Vivid’s Faithless (Blu-ray)

323260The Former Miss USA, Kelli McCarty, makes her porn debut with Faithless. After having seen her performance, it shows that she’s still on the learning curve when it comes to sexual performances or in other words her scenes are lukewarm. Despite that, she does a good job when it comes to delivering her lines. Some scenes may be a little too rough for the general viewer like one of Kelli’s scenes as well as Krissy’s scene. However, the Blu-ray doesn’t quite live up to its hype.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 18 minutes

Starring: Kelli McCarty, Daisy Marie, Jennifer Dark, and Krissy Leigh

The video is presented in widescreen 720 HD and is encoded in VC-1 with a bitrate of around 14 Mbps with a lower/upper limit of 11/17 while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting is optimal, but the composition is somewhat lacking in parts when the camera just shows Kelli’s head bob up and down making it look like a softcore skinemax film instead of a full-blown hardcore scene. In terms of audio, there are no distortions noted.

The extras include a HD photo gallery using the Ken Burns effect, several HD trailers, a ~28 minute 1080 HD BTS, and two 1080 HD bonus scenes (Savanna Samson and April Blossom in Miles from Needles (~11 min.) and India Summer in MILFWOOD USA (~10 min.) The BTS has a candid interview with Kelli and some small talk with Jennifer Dark sitting in the cramped quarters of a car. As
far as the bonus scenes are concerned, the scene from MILFWOOD USA is the better of the two because India Summer can work it!

Without getting into too much plot detail, Faithless is about infidelity. Moving on . . .

Kelli McCarty gets into a small spat with her partner while she wear white sexy lingerie. The argument ends up with her at first resisting his advances, but she resists no further. After several passionate kisses, things exit the realm of a soap opera and into Skinemax territory. It’s funny how the first scene doesn’t show any penetration although she looks like she’s really getting boned. Things get interrupted quickly when her movie husband enters the scene.

The next scene occurs outside in the nearby woods with veteran pornstar Daisy Marie. The ex-Video Team contract star still has a great body after all these years. Anyway, she undresses for her man and he likes what he sees. Soon, she drops down to her knees and sucks cock. In the mean time, Jennifer Dark and her partner peeps into the action. This gets them hot and steamy making Jennifer craving for cock to suck until he cums in her mouth. Meanwhile, Daisy gets fucked in different positions until he unloads on her chest and awaiting mouth.

James Deen and Jennifer Dark get some lovin’ done in a garage. They get reacquainted with each other in the couch. After the foreplay, it’s nothing but hard and fast sex. The only problem is that Jennifer Dark just delivers the dirty talk and her face contorts making her look more unattractive as she gets plowed in the ass! The hot and sweaty sex and with cum on her face, especially her forehead.

In the next scene, Kelli McCarty gets fucked again, but this time, there are no R-rated softcore angles. Before the intercourse, her onscreen husband eat her MILF pussy until he fucks her hard. There’s some hot and sweaty sex in the missionary position, until they get interrupted by Daisy Marie. Once Daisy leaves, Kelli has some sort of hissy fit and the sex turns rough! He plows her pussy hard in the missionary until he gets off monster loads with most of them whizzing by her face and only a small portion landing on her forehead.

Kelli McCarty’s onscreen husband has his cheating streak of his own when he visits Krissy Leigh in a seedy SoCal motel. He lets himself in and watches the slutty-looking Krissy playing with herself. He cannot just stand outside the bathroom and so he feeds his cock to her. The sex is off the wall as he drills her first in the shower and then he fucks her ass like there’s no tomorrow on the bed. At one point, he gets all his weight behind every fuck thrust until he shoots off a creamy load on her face. This is definitely one of those frenzied moments of sex.

The penultimate scene of the final full scene has Kelli McCarty mustering up all the nerves to be Daisy Marie’s boyfriend’s booty call. After the passionate kisses, Kelli does her best with the fellatio, but it’s definitely not up to porn standards. Furthermore, it doesn’t help that the camera drifts away from the fellatio action resulting in some moments of the scene looking like it was R-rated with her head bobbing up and down. This leads to the lukewarm vaginal fucking until he dumps his load on her stomach.

The actual last scene is just a continuation of the interrupted first scene when Kelli’s husband interrupts her sex session. This time the camera shows the X-rated parts, but there is no climax.

In summary, Faithless is a decent adult feature albeit with a played out theme of extramarital fairs. Furthermore, it’s a decent porn debut by the former Miss USA-turned-soap-opera-star-turned-budding-pornstar. She should have started about 5 years ago when she ceased becoming a regular on the soap opera. Kelli definitely has the looks to star in MILF features if she choose to do so. If you are into hot and sweaty sex, then the Krissy Leigh scene might do it for you. However, in the final tally, this is a RENTAL for the average viewer.

RATING: Rent it

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