Brandon Iron’s She Is Half My Age 3

bipshma3dvd_bigBrandon Iron’s She is Half My Age 3 is uneven in cast quality and action. Both Melissa Julianna and Allie Foster are downers in this DVD while Taylor Mae, Jerri Lee, and Barbie Addison make this DVD watchable. However, this is not Brandon Iron’s best effort.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 59 minutes

: Melissa Julianna, Jennifer Dark, Barbie Addison, Jerri Lee, Taylor Mae, and Allie Foster

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. The visual quality regarding composition and lighting is on target, expect for the first two scenes where the image quality is slightly drowned out by the lighting. As far as the audio is concerned, there are no distortions.

The extras include two bonus scenes [Allie Foster (~16 min.) and Taylor Mae (~18 min.), cumshot recap, photo gallery, director’s bio, and two previews of websites. Both bonus scenes have decent action. I thought the interviews were more entertaining since Allie Foster explains why she got her wrist tattoos and Taylor Mae discusses her prior jobs as a waitress, caregiver, and stripper . . . shocking, not!

First up is Melissa Julianna who has an annoying voice to go along with her average face and pendulant tits. She performs a below average blowbang complete with novelties like a plastic cup to collect their sperm. She’s not a very good cum eater as compared to other Brandon Iron exploits since she doesn’t swallow the 1/3 full cup in one sitting!

Next up is the veteran Jennifer Dark paired up with Steve Holmes. I don’t know why Jennifer Dark is in this scene because she’s an established star who’s been in the business for a number of years. Anyway, she’s wearing slutty thigh highs while he eats her out. This leads to brief fellatio until he fucks her hard in the cowgirl position. The scene progresses to anal until he dumps in her mouth, which she swallows.

Barbie Addison and Jerri Lee are the center of a mini blowbang. Unlike Melissa, both Barbie and Jerri are much better looking and much more enthusiastic. As a matter of fact, Jerri Lee looks like she’s part Latin and Asian. Although they may not have the cocksucking skills of an Annette Schwarz, they give good effort. In the end, the ladies get doused with cum with their eyes covered with cum!

Taylor Mae is a leggy sun-damaged brunette from Florida that appears on the front boxcover. She’s somewhat attractive and could probably pass for a professional volleyball player, but she’s a different kind of ball player. Before she shows off those skills, her partner licks her pussy before she returns the favor. This leads to her actively riding him, especially in the reverse cowgirl position before he cums on her face.

Allie Foster, an average-looking lady, is paired up with Tom Byron. After some small talk, he fucks her pussy hard in several different positions and cums on her face. It’s an average scene at best.

Then, Melissa Julianna pops up yet again, but this time she does a standard one-on-one scene. There’s no setup in this scene since she already has cock in her mouth. After the standard fucking, he shoots his load in her mouth.

Allie Foster has another scene, but this time it’s a mini blowbang. The light colored brunette with large tits not only uses her mouth to get them hard, but also her rack. Finally, it ends resulting in Allie’s face a certified biohazard with all that spunk!

The cute duo of Barbie Addison and Jerri Lee are back for more cock. This time they have one cock to share. The foreplay is quite brief, which leads to the lengthy fucking. The best part is when their asses are up in the air one on top of each other waiting to be fucked doggie style. In the end, Jerri Lee takes an open-mouthed cumshot before she shares it with Barbie. The scene’s not done yet because the same guy has a load just for Barbie Addison!

Last up is the leggy brunette Taylor Mae. Again, this is another scene with no setup because she becomes the center of the circle jerk as soon as the scene starts. The attractive Taylor Mae gets briefly throatfucked before she takes it in the pussy in the reverse cowgirl position. Once she gets her bearings she busies her mouth with cock at the same time as she’s getting railed in the pussy. Then, the intercourse reverts to a threesome as one guy rotates in and out of the scene. Finally, she begs for their cum. It doesn’t take too long before they have their population pudding on her cheeks, nose, and chest.

In summary, She is Half My Age 3 has glimmers of good performances from Taylor Mae, Barbie Addison, and Jerrie Lee, but the other scenes are below par. Because of that, this DVD is at best a RENTAL!

RATING: Rent it

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