Filthy 1

271914Third Degree’s Filthy 1 directed by Chris Streams is an example of well-shot gonzo. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the oomph to push its rating up a notch. For me Sarah Twain’s and Amy Reid’s scene fell flat for me while the MILF-alicious Julia Ann gives a great performance.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 13 minutes

Starring: Amy Reid, Lisa Ann, Sarah Twain, Tiffany Taylor, and Naomi

The DVD is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 5-6 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. The composition and lightning minimize the grain. As far as the audio is concerned, there are no noticeable distortion. Additionally, the audio can be toggled between English and Spanish both in the main feature and the BTS.

The extras include a ~21 minute BTS, a photo gallery, and seven trailers. The best part of the BTS was moments with Lisa Ann while she’s posing in her skimpy outfit during the photo shoot. There’s a smoking break with Marc Davis and Julia reminiscing about the good old days. Plus, there’s some moments with Tiffany Taylor showing off her white and fluffy toy dog. Finally, it ends with Amy Reid having her make up done. Anyway, she doesn’t look that good, but I guess it’s her off-day.

First up is Amy Reid, aka Devon Valencia, the lady donning the front cover of the DVD. One thing’s puzzling with her is that she definitely had the looks to do Playboy type pictorials, but ends up doing full hardcore scenes including headlining a bukkake scene in one of Brandon Iron’s Baker’s Dozen volumes. Anyway this DVD came out was at her peak, but now she’s popping up in a few titles as of late. Anyway, she does a brief tease showing off her curves to the camera before turning her attention to sucking cock. She’s an active rider during the intercourse and it definitely shows. One odd thing missing is that she didn’t use her tits for full affect, meaning no titfucking! In the end, he jerks off resulting in a pearl necklace.

Next up is Lisa Ann, a MILF-y brunette who still holds relevance even now with her resurgence as being the X-rated version of Sarah Palin. With her wealth of experience, it’s no wonder that she plays the flute with exceptional skill. Her partner returns the favor by going down on her before the scene progresses to full hardcore sex. You can tell there was genuine chemistry between the two since it resulted in hot and sweaty sex. In the end, he shoots his population pudding on her chest and face!

Sarah Twain’s been on my shortlist. She’s a tall and leggy brunette from the Czech Republic who sometimes resembles Helena Christensen. Although she doesn’t look as great as she does in Private productions, she still does it for me. Unfortunately, she’s paired up with Steve Holmes. With that said, it’s not her best scene because there’s a fetish element to it with the footjob and the like. After the varied foreplay, she gets down to business taking it in her pussy and then in her ass even performing ass-to-mouth. In the end, she jerks him into her open mouth.

The brunette stunner Tiffany Taylor, who’s currently been out of porn circulation is the center of this scene. She has stunning eyes to go along with a natural rack. After the very good fellatio, she rides him hard with her titties moving in a hypnotic manner. The good scene ends with him mustering a cumshot that lands mostly on her face.

Lastly, the award-winning Naomi churns out another winning scene. This scene was shot when she still had the curvacious body that won her a lot of fans. The tease sequence is first rate. This leads to some ass worship by her French partner before she performs a brief blowjob. This leads to the actual sex where we get to see her world class ass in action. First, he rams her pussy hard and then her ass hard in several positions including doggie. He cannot hold it any longer and shoots a monster load all over her back!

In summary, Filthy 1 is a good, but not great release from Chris Streams. I thought Sarah Twain’s scene could have been promising if she had a different partner. Furthermore, I don’t think Amy Reid is all that, but needless to say, she puts in a decent performance. Lisa Ann gives this DVD a glimmer with her exceptional performance. At best, this deserves a RECOMMENDED.

RATING: Recommended

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