Jules Jordan’s Glory Hole

294129Glory Hole is an okay video, but definitely not one of Jules Jordan’s best. It could have been much more if the director made all the scenes as gritty and seedy as Nicki’s and Tiffany’s. I was somewhat disappointed with Nautica Thorn’s lukewarm performance. Despite these issues, it’s well worth it to purchase this DVD, especially if you like the cast!

Running Length: ~2 hours and 22 minutes

Starring: Katja Kassin, Brandy Lyons, Luci Thai, Nautica Thorn, Tiffany Mynx, Nicki Hunter, and Alexis Malone

The video is presented in fullscreen and is encoded in MPEG-2 at around 4-5 Mbps while the audio is encoded in Dolby Digital 2.0 at 192 Kbps. Visually speaking, some scenes like Tiffany’s and Alexis’s suffered from inaccurate fleshtones due to the style of lighting used. It’s somewhat unusual that Nicki’s scene looked much better considering all three are in the very same peepshow environment. Also, there were also minor overexposure issues in Katja’s and Brandy’s scenes. As far as the audio is concerned, all the moaning and other sounds came in clear and crisp without noticable distortion.

The standard extras include a cumshot recap, decent photo gallery, biography, cast list, and six trailers.

Porn veteran Brandy Lyons get this DVD started right. The scene starts with rock music accompanying her striptease. After the intro massage, Brandy’s being groped by hands coming out of the two gloryholes. Before she knows it, she stroking and sucking two cocks while straddling a toilet. Brandy has always been a professional skinflutist as this scene shows. After the good head, she backs into the headless cocks standing doggie action. Things get kinkier when she gets assfucked from behind before performing ass-to-mouth. She returns to sucking their cocks until she extracts all their protein into her mouth. After taking the second shot, she lets out a cum-induced cough, but she’s a professional and keeps it from bothering her.

Next up is Tiffany Mynx who has been in the business for quite awhile. The MILF shows her kinky side to her in this peep-show scene complete with two glory holes for her enjoyment. She warms herself up by playing with her veteran pussy while watching the skin-flick in this seedy peep-show joint. Soon, she feels as if she is being watched and it doesn’t take too long before she’s being groped from the holes. Two meat puppets penetrate the glory hole so they can be sucked and fucked by Tiffany. She uses the same handjob/blowjob combination that’s been adopted by more contemporary starlets like Jenna Haze. After the good head, she lets them fuck both her holes one at a time as she strokes the other with her hands. After the fucking, the first guy doesn’t take long too cum while Tiffany has to work extra hard with the second cumshot. Once she finally receives her fair share, she gags because of the jizz, but she’s able to hold it down her gullet. It’s not over yet because Jules Jordan has a go with Tiffany’s mouth before he shoots his load down her throat! This is a good scene, especially if you are into her.

Katja Kassin changes things up with her blowjob only scene situated in the very same toilet room as Brandy’s scene. Although I’m not into Katja her appearance is the best I’ve seen her, but it’s too bad that she looks to slutty with the fishnet lingerie. Another distractor is this German speaking lady looks like she put in a couple more pounds than in her earlier scenes. After the tease session, she goes to work on the headless cock. It’s not one of her best blowjob scenes, but she makes it watchable. In the end, she receives a facial with a cum streak landing on her right eye!

Nicki Hunter is up next and her scene is in a seedy peepshow room filled with aural sounds coming from the television. Nicki Hunter is so far the most vocal in the cast and although it is somewhat over the top, it is still welcomed. After pleasuring herself, she satisfies her oral fixation by sucking on three headless cocks one at a time. This leads to the pussy-fucking and anal fucking. The style changes from the rest because one of the glory hole dicks actually enters the room to get at her before shooting his protein wad all over the boob tube. She licks some of it up and gives the remaining cocks some oral lovin’ before she takes their seed!

Jules Jordan adds some Asian flavor with the lovely Luci Thai in this blowjob-only scene set in a bathroom. She’s a sexy asian with a natural rack and DSLs, which she puts to good use in this scene. After the camera tease, she goes to work squatting  on her high heels to give great no-hands head to the lucky and anonymous guy. When she spots another cock at the opposite wall, she goes to it and sucks away. Although, she doesn’t do balls deep throating, she keeps viewers occupied with her eye contact. She returns to the first cock and gets down on her knees to receive a massive and sticky facial that even lands on her hair. She’s unfazed as she continues to give post-coital head before crawling over and finishing the other with a handjob resulting in her eyes covered in cum! Although this is not Luci Thai’s finest scene performance-wise, at least it ends with two monster facials!

The penultimate scene stars Nautica Thorn. The Hawaiian native definitely is curvy and that’s a good thing, but she doesn’t put 100% in this performance as she has done early in her career. In fact, her fellatio technique is lazy and subpar and throughout the scene she rarely even goes more than halfway down the shaft. After the lukewarm fellatio, she receives an average cumshot on her tongue, which she subsequently swallows in one sitting! To me, the scene was a letdown.

Last up is the blonde Alexis Malone, who busies herself with two headless cocks. Before the intercourse, one guy is able to lap up her pussy for the time being. After the foreplay, she lets them fuck her pussy one at a time. Her ass is off limits throughout the entire scene, but it’s all good because she’s an enthusiastic performer. In between the pussyfucking, she performs great head. In the end, she receives two cumshots with the first devastating her face and hair while the other jizz load lands in her mouth, which she is all too eager too swallow!

In summary, Jules Jordan’s Glory Hole is an okay production, but apparently not good enough for him to produce a second volume. It’s somewhat unfortunate because this video has a great cast and it’s ashame that starlets like Nautica Thorn or Luci Thai do not give their very best. Despite this, this DVD barely scratches by as a RECOMMENDED title.

: Recommended

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