Perversions of an Asian Fuck Doll

snkdvd216_pSwank Digital’s Perversions of an Asian Fuck Doll looks and sounds like a promising product, but the content falls flat. Sure, there’s a whole lot of sex from a gangbang to anal, but the sex for the most part is too mechanical. Furthermore, ONLY three out of the four are Asian/Eurasian, which belies the fact that the title should accurately describe the content. Anyway, there are better Asian titles out there.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 27 minutes

Starring: Aisha, Monica, Claudia, Mya Diamond, Krystal, Courtney, Regina, and Florencia

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. The visual quality is a little soft, but the lighting in most scenes is adequate. Fleshtones are accurate except for the last scene where skin tones are yellow-orange. In terms of audio, there are no audio distortions noticed.

The extras include a boring ~16 minute casting session, an equally boring ~4 minute BTS, a decent photo gallery, and several trailers for other videos.

First up is Aisha wearing a sleek black dress. Her beau has surprised her with a wrapped gift. It doesn’t take too long before they start to grope each other. Soon, she takes his dick out of his pants and starts sucking away. What looks like a one-on-one scene becomes a full-blown gangbang as her three other suitors bring her presents and join in the dog pile. There’s a whole lot of moaning, but at least that can be solved by pressing the mute button. The scene hits a high note when she’s double penetrated while the remaining¬† cocks jockey for her mouth. There’s a lot of action in the scene, but it seems to mechanical for my tastes. Anyway, for her efforts her face gets literally cum glazed but not to the Japanese bukkake standard.

Monica is a Eurasian who has the same haircut as Dancing With the Stars instructor Cheryl Burke. For those who are in the know, this is a good old-fashioned one-on-one scene. The pretty Eurasian is wearing some sexy lingerie to show off her lovely body. After the passionate kisses, she helps him out of his pants and sucks his cock in the 69 position. After the decent foreplay, he preps her ass before going on in hard and fast, which makes her moan with a mix of pain and pleasure. She even performs ass-to-mouth in between the hard anal. In the end, he pulls out of her ass and delivers a huge load on her poop chute! She’s done yet because she performs good-post coital to end this energetic and sweaty scene!

The next scene is for all you foot fanatics out there. There’s no actual lesbian sex, but there’s some foot sucking performed by Claudia on Mya Diamond. Strangely enough, both ladies aren’t even Asian, but at least Mya looks like one. For the average viewer, this scene can be skipped.

The next scene has the European Krystal sharing the screen with Eurasian Courtney. At first, it looks like it will just be a lesbian scene, but as the scene pans out, we see a guy watching the two ladies go at it with each other. This plays out for a while until they turn their attention at sucking cock. The ladies have a hard time going down on his extra-long schlong. This is even the case during the intercourse when the ladies give up both their bottom holes to him. The blonde Krystal does a better job in accommodating her ass for his dick unlike Courtney who has an extremely difficult and perhaps painful time getting even 2-3 inches inside her poop chute. In the end, he dumps a meager load on Courtney.

Last up are two Europeans, the brunette Regina and the curly-haired Florencia, who don’t even look Asian, but anyway that’s the hole in the DVD. As in scene three, there’s a lot of foot worship in the shape of footjobs and footsucking. Things get a little weirder when their male partner decides to fuck one of the lady’s platform shoes! Sure, this may appeal to the foot fetishists, but what about the average viewer? Unlike the prior scene, there’s no anal in this one. In the end, Regina takes the brunt of the cum on her beautiful face.

In summary, Deny Defrancesco’s Perversions of an Asian Fuck Doll is a disappointment. The sex is too mechanical for my tastes and there should be more Asians in the DVD as the title alludes to. I’d say the only scene worth watching is Monica’s because that scene was not mechanical like the rest. At best, this is a RENTAL!

RATING: Rent it

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