The Private Life of Lucy Belle, Part One

321421newer-copyAlthough the interview portions may not be engaging as other Private Life of productions, there is a good number of good scenes showcasing Lucy Belle’s talents. The Romanian starlet shines brightly, especially in scene three where she looks very, very sexy! If you like Eastern European starlets along the lines of an Angel Dark, then Lucy Belle is just the ticket for you!

Running Length: ~1 hour and 50 minutes

Starring: Lucy Belle, Lucy Lee, and Black Angelika

The video is presented not in widescreen and is encoded in 6-7 Bbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Since this is a compilation, the picture quality varies throughout the entire DVD. There are moments where the fleshtones are just not represented accurately. In terms of audio, the sex sounds come in clear and crisp.

The barebones extras include a cast profile and five trailers. On a related note, I’m a little shocked at the low production qualities with recent Private DVDs regarding menu presentations, but I guess they’ve cut down on costs. I didn’t include the bonus scene in the extras since it plays on the main feature.

As with all Private Life of DVDs, the starlet answers interview questions before each scene. These are the standard questions like how was her first film and who’s her favorite director. I normally tolerate the interviews in this series, but Lucy Belle’s intonation in English irks me. So, what I am trying to say is that this is one of the worst interviews in the Private Life of series.

The compilation starts off with Sex Auditions 4. After the brief interview, the 20 yo Romanian gets down to business literally with a POV blowjob. For her first scene, she’s very experienced and takes everything that Toni gives to her including a hard doggie. In the end, she sucks him off until he cums inside her mouth. She opens her mouth to show the proof before swallowing it in one sititng! She isn’t done yet because she sucks him dry!

Lucy Belle plays a mute Mafia girl in the movie Mafia Girlz. After hearing the ridiculous narrative, a Euro-mope informs her that she’s her property. After the forceful kisses, he goes on her resulting in her moaning with delight. The scene escalates when he feeds his cock to her while she’s laying on her back. She takes the throatfucking like a professional for several minutes. The intercourse is somewhat brief and I don’t know if the scene was cut for this compilation, but anyway it ends with him cumming on her bonnet wrapped around her face and body! It’s an interesting scene, but it’s somewhat short.

In Party Babes, Lucy Belle looks sultry in her femme fatale black wig. She’s wearing fake pearls to go along with her black dominatrix outfit. Her partner is enamored by her body, especially her ass. He cannot resist being a passive observer behind the camera. It doesn’t take too long before she down on her knees to get at his already-hard member. Lucy does a great job playing the skin flute and it really shows. After the foreplay, he rails her hard in multiple positions. In between the fucking, she again displays her fellatio artistry. In the end, he cums on her black stockings and subsequently licks it up. This scene worked because of the great music and good chemistry between the talent!

She goes tropical in Ibiza Sex Party 5 where she shares the spotlight with an equally sexy Lucy Lee. While nice techno-music is playing, the ladies get friendly with each other. The intro montage really looks like a Playboy vignette until the guys show up. From then on, it becomes a full-blown porno when the ladies start sucking their lucky partners. Both ladies take it up the ass, but Lucy Lee steals the show with a scorching double penetration. In the end, both ladies take a cumshot to the face and finish their partners off with good head. In fact, Lucy Belle comes on over and delivers post-coital head with Lucy Belle’s partner!

In MySexspace, Lucy’s partnered up with another brunette beauty Black Angelika. They engaging in a sapphic lovemaking session on a Mediterranean rooftop. After the exclusive lesbian session, Black Angelika leaves and is replaced by two lucky guys. They waste no time stuffing her mouth and ass to start the threesome. It would be an understatement to say that Lucy Belle is a topnotch cocksucker as this scene and others have proved. Eventually, they double penetrate her before she lets them cum on her mouth. She’s not done yet because she delivers excellent post-coital head. The problem with this scene is that the camera moves too many times and it may cause a headache. It’s unfortunate because the scene was quite good.

The scene from Sex in Public starts with Toni spending time with Lucy Belle strolling along the streets of Budapest. They engage in risky activity like flashing in a park and groping each other at a cafe. Things escalate when they enter a department store. They up the ante when Toni follows her into the dressing room for a quickie! The couple enjoy the Budapest city scenery from a castle. They have another go with a blowjob quickie, but for the intercourse they choose to relocate to an isolated portion of the castle. Lucy finishes him off with fellatio before taking the entire jizz load in her mouth! It’s a nice scene just for the public sex shock value. I’m surprised that they didn’t get caught!

The penultimate scene is from Barcelona Sex Secrets where Lucy Belle engages in after hours activity at a motor shop. The shooting style has a film quality atmosphere unlike the gonzo segments on this compilation. There’s good chemistry between the two and although she doesn’t do anal, she gets a thorough fucking until she lets him cum in her open-mouth!

The last scene is an exclusive POV scene with Toni Ribas. She looks sexy with her hair styled, but her dialogue in English leaves little to be desired. After teasing the camera with her naughty bits, she uses a dildo on her pussy and strokes away. Soon, she has her lip locked on his fuck stick. After the foreplay, Toni fucks her pussy and then her ass. Finally, he cannot resist cumming after he fucks her tight pussy in missionary position. She doesn’t let the creampie go to waste since she samples the freshly made leche.

In summary, The Private Life of Lucy Belle Part 1, is more superior than Part 2 because the scenes overall are better. Scenes three and four are not to be missed, especially if you are a Lucy Belle fan. On the technical side, I question why the scenes aren’t presented in widescreen, which is quite odd since these movies are pretty recent. Despite that, this compilation deserves a RECOMMEND!

RATING: Recommended

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