Brandon Iron’s 287 Pop Shots

303905As far as bukkake/facial/gokkun/swallow compilations are concerned, this is a good one. Brandon Iron selects the most memorable scenes and edits them for time constraint, but that’s okay because there’s a lot to choose from. Some standouts include Astrid, Melissa Lauren, Isabel Ice, and Skye Lee!

Running Length: ~3 hours and 35 minutes

Starring: Alicia Alighatti, Amber Roxx, Britney Madison, Cassie Young, Deja Dare, Delilah Strong, Gia Paloma, Heidi Ho, Hillary Scott, Jackie Ashe, Jackie Diaz, Jamie Huxley, Jordana James, Kelly Wells, Krystal-Lynn Lovely, Lain Oi, Makayla Cox, Meghan Edison, Melissa Lauren, Peachez, Raylee Dean, Samantha Sin, Scarlet Haze, Shayna Knight, Skye Lee, Taylor Kross, Trina Michaels, Trinity James, and others!

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 3-4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Since this is a compilation, the visual quality varies, but for the most part it’s good with the exception of minor visual garbles here and there. As far as the audio is concerned, you’ll hear all the gagging and moans to your heart’s content.

The extras include a photo gallery, director’s bio, and previews of two websites.

The jizz compilation is divided into four sections named cumsumers, spew dumpsters, consumption, and the aptly named penis colada!

An attractive brunette Skye Lee gets the first section cumsumers off to a great start. The brown eyed beauty has a nasty streak for being a cum phreak as this scene shows. She takes all their loads in her mouth and makes those begging sounds that make it all the more better. I’m not going to count the number of jizz shots that she has in her mouth, but it’s save to say that it fills her mouth to the brim. She swallows it whole in one sitting without any hesitation! Plus, she gets one for good measure.

Another energetic cocksucker is Taylor Kross! She sort of looks like a better looking version of Kirstie Alley. After the edited cocksucking, she opens her mouth wide for the incoming jizz loads. Like skyle Lee, she has no trouble swallowing!

Then, there’s the Melissa Lauren of old complete with her raven brunette hair and natural tits far from the barbie doll look she has now. The camera captures the circle jerk blowjob POV. She begs for the cum and waits until the last guy jacks off into warm mouth before swallowing. Brandon Iron gets a rise out of her and telling her all the guys left and she replies back saying that she’s just a whore! That’s classic!

The first noticeable scene for spew dumpsters is Skye Lee. She gives an excellent POV blowjob scene until he spews his load in her mouth. What a pity that Skye Lee did only a handful of scenes because she could have been a big star. Oh well.

A sultry Frenchwoman Aurianna gives Brandon Iron a blowjob of a lifetime complete with French nasty talk. She begs for his cum and he delivers a sticky load on her tongue and swallows.

Astrid is a cute North Carolinian with a penchant for sucking cock. She displays her oral skills to Mr. Iron. She’s a spunky lady that takes a thick load on her tongue. Astrid hesitates for a second or two so she can taste his jizz before swallowing! She’s nasty, but in a good way!

One of Mr. Iron’s more important finds was Hillary Scott way back when she still had her natural tits. She’s such an aural fiend during the high energetic blowjob! She shoves his cock down her throat as far as it can resutling in gagging sounds. Hillary begs for his cum and she gets what she asked for. and swallows!

In consumption, Amber Roxx takes some major throatfucking in league with the Gag Factor series. This is all the more apparent when she’s on her back and they fuck her mouth like it’s a pussy. The Brit takes a shitload of cum on her face and mouth. She has a lot of attitude, but she takes the cum abuse as best she can.

Taylor Kross is helped in this blowbang by Nadia. After they dump their loads in her mouth, she transfer the cum to Nadia. She thinks that she’ll transfer back to Taylor but the director asks her swallow and she does just that!

The North Carolinian has another scene and it doesn’t take too long they pack her mouth full of cum. She has the stamina to open her mouth for all the cum salvos. Again, she swallows it whole! Apparently, they liked her so much, that she’s there for another round . . . this time a facial cum glazed round. Literally, her face is glazed like a jelly donut, which makes her giggle with delight and amazement. In the end, she wipes it across so she can at least open up her cum-soaked eyes.

Alicia Alighatti, a sexy brunette, who starred in many Digital Playground films later on in her career probably got noticed with this blowbang. She has no trouble being the center of the circle jerk. They fill her mouth with cum, which she subsequently swallows.

Another diamond in the rough, so to speak is Jamie Huxley. She hit the adult industry by force in 2005 and 2006 as this scene suggests. Her good looks, spunky personality, and voracious sexual appetite as seen in this scene made her popular. She takes multiple loads and even cum gargles before swallowing!

The last section entitled penis colada is just that where the meat puppets jizz in a cup before the lady swallows. The notable performances from this section are from Jamie Huxley, the Welsh Isabel Ice, pre-boob job Aubrey Addams, and Astrid.

In summary, Brandon Iron’s 287 Pop Shots, is a good compilation mostly from Brandon Iron’s golden era when he distributed his products with Platinum X Pictures. Some standouts on this compilation include Astria, Jamie Huxley, and one-hit wonder Skye Lee. This deserves a RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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