Josh Stone’s Law & Lust (Blu-ray)

315233newJosh Stone’s first Blu-ray release for JSI is an ambitious project that tries to be a mish-mash of Law & Order and CSI:Miami. The plot is hard-to-follow at times and the dialogue is a bit repetitive, especially for the lines of the lustful secretary played by Heather Silkk. Kara Tai is a sexy Korean, who doesn’t get the meat injection in this release, which is shameful. Oh well! If you want a break from gonzo releases, then this Blu-ray is just the ticket.

Running Length: ~3 hours and 2 minutes

Starring: Kara Tai, Taj Mendaz, Sasha Spice, Gianna Storm, Flower Tucci, Meagen Jones, Mia Bella, and Heather Silkk

The video is presented in widescreen 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC at 13-14 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. The visual quality was good considering this is Josh Stone’s first Blu-ray release for JSI. At times, there were the common contrast compensation issues that creep up in most American-made releases with the exception of Wicked Blu-rays, which have the best transfers. In terms of the audio quality, the sound came in clear and crisp without any distortion.

The extras are all in HD and include a ~4 minute gag reel, ~12 minutes of deleted scenes, a cumshot recap, slideshow, and six trailers. Of the extras worth watching is the Lexi Love blowjob scene composing most of the deleted scenes segment. I’m not sure why it was axed, but for continuity sake. Anyway, Lexi does a good job with the fellatio. As far as the slideshow is concerned, JSI doesn’t make full use of the HD real estate, which is a pity.

Detective Mallory (Flower Tucci) drops by at Dr. Pickens, but unfortunately for her she’s not at the office. The detective decides to have fun with her secretary, Heather Silkk. Before you know it, they are getting it on with each other. The secretary goes down on the detective giving great cunnilingus before she shoves a dildo up the Detective’s ass! She returns the favor and goes down on the secretary before she uses a dildo to make her cum! As far as lesbian scenes go, this is a decent one.

Apparently, Detective Mallory bats for the same team because she throws a hissy-fit while talking to her lesbian lover Kara Tai, who is ironically the center of a criminal investigation. The Korean Kara Tai gets a visit by two Detectives. After the male detective leaves, things get hot and sweaty between Taj Mendaz and Kara Tai. Apparently, Kara Tai has had a lesbian affair with yet another Detective, Taj Mendaz. While they are kissing, the scene is overlapped with a lesbian scene with Kara Tai all oiled up while Taj eats her out before she uses her nimble fingers instead. Kara Tai doesn’t fully return the favor and skips the cunnilingus in favor of nimbly finger fucking. This was a better scene because Kara Tai has a smokin’ tanned body. It’s too bad that she’s goes exclusively veggie in this film!

Taj Mendaz and her partner are being investigated by internal affairs in separate interrogation rooms. Taj just admits that her partner has a weakness for pussy! Soon, the scene starts with a thick as white honey Mia Bella performing a private pole dance. I’d say this is not Mia’s first time on the pole! After the tease session, he places his face on her buttcheeks and pussy and licks away. She returns the favor with a good, yet brief blowjob. This leads to the lengthy intercourse until he shoots a thick load on her chest and face! This is a good scene because of the buildup of intensity, but I could go without the over-the top-moaning.

Meanwhile, Kara Tai and a bunch of her girlfriends take a love cruise out to sea where they oil up for a sapphic orgy. Unfortunately, the scene ends too soon without barely an orgasm to boot.

The next scene has Gianna Storm and Meagen Jones in yet another lesbian romp. This scene starts with an innocent topless romp across a Miami beach. They get naughty with each other when they are in the backseat of a Mercedes-Benz where they even use vibrators on each other. Meagen Jones is the more active one in the scene because she looks like she truly enjoys muff-diving!

Detective Stone is hot on Detective Mallory’s tracks and stops by at the office of Dr. Pickens. Unfortunately, the good doctor isn’t in at the moment. The detective tries to pump Heather Silkk for information, but instead he pumps her pussy full of dick after she gives him good head. One thing that’s different and shocking is that she has lactating mammaries, which when squeezed ejects milk! She does this in between the thorough fucking. After the lengthy scene, he gets off a monster load on her face! Again, this is a good scene like the rest, but it isn’t mind-blowing.

Next is a solo scene with the lovely Kara Tai who is easiest the best looking chick on the Blu-ray. It begins like a Playboy vignette, but ultimately it degrades to an X-rate fare with her rubbing her muff to orgasm. It’s a nice scene, but I would have rather liked to see her get railed hard and nasty!

The last scene has Detective Mallory (Flower Tucci) cheating on Kara Tai with another detective. It’s another sex-on-a-boat scene. As you may know by now, Flower Tucci has one of thickest white asses in the business, which she puts to good use. This is pretty much a standard Flower Tucci anal scene, which ends in a creamy facial. It’s funny to see how fast she is maneuvering her body to take the facial after being fucked hard in the missionary position. Anyway, Flower has gained a couple of pounds as the hi-definition shows and she’s definitely the same Flower of two years ago.

I won’t spoil the ending, but there’s a twist involved.

In summary, Law & Lust is a nice break from the gonzo releases that comprise most of the porn out there. It’s nice to see that some companies are taking the risk to keep the porn-with-a-plot genre alive. This Blu-ray may not have big names, except for Flower Tucci, it is a good movie. Although I’m not a fan of lactating mammaries, it was interesting to watch because I didn’t expect to see it in this type of release. Furthermore, the Lexi Love blowjob scene is good, which further boosted the score of this release. This is a release that’s worthy enough to be RECOMMENDED.

RATING: Recommended

  1. I highly recommended watching “Law & Lust” by producer Josh Stone from Miami. Josh was nominated for multiple awards at the 2010 AVN Adult Expo in Las Vegas. Josh Stone and his productions are heat…

  2. Just wanted to say Law & Lust definitely gets 2 thumbs up.. Great production by Josh Stone based in Miami..”Law & Lust” is what the adult film industry has been lacking!! If you want to purchase the DVD you can find it on

    Great Production Job Josh Stone!!!!

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