Jenny Hendrix’s House of Sex and Fetish (Blu-ray)

jenny_f-copyTru Filth’s straight foray into Blu-ray territory is hit and miss. Despite this, there are more hits because of Jenny’s and Anita’s scenes. If you are expecting the long-haired Jenny Hendrix from the days of old, then you’ll be in for a surprising treat in case you weren’t tipped off from the front cover! Although this is a niche title, there is plenty of gonzo sex to make this accessible to the average viewer. If you are a Jenny Hendrix who especially likes her new look, then this is a no-brainer!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 1 minutes

Starring: Jenny Hendrix, Trisha Rey, Emma Cummings, and Anita Blue

The video is presented in widescreen 1080 HD and is encoded in the less advanced MPEG-2 format at around 27-30 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, the fleshtones are depicted accurately. Furthermore, the colors don’t jump out since they aren’t as vibrant as I would like them to be. The composition and lighting were good considering this is the company’s first release ever. In terms of the audio, the sounds which includes the dialogue and sex sounds came in clear and crisp without distortion.

The special features only include a below-average slideshow, which doesn’t even fill up the entire screen! I hope Tru Filth works on the extras department since it’s lacking!

At least for now gone are the days of the Jenny Hendrix’s earlier Beach Bunny look! She’s traded in her long hairlocks for cropped, jet black hair. At least to me, she looks hotter than usual and I definitely dig the new look. She’s examining her whip when the repairman interrupts her. He’s about to do his work until Jenny Hendrix whips his ass with a paddle. When he turns around, she’s stripped down to her red and black fetish gear. She insists that he lick her body, which he obliges without too much restraint. Jenny relishes commanding her sex slave, but the tables are turned when he starts to fuck her hard. He shows her who’s boss when he fucks her in the doggie position despite some restraint. Although her looks have changed, she still has a nice ass for all the pushin’ especially in the cowgirl position. After several more position, she squats down and looks into his eyes while waiting for him to mess up her face with population pudding. She has several lovely cum streaks running down her chin!

Next up is Trisha Rey who has a hill to climb in light of Jenny’s good scene. Trisha Rey is wearing a slutty body stocky complete with leopard printed stripper boots. She’s okay looking, but her hair is from a different period as in late 1990s Jennifer Aniston era. Her partner is having a little too much fun worshipping her boots and feet, especially when he sucks her stiletto in jawbreaker fashion. After the awkward fetish sequence, she’s down on her knees and gives great head. He asks for him to suck his cock in jawbreaker fashion! After the nice head, he goes to work on her in the misisonary position. He fucks her in several different position, but she lets him go balls deep in the doggie position. Finally, she hops on his cock in the reverse cowgirl position until he pulls out and cums on himself. It appears that Trisha Rey won this round of domination! It was a decent scene, but the scene may be too much for the average viewer.

Emma Cummings is an average-looking brunette wearing a tight red corset and black boots. She has her sex slave worshipping her feet while she dishes out dirty talk. The guy is skilled at frottage as he rubs his cock in between her boots. After the kink factor, Emma shows off her okay skin flute skills while he gropes her tits coming out of her corset. He throatfucks her face foor good measure before she returns sucking him at her own pace. After the foreplay, he jams his cock in her pussy in the doggie position. At this point, the fetish factor takes the backseat in favor for some good old fashioned fucking! But, in the end the scene returns to the fetish theme when he pulls out of her and shoots his load all over her bitch boots! In the end, he helps her take off the boots and lets her taste the cum from them!

The penultimate scene stars Anita Blue who looks like a wasted version of the late Lea de Mae. It doesn’t take too long before her partner has his mouth all over her tits. He’s a little rough with the tit worship, but that’s expected in a fetish video. After the thorough tit-worshipping, he dives headfirst onto her ass and slaps away until her cheeks are red. This leads to the exceptional wet blowjob from Anita Blue and it’s definitely not the first time that she’s been throatfucked. At times when her mouth is full of cock, she looks like she goes into seizure mode when all is seen is the white of her eyes. This leads to the decent intercourse in several different positions including cowgirl and missionary until she takes a creampie!

Jenny Hendrix ends the Blu-ray on a good note. She’s wearing a pink fishnet top underneath her matching black corset and stockings. There’s not as much dirty talk between the two of them, but Jenny Hendrix does a nice job dominating him by sitting on his face and having him lick her stilettos. After the domination segment, she goes to work and performs some sloppy head including deep throat. The inspired fellatio leads to the fucking in several positions including doggie and missionary. She especially likes being fucked in the doggie position and ironically this is the position where he jizzes all over her thick buttcheeks! She does several ba-dunk-a-dunk for the camera before the scene ends!

In summary, Jenny Hendrix’s House of Sex and Fetish has enough kink for the average kink viewer to be engaged in it while not being too kinky for the average gonzo viewer. This is the rule for most of the scenes, but the kink may be too exceesive in Trisha Rey’s scene, especially when she orders him to go jawbreaker on her stilettos! Jenny Hendrix has two good scenes, but I’d have to say that the second is steamier just because she’s able to dominate without using too much dirty talk as in scene one! Although the special features were sparse, the Blu-ray barely receives a RECOMMENDED because Jenny Hendrix pulled off two good scenes!

RATING: Recommended

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