Magmafilm’s Fast & Sexy (Blu-ray)

1701-copy2Nils Molitor has the opportunity again to direct big-breasted German pornstar in this feature! Together with the multinational cast, Annina and company deliver some very good scenes. Don’t miss out on Annina’s second DP scene and the acrobatic sex performed by the limber Lea Lexis! The Blu-ray version is definitely worth the extra money!

Running Length: ~1 hour and 54 minutes

Starring: Annina Ucatis, Virgine, Lea Lexis, Alysha Laine, Naomi, and Sidney Love

The Blu-ray is presented in widescreen 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 15-18 Mbps with a lower/upper limit of 11/22 Mbps while the audio is encoded in an interesting DTS-HD 2.0 at variable bit rate hovering around the 1050 Kpbs mark. Visually speaking, unlike past Magma Blu-ray releases, the contrast is a little bit off, which reminds me of most American gonzo Blu-ray productions. Furthermore, there’s a slight shimmer effect if you look closer making it not as sharp as their past releases. In terms of the audio, this is a big leap forward for the 2 channel scene since the audio is more dynamic as compared to the standard 192 Kbps. Unlike the SD version, there is an included English dubbed audio for those who don’t know German. I’m glad that Magma has decided to up the standards for the audio, but at the same time I don’t know why they went back using MPEG-2 instead of MPEG-4 AVC for the visual component.

The extras include a HD BTS available in the native German as well as dubbed English, four HD trailers, and a mediocre slideshow that looks exactly the same as the SD version. I’m glad that Magma decided to put meaningful extras in the Blu-ray release because the SD version was very sparse. Specifically, the BTS is put together well and it is interesting, especially when they discuss the technical aspects of capturing the thrill of racing to complement the hot and acrobatic sex in the video.

Annina has dreams of making it big in the racing world that’s traditionally dominated by men. Even with the odds set against her, she introduces herself to a well-known racing group. After she finishes her proposal to the team leader, he scoffs at her proposal. Despite this, she still pushes on. During the meeting, she spots the team mechanic who happens to be the man of her dreams.

Anyway, the mechanic is interrupted by one of the ladies, Virgine. After the passionate kisses, they are so turned on with each other that they help each other of their clothes. The sexy brunette squats down and sucks away! In fact, her sloppy blowjob results in some saliva dripping down to her nice pair of breasts. After the foreplay, he fucks her in several different positions including spoon until he dumps his load all over her breasts.

The racing team pits team mates against one another with the car versus motorcycle challenge. Miraculously, the motorcycle leaves the car in the dust! After the win, the motorcyclist and his girlfriend, Lea Lexis, race off to have some alone time with each other. While he practices his cycle stunts, she gets nice and limber for the acrobatic sex that’s about to start. After showing off his best stunts to her, they get nice and cozy with each other and before he knows it, she has her lips locked around his fuck stick. In between the fellatio, she lets him fuck her nice tits. The foreplay and sex gets acrobatic as she balances herself with the use of two cycles. Things get really acrobatic when she gets fucked in the ass while she is doing a handstand! In the end, he shoots a load all over her face! This was a good scene thanks in due part due to her exceptional skills in the acrobatic sex department!

After talking to the team leader during the day, Annina has some one-on-one time with him at night. The two share champagne before he makes his move. It doesn’t take too long before she uses her DSL’s on him. She’s an exceptional sword-swallower that’s able to deep throat. After the foreplay, the intercourse begins. It looks as if the scene will just be a standard one-on-one until a guy joins in making it a threesome. Things get heated when Annina performs her second double penetration for Magma. In the end, they dump their loads all over her gigantic tits resulting in a pearl necklace!

Apparently, Annina earned her stripes for that night and the leader lets her race one of the team’s drivers. Annina is all business when she gets suited up in her racing suit before she demolishes the competition. After this, two ladies, one being Alysha Laine, get acquainted with each other at the racing stands. Soon, they have their tongues up each other’s pussies. The sapphic love-making session is interrupted by the team leader as he singlehandedly transforms the scene into a full-blown threesome. The ladies take turns sucking and fucking him. After the fucking, he jerks off into the brunette’s mouth before she swaps it with Alysha!

Meanwhile, Annina ups the ante and actually wants to race the leader. He agrees to a night race against her. In the mean time, they enjoy a couple of beers to pass the time away. Oneof the drivers and his girlfriend slip out of the party for a quickie. Naomi’s an attractive brunette wearing a super-short skirt. Anyway, they find a deserted spot where she goes down on him. After the good head, he fucks her hard in several different positions until he cums on her face. This is a good scene from the non-German speaking couple imported from Eastern Europe!

Finally, Annina races the cocky race leader and beats him to the finish! After all the taunts, he finally has to pay his respect to Annina’s driving skills. After the race, the other racers participate in an orgy. Before the orgy takes place, the two ladies couple with their partners so they can suck and fuck them. The blonde Alysha Laine takes it up the ass while the brunette doesn’t, but’s it all good because they keep the scene going with their energy. Alysha ups the ante by taking a double vaginal like a seasoned professional. In the end, they drop their loads on the brunette’s tits. Alysha wants her part and soon the two engage in cum-swapping!

After telling her story, Annina finally gets the man of her dreams. Soon, she’s kissing him while still on the race track. This leads to the foreplay where Annina again uses her DSLs to perform good head. After the foreplay, she gets fucked mostly in the reverse cowgirl position until her partner cannot take it any longer and blows his load all over her pussy. I thought this scene was a little short and it definitely wasn’t her best scene in the video.

In summary, Moli’s Fast and Sexy is a great Blu-ray with a decent plot and a great cast. It’s good that Moli decided to import some of the ladies from Eastern Europe since they are traditionally more liberal when it comes to the sex. Although this may be the case, Annina proves that German ladies can do the nasty, especially as seen with her double penetration scene. The Blu-ray version is how the video is meant to be seen because if you’ve seen the SD version, it’s better in so many aspects aside from the visual quality like the HD BTS! It’s a no-brainer that this deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

RATING: Highly recommended 

  1. last month i gave my girlfriend a pearl necklace and she was very very happy :;:

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