The Private Life of Lucy Belle, Part Two

dplo057_p-copyPart two of The Private Life of Lucy Belle focuses, for the most part, on threesomes, but it’s too bad that Lucy Belle plays the secondary role and not the primary one in most of these scenes. If you are looking for more Lucy Belle action, then Part one is a better option. Despite this, there are worthwhile ensemble scenes, especially the one with the Pinay Lady Mai!

Running Length: ~1 hour and 49 minutes

Starring: Lucy Belle, Vanessa May, Jennifer Love, Lady Mai, Black Angelika, Trisha Brill, Simony Diamond, Suzie Diamond, and Regina Ice

The video is not presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at 6-7 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Since this is a compilation, the composition and lighting is varied, but for the most part is accurate except for scene seven. As far as the audio is concerned, the audio came in clear without distortion. Also, the audio can be toggled between English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

The extras include a ~15 minute bonus scene (Lucy Belle and Regina Ice) and five trailers. The bonus scene is okay, but the scene is more focused on Regina Ice taking a double penetration. One thing that deep-sixes the scene is the questionable sequence between Lucy’s partner when he shoots his load on her chest and licks it up before swapping it with Lucy!

Just as in the first volume, Lucy Belle responds to interview questions regarding her life and career before each scene starts. Unlike other Private Life of DVD, Lucy’s wasn’t as interesting!

In Private Sports Instructor, Lucy Belle shares the spotlight with Jennifer Love and Vanessa May. They are busy navigating the wild waters during river rafting. It looks as if this will be an orgy, but the two guys exit the scene so the ladies can get to know each other. When Vanessa kisses Jennifer, this causes a chain reaction resulting in a lesbian threesome. Things get precarious when the guys return to resume the white-water rafting. The threesome just for its shock value brings out the sex toys and for the last few moments, Lucy Belle takes a dildo up her ass before she orgasms! There’s good chemistry throughout the scene despite the ladies engaging in sex while the raft is battling rough waters. I’m not sure why the ladies partook in this risky event considering the real possibility of falling off the raft and breaking a neck, literally, but thankfully they were unscathed.

The next scene is from the same movie as the first, but this time she’s sharing the scene with the Pinay Lady Mai. Lucy Belle gets friendly with her flight instructor right inside the cockpit. After briefly showing off her fellatio skills, she lets him ram his meat puppet up her ass. Unlike her other anal scenes, she has some trouble, but she’s a trouper. Soon, the one-on-one session becomes a threesome when Lady Mai lends her ass and mouth to the scene. The petite little brown Pinay fuck machine does a better job at getting drilled in the ass than Lucy. In the end, he cannot contain himself and pulls out of Lady Mai’s ass and jizzes all over pussy! At least, Lucy Belle provides good cum cleanup to end the scene. Although this is a Lucy Belle compilation, Lady Mai gave a better performance in this scene.

Lucy Belle hooks up again with Black Angelika in Party Babes. As with most house parties, the ladies and their partners meet and greet. However, it gets x-rated soon thereafter. The sex is hot and sweaty, but the ADHD editing ruins the scene. The one thing that the scene has going is the music, but other than that, the editing just ruins the mood. For those who care, Lucy Belle takes it in the ass while Black Angelika takes the cumshot. This could have been a good scene except for the issues mentioned earlier.

Yet again, it’s another pairing of Lucy Belle with Black Angelika, but this time it’s from Ibiza Sex Party 5. After the nice introduction sequence capturing the sexy brunettes in matching dresses getting acquainted with each other, the ladies take turns sucking and fucking cock. Like the prior scene, Black Angelika plays a supporting role because Lucy Belle takes the majority of the fucking including the anal. The best segment is when he fucks them in the pussy balls deep in the doggie position their asses up and faces down! In the end, the guys musters a disappointingly meager load on their pretty faces. There are some moments where Black Angelika gets proactive as in the post-coital sucking. Anyway, despite playing second fiddle, Black Angelika performs her role very nicely. It’s a nice scene because of the chemistry between the talent.

Next up is Lucy Belle and Trisha Brill in Ibiza Sex Party 4. Toni Ribas has impressive montages accompanied with nice techno music. After the softcore eye-candy. the two ladies converge on the lucky meat puppet. Trisha Brills looks like the late Lea de Mae. Unlike the other two scenes where it was apparent that Lucy Belle was the headliner, this scene had both ladies sharing equal amount of cock time. The vaginal-only scene ends with an average cumshot into Lucy’s open mouth before she spits it out on Trisha’s breasts.

In Fucky New Year, Lucy Belle stars with Simony Diamond, who incidentally has the worst tattoo of a bird in front of an American flag on her left arm. Anyway, Simony’s known for being quite the anal fiend as this scene proves. It’s not surprising that Simony hogs most of the sex time while Lucy Belle provides support. However, in the end, Lucy Belle takes a blown facial since most of the jizz lands on Simony’s thighs.

In Barcelona Sex Secrets, Lucy Belle finally doesn’t have to share the spotlight with another woman. The scene starts with her having a romantic dinner with her lover, but it all spirals downhill from there. It looks like it will be a one-on-one scene, but another guy shows up making it a threesome. The scene has excellent production qualities and it reminds me of the Private of old. They take turns hammering her pussy balls deep until she receives a facial and a cumshot to her pussy. It’s a good scene, especially if you like European art-core.

The last scene is from Mafia Girlz where Lucy Belle takes the backseat in favor of the retired Suzie Diamond. Anyway, I thought this was a Lucy Belle themed compilation! Lucy Belle is their only to rim Suzie and to perform ass-to-other-girl’s mouth! However, if you are a fan of Suzie Diamond, then this is a hot scene with plenty of pounding anal! In the end, Suzie takes a monster load on her face and sunglasses!

In summary, The Private Life of Lucy Belle Part Two is not as good as the first volume. The second volume primarily focuses on threesomes and most of the time these scenes have Lucy Belle in a secondary role. But, I thought this was a Lucy Belle themed compilation! Despite these criticisms, this compilation is a solid RENTAL!

RATING: Rent it

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