Tom Byron’s POV Cocksuckers 9

povcocksuckers9frt1Tom Byron has a winner with POV Cocksuckers 9! If he continues the quality in future volumes, then this series will give Jonni Darkko’s Suck It Dry a run for its money. There is a healthy dose of both veterans and newbies like Aurora Snow and Mina Meow, respectively. Furthermore, there are breakout scenes by Kristina Rose and Charley Chase! This is one DVD that’s not to be missed.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 6 minutes

Starring: Kaci Starr, Aurora Snow, Kristina Rose, Nika Noire, Dana DeArmond, Olga Cabaeva, Stevie Hart, Mina Leigh, Mina Meow, and Charley Chase

The DVD is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the lighting and composition is optimal for the most part. Furthermore, the sound captures all the gagging and blowjob sounds in crystal clear clarity.

The extras include 7 BTS, a photo gallery, and 4 trailers. The BTS include most of the ladies with the exception of Aurora Snow, Mina Meow, and Charlie Chase. The segments range from small talk to brief interviews, but the best is when Stevie admits that she’s in this line of work to pay for her student loans!

Kaci Starr is an average-looking lady who’s been in the business for several years. She looks aged compared when she started, but that’s expected. After the dirty talk, she’s on her knees and shows off her years of professional cocksucking experience by giving a wet blowjob. There’s several gagging moments as she works her magic. They have to move venues when Tom realizes that his leafblower comes to his house to do house maintenance so they go to another room where it’s less noisy. Once there, she resumes are cocksucking until he dumps a load in her mouth. Before delivering post-coital head, she blows a cum bubble!

Next up is living legend Aurora snow doing what she’s been doing for what seems forever. I’m impressed that still has a nice body and at least in this production, she doesn’t look aged as she has done in a recent Anabolic production. Aurora has a distinct handjob-blowjob combination, which probably feels amazing. In the end, he delivers his seed all over her face resulting in several well placed streaks just above her nose.

Kristina Rose seems to be on a roll with a handful of titles in recent months. Recently, she’s given up her anal screen cherry, but in this scene it’s all about her sucking cock. The pretty brunette wears a neon green bikini while she goes crazy with cock like she’s been starved for a couple of months. She’s a little bit too aggressive on the “hands-on” aspect per se, but when she goes back to basics, it’s much better. She stops sucking for the moment so she can tease him showing off her ass before resuming the fellatio. Finally, she jerks him off until he sprays a monster load that covers her forehead. It’s a great scene with a very happy ending.

Nika Noire is a Ukrainian brunette who’s recently upgraded her rack and now looks like the stereotypical Montreal stripper, but I guess that’s not a bad thing sometimes. One thing that makes her unique is her stunning blue eyes, which makes the blowjob scene much more memorable. Although she doesn’t deep throat a lot during the scene, she shows a glimmer of that skill. In the end, she receives a juicy load, which hits her in the forehead. She’s not done yet because she gives post-coital suction!

Dana DeArmond tries her best to deliver some cliched porn lines before going down on her knees to give head. The Internet’s Girlfriend has no trouble exciting her partner with her energetic enthusiasm. She has a good scene, but somehow it pales in comparison to her Suck It Dry 4 scene. One good aspect of the scene is when Tom captures Dana’s ass curvature while she sucks him. Anyway, the scene ends well with her receiving a jizz load that hits her legs, face, and chest. At one point, there’s one cum streak that has too much velocity that it skips over her face and hair. Had it been on target, her face would have been literally sperm covered!

The Russian Olga Cabaeva wastes no time since she’s already down on her knees getting at Tom’s member. She looks like an experienced Russian and it definitely shows with her skill. However, there are several turn-offs of her in the scene, she has a low voice that reminds me of Linda Fiorentino from Gotcha! Furthermore, she gets a little too adventurous when she starts fingering Tom’s ass a la prostate massage. Anyway, in the end she gets an adequate load on her face.

Next up is a spunky, but average looking Stevie Heart. She has strawberry blonde hair and she has an innocent-looking face that belies her phreakiness. She wings the scene for the first couple minutes giving half-head, but makes up for it at the end getting 3/4 of him in her mouth. But, she resorts giving a handjob-blowjob combination until he blows his small load on her face and eyes. Ever the gentlemen, he apologizes for getting a speck of cum on her eye.

Mina Leigh is an attractive brunette stunner along the lines of a Sasha Grey, but it’s looks like she’s fallen off the radar of late. Anyway, she has good skill, but it could be better. This is yet another lady who massages Tom’s prostate while giving head, which is a turn-off watching. The good scene ends with a healthy dousing of jizz on Mina’s attractive face.

The penultimate scene stars another Mina, Mina Meow. She’s a little too talkative for my taste, but that comes to an end when she has a cock in her mouth. This Mina definitely has great skill at sword swallowing and it’s further enhanced by her pretty eyes staring at the camera. Although the scene changes settings, Mina’s good performance is constant throughout. Finally, she sucks him off and receives a dispersed load that hits her hair, forehead, and face! Despite that, Mina is courageous enough to open her eyes and give a smile to end the scene.

Finally, Charley Chase is a multiracial lady with nice curves, but a raspy voice. She’s in a red top and Daisy Duke’s denim bottoms, but not for long. After she’s in her birthday suit, she shows off her grade A skill, which translates into great aural sounds! Her stunning eyes looking into the camera further enhance the scene. Also, she makes use of her fun-bags by putting his dick between them. Then, she gives a final push of powerful head until he cums all over her face even with some getting near her left eye!

In summary, POV Cocksuckers 9 is an exceptional blowjob flick. This should give the well respected Suck It Dry series a run for its money. There’s a good mix of veterans like Dana DeArmond and newbies, well at newbies to me like Mina Meow and Stevie Heart. This definitely deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

RATING: Highly recommended

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