Zero Tolerance Video’s Shot Glasses

319675newZero Tolerance’s niche title Shot Glasses focus on cumshots landing on eyeglass frame’s of porn starlets. It doesn’t hurt that the video has a slick boxcover. Fortunately, the quality of the flick fits the quality of the box cover! Sasha Grey performs a good, but not great scene while the Korean Asa Akira delivers one of her best performances up to date.

Running Length: ~2 hours and 39 minutes

Starring: Juicy Pearl, Anne Marie Rios, Diana Doll, Heather Vahn, Asa Akira, and Sasha Grey

The video is presented in widescreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 3-4 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the composition and lighting is on the mark for the most part. Furthermore, the sex sounds come in crisp and clear without any distortion.

The extras include a nice ~10 minute BTS, slideshow, cumshot recap, and seven trailers. The BTS is worth watching because of the extremely watchable Heather Vahn interview as well as another interview with Diana Doll. It’s too bad that Sasha Grey didn’t take the time to participate in the BTS, but I guess she doesn’t need anymore visibility.

Diana Doll, an Eastern European blonde, who’s been in the skin biz since 2001 starts this DVD on the right foot. She gets out of her car in her green dress before doing the deed with her client. She reemerges wearing a sexier wardrobe complete with stripper boots. Diana Doll just has enough class thanks to the  eyeglasses. There’s no doubt that this scene will make you fantasize about office encounters. Diana Doll does a decent job with the fellatio and the intercourse. Apparently, her pussy is like a magnet because the lucky guy takes every opportunity to eat her out between the sex. In the end, he dumps a major load all over face and a majority of it coats her eyeglasses!

Asa Akira, a sultry Korean, needs extra tutoring in the Russian language. The tutoring session leaves her mind exhausted and she just needs to let loose. She uses her tutor for some sexual satisfaction. Anyway, it’s somewhat strange seeing Asa Akira in a non-Vouyer Media  production, but it’s a welcome change. Asa entices her tutor by showing off her tight body. Soon, she has lips locked on his fuck stick. This leads to the heated intercourse in several different positions. He pounds her pussy hard in the doggie position until he gets off an adequate load that pastes her face. I like how the camera zooms to her cum-laden eyeglasses.

Heather Vahn, an attractive brunette who looks either Asian or Latin, waits tables at the local pizza shop where she likes to hit on clients. On that particular day, she gives her phone number to the lucky guy. Soon, they hit it off later in the day. Heather’s wearing thick frame glasses to go along with her skimpy and somewhat trashy two-piece lingerie. The newbie has a great refreshing look to her, but she has to work on her fellatio skills since it’s lacking. Despite that, she looks great being fucked hard. In the end, he dumps a monster load on her forehead. The post- money shot is awkward since she tries to adjust the frames after the deed has been done. Anyway, Heather Vahn is definitely on my radar!

Next up is porn megastar Sasha Grey who fits the sexy secretary look to a perfect T complete with sexy frames. She’s late delivering important documents to her last client. The client is a little perturbed that she’s late, but soon his thoughts melt away when he sees and comments on her sexy skirt. Lucky for him, he was her last stop!  After the small talk, she drops down and sucks cock only the way Sasha Grey can. This leads to the standard vaginal fucking, which progresses to the anal. Finally, he gets off a decent load on her face and eyeglasses. Although the scene was good, I felt that there should have been more chemistry between the two and not to mention it wouldn’t hurt if the positions were more varied instead of being too formulaic.

The penultimate scene stars the blonde Juicy Pearl wearing porn’s version of a power suit starts a tirade in French. The brief argument turns into a full-blown fuck session. There’s some passionate kissing included before he goes down on her. Juicy returns the favor with a brief blowjob. This leads to the thorough fucking of her pussy. In the end, he dumps his load all over glasses. This was a decent scene, but I was confused about the setup and her eyeglass frames weren’t as sexy as the other ones.

Last up is Anne Marie Rios donned in Nurse fetish gear complete with matching red eyeglass frames. She teases her partner by circling around the stripper pole. There is no doubt in my mind that this isn’t the first time she’s been on the pole. Anyway, after the tease, she goes down on him and gives him more of a handjob than a blowjob. After she wets the Erik Everhard’s cock with her mouth, she lets him fuck her fast and furious. As the scene progresses, Anne Marie finally shows off her cocksucking skills by accomodating three-quarters of his member into her mouth. He returns the favor with brief cunnilingus. So far, the scene is scorching until the botched cumshot that doesn’t even land on her eyeglass frames.

Shot Glasses is a good DVD and it would have received a higher rating if it weren’t for some formulaic and awkward scenes as well as a botches money shot in Anne Marie’s scene. Fortunately, Asa Akira and Diana Doll pick up the slack. Moreover, Sasha Grey delivers a good, but not great scene and like I said earlier, her scene would have benefited if it weren’t so formulaic. Despite this, the DVD deserves a SOLID RECOMMEND!

RATING: Recommended

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