Anabolic’s A2M 12: The Art of Ass to Mouth

293441Anabolic’s chief director/cameraman/editor produces another good product. Although A2M 12 doesn’t have a super all-star cast, all the women lend their best efforts to their scenes. The standout scenes are definitely Samantha’s, Dana’s, and Shyla’s. Therefore, this DVD is worth it.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 53 minutes

Starring: Samantha Sin, Dana DeArmond, Carly Parker, Veronica Jett, Nadia Styles, and Shyla Stylez

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in standard Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. The visual quality is great except for Ms. DeArmond’s scene where the fleshtones have yellow-orange hues while in Veronica Jett’s scenes, the light washes out the scene resulting in contrast issues. In terms of audio, there are no distortions. Furthermore, there is an option to toggle on/off the music.

The extras include ~8 minute tease sequences, a ~9 minute BTS, BTS gallery, photo gallery, and cum shot recap. The BTS is on the downside, especially with Carly Parker trying to find the lost tissue embedded in her pussy. Anyway, for the nature person in all of us, the cameraman takes some nice shots of a Preying Mantis!

Samantha Sin, a bleach blonde, starts this DVD right. She’s wearing a pink and black bra with color coordinated undies. She poses for the camera by gyrating and showing her naughty bits for the intro vignette tease sequence. After this, the main scene begins with Samantha this time in a pink polka dotted two piece with matching undies. Soon, she’s stroking off two cocks while they help her out of her polka-dotted top. Like the professional that she is, she gets down on her knees and sucks away with her free hand used as a stroker. This leads to the intercourse with one dick in her pussy and another in her mouth. After the brief vaginal fucking, they fuck her ass thoroughly. She even does ass-to-mouth in between positions. The scene gets more hardcore when she takes a double penetration. After the lengthy sex, she takes two open-mouthed facials and swallows!

Next up is the Internet’s Girlfriend, Dana DeArmond. For whatever reason, her face looks harsher than usual and it’s  a turnoff. Anyway, she’s wearing a blue polka dotted two pice with yellow background. Before the sex begins, the camera films some unusual moments of her snacking on some tic tacs. After the small talk and tic tacs, she gets down on her knees and knob gobbles their cocks complete with deep throat like the true professional that she is.  The thorough fellatio leads to the full blown threesome that begin with vaginal and subsequently anal fucking. One of the guys rams his dick hard in her ass doggie style while she has her mouth throatfucked. In between switching positions, she performs ass-to-mouth. Then, the scene its intense peak when they fuck her silly in the double penetration. By this time, she’s moaning with pleasure as they pound away. Finally, her face and mouth becomes a huge cum target!

Carly Parker is an average-looking big titted blonde, so she definitely fits the stereotypical stripper turned pornstar mold. After the tease, and solo masturbation, she wastes no time locking her lips on his fuck stick. Things get more aggressive when throat fucks her for several minutes. The intercourse begins with vaginal pounding before he enters her ass. She’s trying her best to work through the pain by diddling her pussy with every ass thrust.  The nasty blonde even does ass-to-mouth during the lengthy scene. She receives a lot of cum in her mouth and swallows like the pro that she is.

Veronica Jett, a former hair stylist turned pornstar, may not have the look that appears to the average viewer, but one thing’s for sure is that she has a thin and tight body. Like the other scenes, Ivan starts it off with a well-captured tease sequence. After this, Veronica’s all business when she enters the room and hones in on cock at the couch. She literally has more than a mouthful of cock and yet she always looks like she’s in control giving her best fuck me face ever. This leads to both the lengthy vaginal and anal sex complete with ass-to-mouth. She was active riding him, especially when she was on top. Also, there was more variety in the positions as compared as the others. In the end, she takes an adequate and swallows!

The penultimate scene stars a busty Latina Nadia Styles. She’s cute, but she has an unappealing tattoo on her right bicep. There’s not much tease for the camera because it doesn’t take a minute or two before she’s on her knees and sucking cock like there’s no tomorrow. Nadia is a phreak and it shows with the aggressive fellatio technique. This leads to some very hard fucking including double penetration. In between the changing of positions, she performs ass-to-mouth. After everything is said and done, she takes cumshots to the face and mouth!

Last up is the triumphant return of Shyla Stylez who first started in 2001. She looks different from once she started, but that’s okay because she’s still hot in a stripper kind of way. She’s wearing a pink and white polka dotted bikini, which she strips out of during the tease sequence. After the entertaining tease segment, she’s in her birthday suit and gives a very brief solo before she busies herself with cock. After the very brief foreplay, he powerfucks her pussy like a vagina, but he also relinquishes control by letting her being active in backing her thing up. Then, her ass gets plowed hard and fast while she fingers her pussy. She even performs ass-too-mouth in between the positions. Finally, it ends with her sucking him off until he covers her open mouth with population pudding, which she swallows in one gulp! It’s safe to say that’s Shyla’s back!

In summary, Anabolic’s A2M 12, is an exceptional gonzo movie. Although the cast is not as optimal to my tastes, all the talent give their hot and sweaty best. The scenes that were exceptional were Samantha’s, Dana’s, and Shyla’s scenes. Therefore, this DVD deserves a RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Recommended

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