Brandon Iron’s Pop Tarts 1: 268 Frosty Facials

biptdvd_bigBrandon Iron’s Pop Tarts: 268 Frosty Facials is an excellent compilation, which shows the very best of bukkake from mostly the Baker’s Dozen series. This is an instant classic, especially if you want the very best even though they are edited. For purists, you may want to consider purchasing the Baker’s Dozen discs separately . . . that’s if they are still in distribution. Go out and buy this one!

Running Length: ~3 hours and 1 minute

Starring: Alex Divine, Alicia Alighatti, Annette Schwarz, Aubrey Addams, Candy Sweets, Chrissy Charice, Courtney Cummz, Deja Dare, Dillan Lauren, Hailey Young, Hillary Scott, Isabel Ice, Jada Fire, Jasmine Tame, Jeanie Marie Sullivan, Julie Night, Kami Andrews, Karina Kay, Katie Rae, Krystal-Lynn Lovely, Lexxi Rippa, Luci Thai, Mia Bangg, Missy Monroe, Sophia, Taylor Kross, and Trista Post

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 3-4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Since this is a compilation, the visual quality varies, but for the most part it’s good. As far as the audio is concerned, you’ll hear all the sex sounds in crystal clarity.

The extras include a photo gallery, director’s bio, previews of two websites, and two bonus scenes [Faye Runaway with 24 guys (~23 minutes) and Ava Miller (~10 minutes). Both bonus scenes are decent, but not anything spectacular although Faye Runaway’s face becomes a cum-glazed donut!

The bukkake/facial compilation is divided into six sections named big blasts, teasing pleasers, frosty facials, single shots, line loads, and pop mops.

The first big blast is from the defunct Baker’s Dozen series starring Dillan Lauren. This is a classic bukkake scene with Dillan Lauren moaning and begging for cum while they blast her face with loads of jizz. She shows how nasty she is by keeping her eyes open at the start. But, she soon rethinks her plan when she takes several direct hits to her eyes resulting in her keeping her eyes shut. This is one of the best scenes from the series among others!

Another scene worth mentioning is one starring Hailey Young and Layla Rivera in a tagteam blowbang. Things get hot when the ladies  are at each other’s back while giving individual blowjobs. Hailey Young is a little over the top with the vocalization, but I guess that’s okay. The ladies get a healthy dosing all over their faces, which they lick off each other. In the end, Layla Rivera gets a cake shoved at her face.

Hailey Young has another scene complete with intercourse and dick slapping. This is way back when Hailey Young was an up and coming starlet. After the sex, she gets reward in the form of multiple sticky loads to her face. Even with her face and eyes covered with cum, she still manages to keep her eyes open! This was one of the scenes that made her famous!

Furthermore, there’s another lengthy bukkake scene from a Baker’s Dozen volume starring Hillary Scott when she had her breasts done. Anyway, she definitely gets mega doses of cum! If you are a Hillary Scott fan, you’ll love this one.

The teasing pleasers are the one-on-one scenes from the Baker’s Dozen series right before the massive bukkake. Some decent, but heavily edited scenes are performed by Courtney Cumzz among others. I thought this was the weakest of the sections.

Things get back on the sticky track with the Frosty Facial section, especially with another crazy and insane Hailey Young bukkake. I don’t what she’s on, but she keeps saying white rain, raw pain, eyes burning while they dump their loads. To make it interesting she uses her fingers to widen her eyes as they target her eyes!

Next up is Aubrey Addams before the boob job. She’s an energetic blonde with a spunky character, who never lived up to her porn potential although she gave solid scenes. Anyway, after the edited blowbang, they waste her face resulting in frosty facials!

Courtney Cumzz is another chick who doesn’t mind opening her eyes as the cum salvos start to hit their targets. At this time of that production, Courtney Cumzz was new and she was a force to reckon with turning great scenes after another. This is no exception and I consider this a classic.

The DVD moves on to single shots where the shortened scenes contain some of the sex before the single shots. Some notables in this section include Sophia, Alicia Alighatti, Isabel Ice, and Aubrey Addams.

Things return to extreme nastiness in line loads. There’s a pretty blonde Chrissy Katrice who starts sucking on cocks as she works her way up the stairs in assembly line fashion. Things take an interesting non-formulaic twist when they get to fuck this beauty on the couch. Soon, the cum starts to flow all over her face. She’s a brave woman keeping her eyes open after all the biohazard that glazes her face! This is an impressive scene!

Another assembly line scene worth noting is the one with Annette Schwarz. Although her male costars aggressively throatfuck her, she can take it because she’s a GGG-John Thompson product. Sucking on these cocks and taking their jizz with wide open eyes isn’t new for her and it looks like she actually relishes it. Anyway, she goes above and beyond what’s asked of her by scooping most of the jizz on her face and swallowing it!

The last section, pop mops, has a good scene performed by Luci Thai. Brandon Iron chose wisely to include Luci Thai’s standing dp on the video. After the thorough acrobatic DP, they paste her face! Also, there’s a nasty bukkake from one of the Baker’s Dozen series where Hillary Scott and Riley Shy lick Hailey Young’s cum covered face. Finally, the DVD ends with a classic Baker’s Dozen scene starring Courtney Cumzz and Hillary Scott. Hillary stands by while Courtney’s face gets destroyed full of cum! Despite having all that cum on her face, Courtney opens up her eyes! Finally, the cum dousing ends so Hillary begins to suck it all of Courtney’s face. It’s not over yet because Courtney takes one more facial for good measure resulting in a cum mustache among other things!

In summary, Pop Tarts 1: 268 Frosty Facials is a bukkake compilation masterpiece. With classic scenes like Courtney Cumzz’s, Annette’s, Chrissy’s, and Hailey’s, it’s a no brainer to give this DVD my highest rating!

RATING: What are you waiting for? Go out and buy it!

  1. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for taking a look.

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