Spearmint Rhino Film’s Lust Volume 2

659930001139f-copyDyanna Lauren’s Lust 2 isn’t one of her best works for Spearmint Rhino mainly because the caliber of the talent is missing. The only bright spot on this DVD is Ruby Knox who delivers a good scene.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 36 minutes

Starring: Bella Ling, Darryl Hannah, Brianna Beach, Celeste Star, Charlie Layne, Marlie Moore, and Ruby Knoxx

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 3-4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. As far as DVD visual quality is concerned, most of the scenes don’t show accurate fleshtones due to the lighting. The skin takes on an orange hue, but not as extreme as I have seen from other studios. In contrast, there are no issues regarding sound quality.

The extras include a photo gallery and a ~14 minute BTS that is skippable. The main beef I had about the BTS is that the camera is shaky at times.

First up is Bella Ling, an average Asian who is nothing to write home about. In other words, she isn’t a Luci Thai or a Nautica Thorn. Basically, she’s the asian equivalent of a plain Jane. Her movements during the solo tease/masturbation sequence is not fluid, but rather somewhat mechanical. Suprisingly, she delivers a decent blowjob before the sub-standard intercouse. In the end, he comes on her tits. I would have liked a better looking Asian like Jesse Jordan or Sayurii.

Next up is Darryl Hannah, a mature blonde who definitely has a harsh look as her Hollywood counterpart. She definitely fits into the stereotype of a trashy-looking stripper. This scene begins like the first with the solo and intercourse. However, she spices things up by letting her meat puppet plunder her ass for a good amount of time. In the end, she takes a facial, which she finishes with a nice post-coital suck.

Brianna Beach is beter looking than Darryl Hannah, but that’s not saying too much. She would have looked better if it were not for the botched boob job. The positives about the scene is that she’s an active rider. especially when she’s on top. After the energetic scene, her partner cums on her tits.

Oddly enough, the next scene starts as three solo scenes before it becomes a lesbian trio love-making session starring Celeste Star, Charlie Layne, and Charlie Layne. There’s a whole lot of fingering and sucking between the three, but Charlie Layne does it for me. If you are into lesbian scenes, then this scene is decent.

Thankfully, Dyanna Lauren saves the best for last with the multiracial looking Ruby Knox. She looks especially sexy and glamorous at the same time with her getup. The pinup diddles her lovebox before she performs very good fellatio! There’s a good level of intensity between the two making the scene definitely the best on the DVD. In the end, he shoots his wad all over her tummy.

In summary, Lust Volume 2 doesn’t have the talent to deliver a top notch DVD. At best, this is an average DVD. It would have been worse if it weren’t for Ruby Knox’s performance. Therefore, this DVD squeaks by as a RENTAL!

RATING: Rent it

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