Anabolic’s Teenage Anal Princess 9 (Blu-ray)

322387-copyIvan continues his streak of producing another winner with Teenage Anal Princess 9 headlined by their MVP, Dakoda Brookes. Also, the insatiable Megan Murray and Jayden Williams perform exceptional scenes. Although I’m not a fan of sex toy lesbian action, the Jewel Styles-Jayden James combo works well! The only letdown was Lena Mendez, who just goes to show how some talent are clueless about their own bodies. Despite that, this is an excellent Blu-ray release from Anabolic.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 41 minutes

Starring: Dakoda Brookes, Jewel Styles, Jayden James, Emma Heart, Lena Mendez, Megan Murray, and Jayden Williams

The video is presented in widescreen 1080 HD and is encoded in MPEG-4 AVC at around 13-14 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. In terms of the visual quality, Ivan has a better grasp at controlling the light flooding resulting in contrast problems, which has been an issue in the past. The composition of the scenes were done very well without having too many angles that don’t work. In terms of audio, the sex sounds as well as the dialogue came in clear and crisp. As always, Anabolic gives an option to toggle on/off the music.

The extras include a ~29 minute BTS, an average photo gallery, and cum shot recap. The BTS was not one of Ivan’s best and I expected him to spend more time with Megan Murray or Dakoda Brookes. Instead, there’s a significant of time wasted on Emma Heart as well as Lena Mendez reading the instructions on how to use a Fleet enema.

First up is 19 yo Jewel Styles who’s been in the business for a month doing her first anal on camera for Anabolic. She reminds me of a Tori Black with her big, bright eyes. Anyway, she lets Jayden James do the honors of seducing her on camera. I’d say the big titted Jayden is the right lady for the job. After the interview, Jayden licks her undies. This leads to Jayden performing very good oral on Jewel before she introduces the dildo. Jayden really knows how to operate the dildo on Jewel. After this, Jayden has a surprise for Jewel when Jewel finds out that Jayden has sex balls stuck in her pussy. She pulls the two balls out of her partner’s pussy before they suck on the sex balls. Jewel returns the favor by inserting the dildo in Jayden. Finally, Jayden gently eases the dildo into Jewel’s tight ass. For her first anal on camera, Jewel is able to get four inches in her without a problem. Meanwhile, Jewel’s pussy is dripping with saliva as Jayden continues fucking her ass with the dildo. Jewel takes over the anal duties and eventually gets almost the entire toy in her ass while Jayden pleasures herself with another dildo. Things more interesting when Jayden uses a strap-on and fucks Jewel’s very tight ass in the missionary position while rubbing her clit until she cums. For her efforts, Ivan awards her with the Teenage Anal Princess tiara. This was an exceptional sapphic scene thanks to the excellent chemistry between the two.

Emma Heart is an average cornfed bleach blonde 19 yo from the Hoosier state. After the very brief interview, she becomes the center of attention for two guys. She gets down on her knees and blows one meat puppet while stroking the other one in ski pole fashion. They feed their cocks to her and at one point she gags but she doesn’t that bother her. Before she knows it, she has a cock fucking her pussy in the doggie position while she fills her mouth with cock. The guys hammer her pussy and mouth, but she’s able to take it with stride. Soon, she takes it up the ass balls deep where she really feels it and has trouble concentrating on sucking cock at the same time. The hard anal begins when the other meat puppet drops out the scene for awhile. By this times, she’s moaning with ecstasy or is pain? The threesome resumes until the other guy has his alone time with her and goes balls deep in her ass. In the end, she takes two sizable loads in her sexy mouth of hers. She’s a solid fuck and for that she receives her TAP tiara before blowing a kiss to the camera!

Next up is the red-headed Megan Murray. She’s about to do her second anal scene on camera. She has a bubbly personality, which is ironic considering she’s getting her certificate/degree to become a mortician! She’s a real buzzkill when she’s talking about the process of embalming, but fortunately her mouth gets filled with cock in a matter of minutes. She uses the handjob-blowjob combination made famous by Jenna Haze and others. He licks her pussy a couple times before jamming his cock in her meaty pussy. After the standard fucking, he fucks her tight ass in the missionary position, which unleashes her energetic moans. She gapes for the camera until he puts it back in and powerfucks her ass. Megan’s such a sexual phreak and gives a very enthusiastic performance, especially in the cowgirl position. For her efforts, she receives a sticky load in her open mouth of hers! To me, this was a very surprising scene in a good way and I am definitely looking forward to Megan’s future scenes.

Although Lena Mendez is an attractive Latina, she’s very misinformed about the entire anal preparation process as the interview shows. When Ivan asks her if she cleaned herself with an enema, she gives Ivan a quixotic expression. I don’t know what kind of biology or physiology she was taught, but she claims that her ass is always clean. Ivan will have none of that and asks her to clean herself. Anyway, Lena is not one for small talk and she’s ready out of the gate and already stroking her partner’s cock. After the good head, he goes straight for her ass instead of her worn-out pussy. She takes the anal spelunking without a hitch, but it’s too bad that she was acting too much for the camera. In the end, she doesn’t play nice after she gets cum on her face and refusing to talk for the camera.

Thankfully, the sexy and sultry Mediterranean Jayden Williams makes up for the prior scene. After giving the standard pornstar responses to the standard questions, she shows off her trashy tattoos for the camera. Jayden is a real stunner and it’s too bad that she has a huge white girl tattoo on her spine. After the interview, she shows off her professional cocksucking skills. She’s definitely skilled playing the flute. This leads to the standard vaginal intercourse before she gets fucked hard in the ass. Her voice is raspy and her moans just sound fake. In the end, she opens her mouth for the money shot, which she swallows without any problem. If she continues to deliver hot scenes, she definitely has a bright future.

Now, it’s the marquee event with the 19 yo Dakoda Brookes doing her first DP ever! Dakoda loves Anabolic so much that she’s done many FIRSTS for the camera. After blowing bubbles outside, the interview continues inside. Although she admits she’s nervous, it doesn’t seem so when she busies her mouth with two cocks. She’s no stranger at giving good head as her blowbang performance in Elegant Angel’s Massive Facials 1 illustrates. This leads to the full-blown hardcore where she gets fucked hard in the cowgirl position while she gets throatfucked. The scene progresses with a cock in her ass while he feeds her mouth with cock. By thius time, her nipples are fully erect with all the action. Finally, she gets the DP treatment and she’s bordering the fine line of pain and ecstasy, which cannot be feigned judging by her expression and moans. After the lengthy DP, the cum starts to flow. She takes the first cumshot with an open mouth while the other guy continues to plug her tight pussy with cock until he serves up a creamy cumshot. She makes good use with the jizz forming cum bubbles. Dakoda definitely deserves her tiara for her performance.

In summary, Ivan’s Teenage Anal Princess 9 is almost close to perfection, but it comes up short thanks to Lena Mendez’s scene. Although Dakoda Brookes first DP was the main event, both Megan Murray and Jayden Williams put in solid performances! I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by Megan’s performance and if she can bring that same genuine energy to every scene, she will be make her mark in the industry. This Blu-ray deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

RATING: Highly Recommended

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