Manila Milkshakes 3-Somes!

mrxdvd068_pManila Milkshakes 3 by Mr. X. Productions is a funny DVD because of the Pinays’ reaction to their circumstances. But, in terms of the blowjob performances, it falls through. Save your money on other Asian-themed titles.

Running Length: ~1 hour and 42 minutes

Starring: Jhen, Princess, Ivy, Rorie, Ashely, Kisses, Cherry, Hazel, Bianca, Joyce, Apple, and Ashly

The first batch of Little Brown Pinays are Jhen and Princess. Both ladies aren’t attractive, but the curly-haired Jhen is almost passable. Anyway, the ladies jokingly say that they want his milkshake. After the joking around, they go down to business and take turns giving him a blowjob. The camera is shaky at times and it’s funny that there’s another lady in the background in one of the moments kneeling on the floor. The ladies stop the cocksucking to get more comfortable by undressing revealing their tan bodies. The camera get an aerial shot of their asses while they resume sucking cock. In the end, he gets off a monster shot all over the curly-haired lady.

The next scene stars these below-average Cebuana ladies named Ivy and Rorie. They say they like to share their men with each other. Anyway, it doesn’t seem like this is the first time they took turns sucking on cock by the way they operate. There’s good chemistry between the two. Unfortunately for Rorie, she takes the cumshot in her mouth because her partner in crime Ivy bails on the planned cum-swapping.

The third scene starts with Ashley and Kisses rubbing down each other while taking a shower. The two ladies aren’t that attractive, but the best part has to be when the more experienced lady, Ashely, makes fun of Kisses and calls her a virgin. Apparently, Kisses is so bad at sucking cock that Ashely has to take over! It becomes apparent that Ashely has a lot of experience because she’s a good cocksucker. In the end, the headless meat puppet gets off a mini shot on the ladies.

Cherry and Hazel are not that attractive, but the ladies make up with their spunky personalities. They do the best they can at sucking cock, but they are not as professional as Rorie in scene two. Despite that, they bring the best out of him since he blows a huge nut all over the ladies hitting one in the face and the other in the hair.

Bianca has a nice smile, but in terms of breast size Joyce has the edge. However, both ladies aren’t too attractive, which seems to be a pattern on this DVD. Anyway, the two ladies knock on the door somewhat inebriated with San Miguel Light in hand. After the interesting beginning, the scene goes to the standard blowjob session. In the end, Joyce takes most of the cum, which is fitting for her since she did most of the work.

Finally, the scene ends with Apple and Ashly who confess that this is their first blowjob, so to say. After taking turning bathing each other, the ladies focus their efforts on sucking cock while their bodies are still covered with suds. It’s apparent that the ladies may be telling the truth since they don’t suck cock that well. Despite that, the headless meat puppet is able to get a super-soaker jizz load that hits their eyes. It appears that the scene would just end, but the ladies have to wait a few seconds for the ordeal to end as the cameraman has to take a couple of stills of their cum-covered faces.

In summary, Manila Milkshakes 3 is an entertaining DVD not because of the blowjobs, but because of the women’s different reactions throughout the scenes. Because of this, I would have to say you can skip this one!

RATING: Skip it

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