Harmony’s Fuck Club

fuckclubHarmony launched in October 2008 in the US on its own after several years being tethered to Evil Angel for US distribution. The Scottish director, Gazzman, serves up another certified A grade effort in Fuck Club. At first glance, the cast list doesn’t have any powerhouse names, but that doesn’t matter because these ladies excel in more ways than one!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 49 minutes

Starring: Nikki Hunter, Faye Regan, Tori Black, Tatiana Kush, Jandi Lin, Maya Hills, and Ryder Skye

The video was presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 5-6 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 224 Kbps. Visually speaking, the colors are somewhat dull and soft. Sometimes during the scenes such as during the popshot sequence in scene two, the fleshtones are drowned out by the light flooding the camera. Also, there was a video error with green blocky images during a second or two at around 24:34. In terms of audio, the audio came in clear and crisp, except for Tori’s outdoor scene where there was background water noise. Furthermore, there’s the ability to toggle on/off the subtitles in French or German.

The extras include a good ~10 minute bonus scene with Keisha Kane, cumshot recap, photo gallery, and four trailers. Keisha is only a few Black starlets that turns me on because of her sensuality without being too overtly slutty as her ghetto counterparts. Although it’s a blowjob only scene, her partner has his share of duties performing cunnilingus and rimming duties on Keisha. Anyway, she showcases her professional cocksucking tills until she takes the cumshot to her face. Although she swallows some of the jizz, she let’s some drop down her chin.

The story revolves around a Fuck Club that goes by the name the Red Tie Club. It’s a bunch of men from the upper crust of society who have the power to conjure of their most depraved fantasies. Whoever is in possession of the Red Tie can make his imagination come true. So, the tie becomes the unifying item throughout the porn vignettes.

One of the elite wishes to have Jandi Lin fucked by two guys. Jandi Lin, who retired from the industry, is one of those Asian starlets that grow on you meaning at first. I’ve only recently begun to dig her scenes in several movies. In the scene, Jandi has just received the red tie by courier. She transforms into a sexual beast and gives a very seductive tease by gyrating her body in non-stripper like fashion, which is all the better. She strips down to her birthday suit and plays around with the red tie even wrapping around one of the meat puppet’s cock before discarding it. If you’ve been on the fence with Jandi Lin, this scene like most of her recent scenes will win you over. Jandi has a sexual ferocity in the scene, which becomes progressively intense. After the exceptional foreplay, Jandi gets fucked hard and thorough. She’s always into the scene and actively enjoys the fuck session. In fact, she turns on one of her costars so much that he pulls out of her tight pussy and sprays a monster load all over her pussy and belly! Things aren’t over yet as her mouth and pussy gets pummeled until she takes two creamy facials to her face!

Ryder Skye, the Japanese-American hybrid, picks up the red tie and wraps it around natural red-headed lass Faye Regan’s wrists. The big-titted Ryder has her way with Faye until the ladies divert their attention to cock. They take turn sucking his member before breaking out the multitude of fuck positions throughout the full-blown threesome. The multitude of positions definitely breaks the formulaic monotony seen in a vast majority of gonzo flicks. No one left gets left behind as all three participants are active throughout! In the end, Ryder Skye takes an open-mouthed facial before swapping the jizz with Faye. I’d say this is Faye Regan’s and Ryder Skye’s best performances. Definitely, there was a lot of chemistry in the scene.

The long-legged Tori Black reprises her vibrant and spunky look to perfection. With all the makeup, she looks like a prettier and fresher version of Tori Lane. She’s wearing short jeans before taking them off and revealing her cute hot pink undies. Soon, she shares the scene with her costar who cannot wait to taste her pussy. She returns the favor with brief head. Then, the intercourse begins, but not before he teases her by brushing his dick around the pelvic nether-areas. It’s a good scene, but I’d rather see Tori become more active. Finally, she takes a cumshot and lets it dribble from her chin. It’s too bad that the background water noise gets in the way of the sex sounds.

Nikki Hunter, a porn veteran, delivers yet another nasty hardcore threesome complete with anal and double penetration. Unlike in her past scenes with her blonde tresses, she’s gone with the jet black chin length hair. She looks just as sexy and sultry as a Mindy Main. It doesn’t take too long before she’s getting titfucked and throat-fucked. After the foreplay, she busies her bottom holes one at a time before taking the not-so-wholesome double penetration. She’s loving every minute of the hardcore pummeling. After the very lengthy DP session, she gets the best out of her partners by receiving two creamy loads of population pudding all over her lovely face of hers!

The next-to-last scene stars Tatiana Kush. I haven’t seen many of her scenes, but what I can say is that she definitely will make your blood heat up. Tatiana has an interesting look with her wide DSL lips, which make her look like a better version of Maya Hills. Gazzman set this scene up with a nice tease where we get to see Tatiana in classy pink lingerie before she gets down to business. After the very brief blowjob, it doesn’t take a minute or two before she gets stretched during the ensuing double penetration. In the middle of the fuck session, her wide mouth is able to fit their cocks at the same time. At some points, the threesome drops to a one-on-one, especially when she’s in the ass up face down position. The threesome resumes in several different DP configurations including the standing one. After the lengthy fuck session, she takes a cumshot to her trimmed pussy and the other in her mouth!

Last up is the not so attractive Maya Hills. I think she would look better if her eyes weren’t so wide set, but anyway her best asset is her ass for sure. Needless to say, her ass and pussy get a workout. In the end, she takes an average facial to her face. Anyway, if you are a Maya Hills fan, then you’ll probably like the scene.

In summary, its fifth in-house US distributed title Fuck Club is a winner. There’s plenty of variety both in terms of sex and types of women. Gazzman is on his A game with this release! Don’t miss out on Jandi’s, Nikki’s, Faye’s, and Ryder’s scenes! This definitely deserves a HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

RATING: Highly Recommended

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