she pulls that off without a hitch. The camera crew seal the deal that is before they verify that she is of age. Again, it’s the same guy who helps the ladies out of their clothes before having fun with them. Unlike the other ladies, Shion has a lithe body with tiny breasts. It doesn’t take too long before he makes her cum with his nimble finger skills. After the brief, but good head, he fucks her hard, especially in the missionary position before he pulls out and dumps his load on her pretty face!

The Pink Lotus crew accost the innocent-looking Yoko who’s about to buy some soda from a vending machine. It’s too bad that she doesn’t have enough change for that, but that’s okay because the crew’s there to help her. After closing the deal, the crew and the bucktoothed Yoko go to the boom-boom room. This time, it’s another guy who has the honor to fuck Yoko. He doesn’t have the same nimble fingering skills as the other dude, but that’s okay. The scene progresses tot he intercourse where she gets a thorough fucking in several different positions before he dumps a monster load on her face.

Last up is Miku who they find sitting outside of a McDonald’s! The crew asks the same questions as in the other scenes and at first she’s not into the idea, but when they offer her big bucks, she’s more than willing! Anyway, Miku is not that attractive and is only slightly better looking than the bucktoothed Yoko. After the groping and fingering, she returns the favor with surprisingly good head! The scene continues with some hard fucking in several positions like doggie and missionary before he pulls out and delivers a creamy load to her face! Although, I’m not into her looks, her scene is by far the best on this DVD.

In summary, Japan Invasion has an entertaining and funny introduction sequence to go along with its plot. However, the execution of these concept needs more improvement. First off, the scenes shouldn’t be so formulaic since they feel like web-only scenes instead of DVD ones. Next, I do like the idea of “amateur” Japanese talent, but it wouldn’t hurt to get more talent in line with the likes of Shion and the sexual skills of a Miku! This DVD deserves a solid RENTAL!

RATING: Rent it

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