Vivid’s Bounce (Blu-ray)

53643-copyVivid’s B. Skow tries his hand with the big-breasted genre in Bounce headlined by Vivid’s exclusive blue-eyed starlet Hanna Hilton. She stars in three of the scenes, but she saves her best performance for last. However, Riley Evans steals the show with her scene! If you like Hanna Hilton and who doesn’t, especially with her stunning eyes, then this Blu-ray is a no-brainer! It’s definitely worth watching Hanna Hiltons in Hi-Def!

Running Length: ~3 hours and 21 minutes

Starring: Hanna Hilton, Riley Evans, London Keys, Rebecca Lane, and Whitney Stevens

The video is presented in 1080 HD widescreen and is encoded in VC-1 at around 10-11 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones for the most part were kept in check, but there were moments when the light flooded the camera giving that overexposed look. Other times, the visual quality was superb as in Riley Evans tease sequence. In terms of audio, the audio came in clear and crisp without distortion.

The extras include a slick ~7 minute BTS, two bonus HD scenes [Scene 5 from Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel and Scene 1 from Sugar], a Ken-burns style photo gallery, and four HD trailers. The BTS has that MTV-style slick presentation in between candid moments with the talent. In one moment, we get to see Hanna Hilton without the makeup while she’s having lunch. While being interviewed, Hanna is very conscious about her birthmark on her right arm since she tries to cover it.

Hanna Hilton and Whitney Stevens get the big boobs-stravaganza started. They are wearing matching pink and turquoise tops that they push down in a fruitless attempt to hide their snatches. The ladies give their best tease expressions to the camera as they feel each other up. Hanna overodoes it with the eyes. She should realize that she doesn’t have to try that hard with her stunning eyes. The best part is when they are in their birthday suits and squeeze their tits in front of a glass table! After the lengthy tease, Whitney drops out of the scene for a moment so Hanna can spend some quality one-on-one time with her meat puppet. The lucky guy fills his hands with her massive natural breasts. He buries his face in them and starts to suck on her tits. Hanna goes down on him and gives him a tepid blowjob. Then, Whitney joins the scene and has her turn sucking on his fuck stick. Unlike other blowjob duos, the ladies have their fair share of sucking cock and licking balls. This leads to the full-blown intercourse and both ladies have fun getting fucked hard. Hanna Hilton looks her best in the reverse cowgirl position with her tits fluttering with every hard thrust while Whitney is at her best in the spoon position. In the end, he shoots his wad all over Whitney’s belly before Hanna Hilton performs post-coital head.

Next up is Riley Evans wearing a 1970s inspired white top while she stares into the camera with her penetrating grey-blue eyes. Her face is somewhat harsh for my tastes, but if you like the German or Eastern European look, then she’s up your alley. She teases the camera while great techno-pop music that sounds like Ennio Morricone plays in the background. After the nice and lengthy tease, she’s joined by her partner who grabs a hold of her tits and pushes up to her tongue so she can lick herself. After the fun-bag manipulation, he goes down on her shaved pussy before she returns the favor with an enthusiastic blowjob complete with excellent eye contact. In between the head, she lets him tit-fuck her huge breasts. Then, Riley takes some heavy pounding in several different positions including spoon. At one point, he sticks his finger up her ass while pounding her in the cowgirl position. There was definitely good chemistry between the two since she truly looked liked she was having fun. In fact, this is the best Riley Evans scene I’ve encountered so far. In the end, he launches a huge jizz load with the first salvo landing on the floor, but he readjusts aim and plasters her tits resulting in a pearl necklace!

London Keys is an Asian chick with huge breasts and pierce nipples. She’s goofing off jumping up and down outside. She goes indoors and starts touching her breasts while relaxing in a bubble path. The scene cuts to Hanna Hilton who takes off her panties and starts posing for the camera before she enters the bubble bath with her Korean counterpart. There’s plenty of breast worship, especially when they use their feet to touch each other’s breasts. They take their sapphic session to the bed and the ladies take turns going down on each other before they start using sex toys. This is when a guy enters the scene and helps themselves out while they use their toys on themselves. It looks likes it’s going to be a threesome, but London Keys drops out of the scene after she finishes getting off. Soon, Hanna has her lips locked on his fuck stick until he gets off a meager load on her chest. This definitely could have been a better scene if London stayed in the scene, but at least the tease was worth watching.

The penultimate scene stars an average-looking redhead Rebecca Lane. Like the other scenes, it starts with a lengthy tease. She didn’t really interest me although it seemed that she was into the scene. The camera was a bit shaky during the POV sequences when the camera gives the first person perspective of fucking her in the missionary position. In the end, she takes an open-mouthed cumshot, but she lets it spill out onto her breasts. To me, this was the weakest scene on the video.

Fortunately, the video rebounds with the last scene starring Hanna Hilton. Again, she’s trying too hard to look sexy and cute for the camera. She poses and cavorts for the camera wearing only pink-laced underwear. She grabs a hold of her tits and bounces them for the camera before taking off her panties. Her partner enters the scene and soon the foreplay ensues. He really lets her have it by throatfucking her for a couple moments. Her mouth does a lot of work as compared to her other scenes! This leads to the hard vaginal intercourse. In the end, he launches off a nice load that hits her left cheek as well as her chest. Just judging by her reaction, she didn’t expect it to hit her face, but the unexpected makes the ending much more sweet. This scene was the second best in the movie by far.

In summary, Bounce, is another good skin flick directed by B. Skow. It’s nice to see naturally big-breasted women instead of silicone impanted ones. Where this video excels is the well-presented tease sequences that are a joy to watch. Although this is a Hanna Hilton powered video, Riley Evans stills the spotlight with her scene. The only real letdown was Rebecca Lane’s scene. Despite that, this Blu-ray is worthy of being RECOMMENDED.

RATING: Recommended

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