Absolute Gonzo’s Anal Devastation 2

ad02_front-copyAbsolute Gonzo’s Anal Devastation 2 is definitely an improvement from the first installment in more ways than one. First off, this DVD has a better cast, better sex, and overall better production quality compared to its predecessor. Both Sarah Twain and Vanessa May perform exceptional scenes, which shouldn’t be missed especially if you are fans of their work.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 12 minutes

Starring: Daria Glower, Vanessa May, Valeria Hilton, Morgan Moon, Sarah Twain, Kathy Sweet, and Natalli DiAngelo

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones are far more accurate as compared to Anal Devastation. Furthermore, the lighting and composition are appropriate for each scene. As far as the audio is concerned, the sex sounds come in clear without distortion.

The extras include a ~16 minute bonus scene (two uncredited females in Lesbian Fuckfest 1), a ~6 minute BTS, a ~3 minute striptease with Euphrates, and trailers. The only extras worth watching is the BTS, especially if you want to see more gratuitous shots of Natalli and Kathy. It would have been nice if the BTS featured more of the stars like Sarah Twain, but that was not the case.

First up is the attractive and petite and tanned Vanessa May. This time she has her hair rolled up in several knots. She uses a monster sized blue dildo that’s in a shape of an evian bottle inside her pussy. She adds an anal probe and fucks herself with the two toys resulting in a simulated double penetration. After the solo session, Vanessa May joins into the ensuing fuck session with Daria Glower and her partner. Vanessa patiently waits for her turn sucking on cock, but before then she busies herself eating out Daria. Things get interesting when the ladies assume the sixty-nine position with Vanessa taking a hot sausage injection! Vanessa takes it up the ass in the missionary position while Daria provides cleanup using her mouth. This leads to a heated Vanessa May double penetration! The brunette Vanessa May is definitely enjoying herself. Although Daria has a secondary role, she does a good job performing head in between the DP positions. In the end, the two ladies take a load each all over their tanned chests. This is a good way to start the DVD.

Next up is Valeria Hilton who looks nothing like Paris Hilton. Anyway, she does have a nice pair of breasts, which can be seen after she takes off her top. She wears a short jean-skirt but not for long! When she’s wearing just her birthday suit, she diddles her pussy and ass for the camera until she decides to blow out the flame on red wax candle. Soon, she shoves the girth-y candle up her pussy and surprisingly her elastic pussy accommodates it. This leads to her using a proper sex toy very briefly until she her meat pupper enters the scene. After the brief head, he fucks her hard and fast in the doggie position. The lengthy pussyf-fucking leads to the inevitable anal. At first, he eases his member in her poop chute, but every thrust becomes deep and faster! He cannot take it any longer and shoots his spunk on her pussy after pulling out of her ass. Surprisingly, this was a decent scene.

Morgan Moon is an average-looking lady with curly Strawberry blonde hair wearing sexy flesh colored stockings! I must admit that she has a nice rack, but that’s about it. After the striptease, she uses a long anal probe to open up her asshole. Soon, her partner enters the scene and guides her mouth to his cock. In between the throatfucking, she sucks his toes very briefly. Then, he returns the favor by greasing up her bottom holes before the imminent intercourse. He goes balls deep on her pussy in the missionary position. He gets alot of mileage out of her first in the pussy and then in her ass. Things get somewhat acrobatic when he fucks her pussy in the piledriver position. There’s plenty of ass-slapping throughout making her cheeks red. By scene’s end, Morgan’s mascara is all smeared. Finally, she jerks him off onto her open mouth! To tell you the truth, it wasn’t a bad scene after all!

The penultimate scene stars the brunette femme fatale Sarah Twain. She’s wearing a black fishnet top to match her fishnet stockings. She poses seductively for the camera on the couch. She uses two toys on her bottoms holes simulating a double penetration. She does a good job selling the solo masturbation since it looks like she’s getting off. It doesn’t take too long before she’s surrounded by two cocks. Soon, she locks her lips on their cocks giving great head. Things get kinky in a good way when they blindfold her and then have their dicks fucked and sucked by her. Sadly, the blindfolds come off, but at least we get to see her expressive eyes throughout the full-blown fuck session. Sarah Twain not only takes it up the ass, but she does one better by taking a hard double penetration. In the end, they cum on her pussy while she plays with herself. This was definitely the best scene on the DVD!

The last scene stars two cute blondes Kathy Sweet and Natalli DiAngelo. The scene begins with Kathy Sweet undressing for the camera before she brings out the sex toys. After the solo, two guys enter the scene and doesn’t take too long before she sucks them. The threesome is underway when she takes it hard up her pussy while she gets throafucked. Her blonde friend Natalli joins the scene making it a foursome. Natalli is a pro at sucking cock as seen by her deepthroat capabilities. They break up into pairs, but they stay close together on the bed as they get fucked in the pussy and then in the ass. Only the seasoned pro, Natalii DiAngelo, takes a steamy double penetration while Kathy Sweet pleasures herself with a dildo. In the end, Natalli takes a cumshot to her pussy while Kathy Sweet takes an open mouthed facial. However, the scene ends abruptly before Kathy Sweet can end the scene formally.

In summary, Absolute Gonzo’s Anal Devastation 2 is lightyears better than the first volume thanks in part because of the better-looking cast and better production quality. There was definitely good chemistry between the talent in all the scenes, which translated into good sex. Sarah Twain and Vanessa May performed exceptional scenes with Natalli and Kathy not far behind. This DVD is a SOLID RECOMMEND!

RATING: Recommended

  1. Sarah Twain is allways good.

    But I miss the long 1+ hour behind the scenes. I find its when we get to see the starlets naturally behind the camera , when they goofo or are just natural and bubbly the beast.

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