Elegant Angel’s Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2 (Blu-ray)

325731Elegant Angel’s Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2, directed by William H., is a solid Blu-ray release. Kristina Rose’s scene as well as Kagney’s scene make up the brunt of the replayable goodness on this Blu-ray. The other scenes are almost up there like Alexis’s scene. This video is definitely worth the extra coin on Blu-ray!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 43 minutes

Starring: Kristina Rose, Shyla Stylez, Alexis Texas, Carmella Bing, and Kagney Linn Carter

The video is presented in widescreen 1080p HD and is encoded in VC-1 with a variable bitrate ranging from 11-18 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. In terms of visual quality, the lighting and composition is optimal in both beach shots and indoors with minimal grain. In fact, the picture is so sharp during the beach scenes that you can actually see the glimmers of the sun reflected onto the water.

The extras include an excellent widescreen photo gallery, six SD trailers, cumshot recap, a ~10 minute HD BTS, and a SD bonus scene (~31 min.) starring Eva Angelina. The BTS is worth the look and it has entertaining moments like when Shyla Stylez accidentally falls down during the tease sequence, candid moments of Kristina Rose prepping for anal, and some small talk with Kagney Linn Carter. Also, the Eva Angelina scene is a must for Eva fans since the sex is hard and fast. It’s ashame that it wasn’t presented in HD though. Lastly, the movie comes with a pinup calendar with Kristina Rose and her perky ass!

First up is the naughty brunette Kristina Rose frolicking in the sun. For you butt lovers out there, she shows a lot of ass and then some. Although she’s on a deserted public beach, she shows off her lips for the camera and even runs the bikini floss through them! What a tease! Then, the scene picks up at a beach house where she does a seductive dance at sunset! After the grade A tease segment, a guy wastes no time worshipping her naughty bits. Her partner is thorough at wetting both her holes before he plunges his cock deep insider her pussy. At times, he fingers her poop-chute while jamming his rod in her. The scene progresses to the anal and by this time she’s rubbing her clit to dissipate the anal sensation. She moans with delight/pain with every forceful thrust into her ass. In the end, he jerks off onto her awaiting face and gets off a thick load, which she takes like a seasoned pro!

Next up is Shyla Stylez wearing a skimpy hot pink two-piece bikini. Her poses and gyrating gives it away that she has striptease experience. Soon, she exposes her breasts and puts a thorough amount of oil on her body. Anyway, the tease isn’t as subtle as Kristina’s, but it’s all good. Then, the scene begins with her in a sparkly two piece, but not for long as she gets acquainted with her male partner. The decent foreplay leads to the hard and fast vaginal fucking. He really seems to put all his weight into every thrust. This is even the case when he fucks the shit out of her ass, especially in the doggie position. The scene finishes off with Shyla taking a cumshot onto her open mouth!

Alexis Texas saunters across the beach wearing a silver-toned two-piece. She poses for the camera and shows off her assets. Anyway, the HD is so good that you can see her cellulite! Oh well! Things get more heated when she’s taking a bubble bath while she moves her ass! After the well-executed tease, she’s back wearing a two-piece, but this time it’s a purple one. Her partner gets a little rough with her and decides to tie her hands with her bra strap. After a few awkward seconds, things get back on track with a nice blowjob! She watches herself in the mirror while she locks her lips on his fuck stick. Then, he powerfucks her doggie style while her face is up against the wall. The sex continues in several different positions until he spooges his load all over her tits!

The penultimate scene stars Carmella Bing and her huge fun-bags that don’t stay hidden behind her sexy purple two-piece! For big-tit fans, then Carmella Bing is it! The tease sequence continues with her taking a shower outside somewhere in the California countryside. She gets her rack lathered up before cleaning off. Right after the tease sequence, she spreads her legs so her partner can eat her out. She returns the favor with good head complete with eye contact. It doesn’t take too long before he fucks her pussy and then her ass! The good scene ends with a cumshot resulting in a nice cum streak that drips from her chin!

Last up is a blonde newbie, Kagney Linn Carter who wears a sexy aquamarine two-piece. She has a well-proportionate rack to go along with her firm ass. The camera takes a lot of ass shots during the brief tease vignette! I’d say this is one of the best tease sequences on the Blu-ray. After the outdoor tease session, she’s all business with her male partner and spreads her legs for him so he can eat her out. Then, he fucks her hard in several different positions. Kagney gets throatfucked hard in between the positions! The best segment is when he fucks her meaty pussy in the reverse cowgirl position and she’s moaning with delight. Although she’s slouched over at first, she arches her back so she can feel the full brunt of the fuck-thrusts. Finally, the scene ends with him jerking his load on her chest!

In summary, Elegant Angel’s Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2 is a solid release. Although the veteran Shyla Stylez is on the front cover, I would have given it to Kristina Rose or newcomer Kagney Linn Carter if it were based on performance. This deserves a SOLID RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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